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  • Obama is Just Flailing in the Wind

    by Founder on June 11, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Since the Marxist Obama has taken office he has done the best he can to force and impose his anti-American policies on the seemingly unaware American taxpayer. No one knew in advance that Obama would be such a horrendous president and that everything this man would do would be geared towards destroying the American capitalistic society and economy.

    In a show of his outlandish arrogance, Obama has appointed an unprecedented amount of 25 “czars” in the brazen attempt to go around the Constitution and Congress – by allowing these “czars” to make their own law – in order to push through his Marxist agenda. He has touched on and tried to re-do just about every facet of government in just his first three months.

    Obama is like the guy who knows a little about many things but is not thoroughly knowledgeable about anything! He’s a fringe guy – he only knows the very basic general information – details aren’t important to Obama. Like the little detail – you know – about who’s going to pay for all of the debt he is creating? And how it will be paid for.

    Now the current, most pressing issues for Obama are the passing of his health care proposal and the pushing through of his racist Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor. These are two important issues for Obama as one will help him push through many of his controversial plans (Sotomayor) and the other will further help him control every aspect of the lives of the American taxpayer even further than they already do (Nationalized Health Care).

    Both of these outcomes are a disaster for the hard working American taxpayer. Sotomayor will bring her racist views to the highest court in the land and will make law from the bench based on empathy rather than simply interpret the law and uphold the Constitution. The fact that these people actually swear that they will uphold the Constitution has got to be one of the biggest farces in Washington – NONE of these current Obama politicians are upholding the Constitution – they probably don’t even know what it says.

    The second pressing issue for Obama is the passing of his massive Nationalized health care plan – that will officially bankrupt this nation – if Washington hasn’t already done it. Obama has already passed free health care for the children of illegal immigrants and he now wants to give “free” health care to EVERYONE – whether you are a legal citizen or not – this is surely the recipe for economic collapse and disaster. The health care IS free to some – but to the hard working taxpayers of this country the plan is TOO expensive to even consider.

    Who will pay for this plan? You, me and all future generations. Who will NOT pay for this plan? – Illegal immigrants, minorities and the poor – the exact people Obama supports and wants to make equal with the rest of America – the taxpayers – through his over all plan of REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH. Through his focused taxation of the wealthy he will attempt to pay for this plan thus effectively “taking from the rich and giving to the poor (and illegal)”.

    Both of these issues must be stopped. Allowing Sotomayor into the Supreme Court will sully and poison this great court for as long as she is on it. And the health care plan is a massive payoff to GE (who will get the medical record keeping contract) and an attempt by the Fed and Obama to control EVERY aspect of your life.

    Please rise up and voice your opinion against BOTH of these possible atrocities. Immediately contact your Representative and Senator and insist that they vote against both of these pressing topics. Stand tall for the Constitution. Stand tall for states rights. Stand tall for the American way – Capitalism, truth, justice, liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness and prosperity.

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    Get out of the way Washington and Obama – you are directly in the way of taxpayer prosperity. Please make your voice heard today and sign in as an American for the Constitution. Thank you and God Bless America.

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