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  • Our Taxpayer Dollars are Buying $1 Trillion in Toxic Assets!

    by Founder on June 23, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Need I say more. What do you as a taxpayer think about the latest move from our government? Are you FOR your taxpayer dollars going towards these “Toxic Loans”? All of the people who “do it right” – you know the “tax payers” – we are the ones getting royally screwed right here. This entire problem is the fault of these pathetic government leaders who insisted on giving out these “bad loans”. Barack Obama and ACORN even sued banks in Chicago to get them to give out more bad loans. And why did they all do it? Greed and Power.

    This is what should be yelled from every roof top of the nation – “The government is forcing ME to cover THEIR screw ups”! “Because THEY wanted to lend out money to people who had no money – I have to pay for it”! “I’m not going to take it any more”! “Enough is enough”!

    While Obama was suing banks to get them to give out bad loans, the Federal government was creating laws and regulations to enforce this philosophy even further. So the corrupt politicians who got us in this mess in the first place are now the same ones telling us 1. how to get out of it and 2. that We the People MUST pay for all of this! By Geithner saying that the government is buying these toxic assets – no matter what HE says or Obama says – remember – the buyer of this crap is YOU and ME! And any child that may be growing up in Obamaland. It is no different than if they stuck a gun to your head and demanded the money that way. But the Communism and Socialism doesn’t stop there.

    valentine dvd

    “The Public-Private Investment Plan” – doesn’t it just sound “Socialist”? They are trying to make the public believe that the government is going to SHARE in their profits with the taxpayer. Now you tell me – what sane common sense taxpaying person is going to expect the government to make a profit? They are not capable! Anything and everything they get involved with is over budget, inefficient and loses money – and lots of it! So don’t insult me and the American tax payer and tell us that IF you make a profit blah blah blah – no one is hearing it! You will not make a profit and you aren’t even in it to make a profit! That’s the public relations part of their sham.

    It is now clear that the government has completely hijacked and taken over the United States banking system. This new regulation allows the government to “take over troubled institutions that would pose a threat to the entire financial system if they failed” – welcome my friends to Socialism. They are getting away with this because they used the ridiculous “bonus money” scandal as a mindless diversion for “sound bite” America – as they surreptitiously furthered their Socialistic goals. The Treasury Secretary can now seize a firm with the consent of the President and the Federal Reserve – we now have terrorists from within our government – this is clear.

    Then once a firm is taken over, the Treasury Secretary would have the power to “limit payments to creditors” and “to break contracts governing executive compensation” – can you believe what you just read? To say this is un-constitutional is an under statement – this is an outright attempt to form a mob rule atmosphere in Washington – all I can say is that I believe the people will not take this for long. The people’s words which are falling on deaf, arrogant ears will soon be replaced with action – what kind of action? This I do not know – but I do know the will and resolve of the American taxpayer.

    1. This plan is “using” $100 Billion (they don’t have) from the original $700 Billion (they don’t have) – so this is YOUR money – their “created” money – but in the end the people’s responsibility.
    2. The government is offering billions of dollars in low interest loans to purchase these toxic assets. Think about it – the entity that caused the banking problem with its toxic assets is selling new loans to finance the purchase of these original bad loans – all from an entity that has NO MONEY! But, of course, they are “guaranteeing” the assets and will “cover” any losses – yea sure. With what?
    3. The government will “share in the risks” if the assets fall further. What does that mean? The government doesn’t “share” in anything – in the end it is the PEOPLE who are the ones who lose out – YOU and ME – the taxpayers!
    4. The $700 Billion – that they never had? – is already tapped out. Ask them where it went – and they will have no answer.
    5. They say they are getting these “soured real estate loans – off the books” – but are they really? The “loans” are now ON the books of the American taxpayer. The mindset of these people in Washington is mind boggling – their lack of financial responsibility is treasonous and destroying this country.
    6. As Socialism strengthens its grip, right now the nation’s 19 largest banks are being investigated by the government “banking officials” – to test their “viability” as the economy weakens and if it is determined they need more money – oh well – here you go – here’s a few more billion – no big deal – don’t worry the new “Socialism system” will pay for it – that’s right – take it from people who have it and give it to people who don’t – just to even out everything.

    Ladies and gentlemen taxpayers – we have a problem. This administration has gained power through the dumbing down of America and the desire of more and more people to rely on the government for all their needs. It is like a virus spreading throughout the land – but it MUST be stopped. And it is you and me who can stop it. Keep reading and learning. Keep voicing your disagreement with our governments actions. The 5000 Year Leap is still #1 on Amazon so this is a very very good sign. People are getting fed up and are learning more about their history – which means a brighter future.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today.

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