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  • Nationalized Health Care Will Give Obama Two Terms

    by Founder on June 22, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    You must understand that THIS is the real goal of all his push for health care reform. Every proclamation or order that Obama puts out is NOT for the benefit of the American taxpayer – ALL of his policies and plans – right now – are geared toward him getting his second term. Everyone knows – even the media – that America cannot afford this health care plan – but he plods ahead – just like the other lemming idiots in Congress – and they all push for this bankrupting plan.

    It is well know that this plan of overhauling the health care system will not only drastically alter the way the American economy works – but there is NO WAY to pay for it other than taking money from those that have and simply giving it to those that HAVE NOT. This is Obama’s plan in a nutshell – his “redistribution of income” philosophy.

    The only way to pay for this plan which will add upwards of $2 Trillion to the national deficit is to tax you and me to death – everything we do, buy, think or want to achieve will be taxed – the Obama government will only go after the taxpayers because we are the ones with the money – we are the ones that produce the money.

    The nationalized health care plan is also a big payback program for those who helped elect Obama – especially GE – who is set to get the anticipated multi billion dollar contract for the new national medical records system – which Obama probably already verbally promised them IF he could push through his power grabbing plan GE of course also owns NBC, MSNBC and CNBC – whom Obama loves and they of course love Obama.

    Remember, Obama wants the American public to only make a certain amount of money – this is why he has appointed “compensation czars” – who will be sure private citizens do not make above a certain amount of money – and if you do they will severely tax you – can you believe you are reading this? Sounds like something you would only read in Russia or Cuba or Venezuela – but now – America.

    If this health care plan is passed it will open up the door even further for Obama to implement Step 2 – the granting of amnesty to the 30 million ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who already suck the lifeblood out of our economic system – Obama wants to give them all citizenship – and whether they are a citizen or not Obama and the fools in Congress want to give them all free health care! This is the type of insanity that simply ignores the biggest lobby group in the country – the American taxpayer.

    Look at what Obama and his policies have already done to America – how he is reshaping how things “work” in Washington – how he is appointing liberal and racist “czars” – how he spends, prints and borrows money like it will have no impact on future generations – how he is sucking the powers and rights from the states and from the American taxpayer – everyday something occurs that takes away the property rights of the taxpaying American citizen.

    So what are we to do? The first step is to contact your Representatives and Congress man or woman and implore that they vote NO for this Nationalized Health care plan and NO for any type of amnesty plan – we must flood their offices with pro American sentiment and let them know they will be voted out of office if they vote FOR these anti-American and anti-Taxpayer policies.

    In 2010, we the taxpayers have our chance to once again balance out Congress and vote OUT most of the liberal Democrats and replace them with common sense pro-taxpayer representatives. We the people MUST have a voice in Washington – we must be represented in Congress – these politicians work for us not the other way around – they are there to serve the country – to serve the taxpayers and look out for OUR best interests – not the best interests of only those that stuff their corrupt pockets with money.

    We are the taxpayers – we are the biggest lobby group in America – not these so called “too big to fail” companies – we must regain our country once again and stand tall for capitalism – the true America spirit. If we as taxpayers do not stand against Nationalized health care and amnesty for illegal immigrants then for sure – taker it to the bank – Obama will have two terms in office. IF he is allowed to have two terms then you will not recognize this once great country anymore and he will have thrown out the last 200+ years of history of the greatest country on earth. Please make your voice heard today.

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