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  • The Shrinking Dollar

    by Founder on June 8, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    I have a feeling Warren Buffet doesn’t feel as rich anymore. Besides the fact that he has lost billions in the stock market – the way the government talks about money now, he must think he has chump change. Billions for this, trillions for that – the way our government talks about money it’s like they were printing it! Wait a minute – they are!

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    I guess in reality our government cannot go bankrupt – they just keep printing money. If they have bills they can’t pay – well, they just print the money. I don’t think any American would go bankrupt if they could print money – do you? “Oh boy, the bills are piling up dear – better go down to the basement and print up $10,000″ – that would be nice! But this is exactly what our government does!

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    As of October 2008 our country’s debt was about $500 Billion. Today, three months later the debt has almost TRIPLED. It now stands at $1.2 Trillion. So what does our government think they should do. Our government believes, Obama believes – that we should SPEND our way out of this economic problem. Who solves a debt problem by spending more money! This is insane. Let the economy fail where it may and then it shall grow again – not before.

    Obama is going to print as much money as he possibly can and unload it to the governments favorite industries, to unions, state governments and the poor. This move is a disaster waiting to happen. Have you heard of some of the “projects” that the different states are requesting be done? Once the list becomes available to all – you will be amazed and disgusted about where your hard earned, tax dollars are actually going.

    I love these “experts” who say this is the best move America can make or these liberals on TV who are adamant proponents of the spending bill. They don’t realize that the government will be reaching deep into their pockets too! Some day they will be standing around, looking at the state of the country and they will say to themselves “what was I thinkng?”.Â

    A $1.2 trillion debt and Obama/Congress want to spend another $1.3 TRILLION – WE DON’T HAVE! This disgusting dilution of the dollar will soon send the dollar diving even more – and each of them will buy that much less than it used to.  This is inflation. Be prepared America.

    So what do we do? Why not start a competing currency and have it based on gold? We need our currency to be based on something tangible – not based on someone’s promise. Not based on our government simply saying its good. If the world stops believing our dollar is worth anything – then our dollar is worth nothing. Our dollar’s value is all perception – it is an illusion.

    If you have a currency backed by gold or silver – LIKE THE CONSTITUTION SAYS then you would have a thriving economy – not one that is wilting away after being built on promises and corruption.

    Throughout history all paper currencies have failed. If you dig up a whole box of currency from 200 years ago – you would have nothing. If you dig up a box of gold – you will be rich – at any time in history you would have been rich! Someday 50-100 years in the future (maybe less) someone will stumble upon a box of cash, American dollars, and say “Oh I heard about these” – this “cash” would be worth the same amount as that other box of currency – nothing.

    Our currency must be backed by something – not just words. If you are unhappy with how our government is sinking our economy into a depression then rise up and MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD. download shopgirl free Stand for the Constitution and help us petition the government for change. Join us today!

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