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  • What Level of Insanity Created All of This Nation’s Debt?

    by Founder on June 12, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    What happened to our government? How can the people who are running the government be so incredibly – financially – inept? Are these people evil? Are they doing these things intentionally? Are they laughing at the tax payer behind closed doors? These utter fools who are in charge of our government right now – at all levels – are running wild by spending money that simply doesn’t exist. What are We the People to do?

    Today I saw where Michigan – the state of Michigan – has a budget deficit of $1.6 Billion – and of course California has a budget deficit of $35 Billion, Massachusetts $3.6 Billion, New Jersey $4.6 Billion, New York $6.4 Billion and on and on it goes. How can these “organizations” be so ridiculously over budget? What kind of mentality does it take to do this?

    As a business owner I know what it takes to run a business – a profitable business – but it appears that everyone involved with government does not have this mindset – why is this? Where do the people in government get the idea that they can just spend and spend money like it grows on trees? This is irresponsible and criminal – these states and our Federal government are running this economy into the ground with this massive expansion of government that has obviously been going on for many many years – and has all been financed with “deficit spending” – BORROWING!

    Even before King Obama got into office, it was George Bush who opened the door to Socialism with his prescription drug program and of course the beginnings of the bail out frenzy – Obama simply walked through the door Bush opened.

    Just looking at the local level – the states, cities and towns – they have for the most part all failed miserably in their ability to – only spend what they have or take in. We as citizens know that we cannot run our households like this nor can we run our businesses like this.Yet, what business today can survive by spending more than it takes in? The answer? – The businesses the government thinks are too big to fail and of course, the government themselves.

    The government just passed a $410 Billion spending bill (within the past few days) JUST TO STAY OPEN! AND this is all borrowed money! How long will America be able to borrow from China? Especially with the heightened tensions that are starting to emerge lately between the two countries. Our monetary actions in the past six months have proven disastrous.

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    How could a country get so out of whack and so upside down? These people who did this are the ultimate in selfish human beings who couldn’t care less about you and me. These criminals don’t care about future generations – they are like horses with blinkers on – but these are blinkers pointing only towards corruption and greed – they only care about what plane they are going to take or what restaurant they are going to eat in. These fat cat elitists of our government should all be thrown in jail – the key thrown away – and fresh new faces with common sense and the ability to run a profitable company should then be voted into office. I know this however is only a dream of mine.

      Let’s get back on the gold standard – instill Capitalism back to this country – shrink our government – and the stock market, the real estate market, the economy and the dollar would all instantly begin to grow and prosper – at least let’s give our children and their children a fighting chance.

      The people who accumulated these irresponsible deficits have shirked their responsibilities and greatly let down the tax payers they swore to uphold. They spend money – as they think of things to spend it on. They do not consider the COST – they just spend and spend and spend. Their brains must be missing something that most entrepreneurs have. For some reason these government officials across the country do not understand the concept of budgets and how they are supposed to work – very sad. Just the interest alone on our debt will cripple future generations.

      We as tax payers must rise up and voice our opinions against these idiots in Washington – including all the irresponsible Governors, Mayors and Council members through out the country. Here’s the message – STOP SPENDING! LET THE PRIVATE SECTOR WORK THROUGH CAPITALISM and CUT GOVERNMENT SIZE BY 80%. The stock market would go through the roof! Join me as an American for the Constitution and stand strong for Capitalism. Make your voice heard today!

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