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  • The American Disaster That is “Cap and Trade”

    by Founder on June 27, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    As Obama does his slick infomercial for his nationalized Health Care Program – Congress is voting on the new Obama Cap and Trade Bill – a bill that will greatly increase the price of energy – electricity and gas – for the American consumer – and that includes ALL businesses and taxpayers – even the non taxpaying poor. This new bill amounts to being the biggest tax increase in American history and sets the stage for even further taxpayer gouging by this pathetic, Marxist Obama administration.

    This is all an effort based on the supposed theory of global warming and how America needs to cut its dependency on fossil fuels that will further pollute the atmosphere – and thus “causing” the global warming that we are all supposedly going through. This bill will now charge manufacturers, all businesses and all persons who an additional tax IF you use electricity and gas. This bill will cost the the American economy $160 Billion in 2020 that’s an average of $1870 per family and then by 2035 this will jump to $6800 per family – and these are just initial estimates.

    This is clearly the biggest and most corrupt tax bill ever passed and should also set the stage for an American taxpayer REVOLT! It is time – because this first step by the Marxist Obama administration will be followed by the last two nails in the American coffin – nationalized health care and amnesty for the 30 million illegal immigrants. This bill is so radical that 44 Democrats voted against it – going against their party – even they know what Obama is trying to do to this once great country.

    Can you imagine that the whole concept of this bill is to make electricity, gas, oil and gasoline so expensive that the American consumer will not be able to afford it? – So they will then buy or use solar energy or some other “green” form of energy. This forced idea is insane! It is the thinking of the liberal anti-American idiots who are now in power – and who care NOTHING about the average American taxpayer. These politicians only care about whoever is putting money in their pockets – but they always look beyond their biggest donors – the taxpayer! And we are the ones – we the people – are the ones who will vote them ALL out of office in 2010 and 2012 – GUARANTEED.

    Don’t you just love how the media says the passage of this bill is a tremendous “victory” for Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Henry Waxman – huh? A “victory” for them? I didn’t know this was a game or a competition. What does a supposed “victory” do for these corrupt politicians? How is it a “victory” for the American taxpayer!? That’s what I want to know! You idiots in the media and in Washington – wake up! This is not a victory – this is a major setback for America, Capitalism and the American way of life!

    This is another example of a bill that was put into law – effecting ALL Americans – and these freaks in Congress DIDN’T EVEN READ IT! When is America going to wake up to this corruption and payoffs!? Obama must be stopped and we the people are the ones who are going to do it. We now have a community organizer as president of the United States and he is transforming the government into one bi “community organization” – one that will take the money from those that have it and give it to those that don’t – this is Obama’s plan – the same one he told Joe the Plumber about – yet America didn’t want to listen at the time.

    This bill will FORCE businesses to purchase permits – and they will be FORCED to buy these permits based on how much energy they use – ALL of these new business costs will then be passed on to YOU – the consumer. If you drive a car or flip a light switch this bill will effect you and now cost you more for these acts – much more. All of this new found money by the government will be used to fund their new social programs, nationalized health care and all the other complete WASTE that they spend OUR money on.

    This first phase of Obama’s plan to destroy America will cost jobs all across America as businesses cut back, consumers cut back and the government gets bigger. Please American taxpayers I implore you – contact your Representative and senator and insist they vote AGAINST these Obama plans or they WILL be voted OUT of office in the next elections. We must flood their offices with common sense – we must march into their offices and FORCE common sense down their throats just like they are FORCING us all to hand over our money and our freedoms.

    The Democrats and Obama do not want you to understand this bill. They do not even want you to know they are passing it. Why do you think he did the “health care” infomercial when he did? Why do you think these corrupt bills are passed on a Friday afternoon – when the American taxpayer is – working – like all good taxpayers right Obama? This Muslim president is without doubt the WORST president in American history and I defy anyone to tell me why they feel he is doing a good job. Who si for this person other than those that are uneducated?

    Please lord, bless this country as you always have and save us and all future generations from the nightmare that is Obama’s Socialism, Fascism, Communism and Marxism. God bless America, our freedoms, our capitalistic society and the principles and values that have made America the greatest country on earth for the past 200+ years. Please taxpayers – make your voice heard today!

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