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  • Obama Media – Next Step to Socialism

    by Founder on June 16, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Effective June 24, 2009 – the White House marks another milestone in their march towards Socialism – ABC news will be anchored and broadcast from inside the White House! Sound like Chavez and Venezuela? I think so. The media and the Obama government are now openly becoming one. How did our great country sink to these pathetic socialist depths? And how is it that we the taxpayers have allowed this to occur? How have we let this ridiculous politician impose his Marxist, Communist and Socialist philosophies upon us all?

    On June 24, 2009 ABC will turn over its programming to the White House for them to push their new health care plan down the taxpayers throats. News anchor Charlie Gibson – a purebred socialist and Obama lover – will broadcast his news from the Blue Room of the White House. Can you imagine I am even writing this? Did you ever think this type of control and censorship would occur in America?

    The ABC network is planning a prime time special which will be watched throughout the country by Obama’s minions – it will be called “Prescription for America” – it will originate from the East Room and will not allow any opposing views. HMMMMMM, sound familiar? Perhaps like Cuba? Or Venezuela? Or Russia? Somehow this should not be allowed – and if we the people actually had representation in Congress – it would probably be stopped – it just seems that Obama has everyone hypnotized to go along with whatever he proposes.

    This is NOT the America I grew up in. This is NOT the America I want to leave to all the young people of this land. They do not know any better and will be brainwashed by this Obama administration – God help them – if only they can know of the Constitution, freedom, independence, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and prosperity. They unfortunately will never know these traditions of America IF Obama is allowed to continuously run his mob rule all over our country.

    In addition, Good Morning America, World News, Night Line and ABC’s web news will all feature specials on the health care program – without any opposing views. And over the next nine days ABC will review in detail the presidents health care agenda – again without any opposing views. The Republican National Party requested that their views also be heard – so an intelligent decision can be made by the American public – but their request was DENIED. No opposing views. No checks and balances. Just like in our current Congress. Only in a dictatorship are there NO OPPOSING VIEWS.

    All of this will be a glorified infomercial by the Obama administration FOR the promotion of his health care program that will thoroughly bankrupt this nation and turn it into the third rate nanny state – that Obama wants and feels he needs to remain in power. If this health care program does go through – it will open the door to full amnesty for all illegal immigrants – who in turn will ALL vote for their messiah Obama – after all he is the one that will make it possible for them to live here FREE! It’s an all expenses paid vacation – being an illegal immigrant and living in America.

    ABC’s response to the Republicans is very similar to all the responses given by the White House – they deny any wrongdoing and promise a fair and balanced approach – yea right! This is an outright attempt to go around the Constitution and also TRASH the Constitution. The White House and Obama are now using the media to promote their Marxist and Fascist policies. Obama MUST be stopped!

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    Please – to all Republicans in Congress – get a backbone – stand up to this maniac and force capitalism and the real America back into our government. Obama must be stopped or he will destroy this country and make it into a so-so third rate European country – just like he wants it to be. He does NOT feel that America is a special place. He does NOT have American pride. Obama is totally anti-American!

    Please rise with me and make your voice heard today. Stop Obama from this madness. Stop their state controlled media. Let’s blast common sense back into the White House. Let 2010 be the time we take back Congress and boot these socialist bums out! Sign in today as an American for the Constitution – contact your representatives – speak up – we are losing little pieces of our America everyday – join with me in the FIGHT for our founding fathers – join me in the fight for Capitalism, freedom, small government and the American way. Make your voice heard!

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