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  • Largest Bankruptcy in American History – GM

    by Founder on July 7, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Today a “judge” approved the sale of GM assets and paved the way for the “new” GM to emerge. In doing this – the judge has quickly and corruptly pushed through the biggest bankruptcy in American history – all in just four weeks! AND it will cost the taxpayers – you know, you and me – $50 BILLION PLUS there was NO DEBATE on the issue. This was all done with Obama pulling the socialist strings and everyone else just falling into place – just like good servants do. I’ll say it again – the largest bankruptcy in American history is settled in just four weeks – cost the American taxpayer $50 Billion and there was NO DEBATE – NO CHECKS and BALANCES! Sickening – our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves!

    Now that Obama has the much needed sixty Democratic morons in Congress all lined up to vote like puppets, he can pass any law or policy he wants – and this is what he will do. Does this scare you? Does it scare you that he is on the side of every communist dictator the world has? Does it scare you that Obama wants to pass all of his “American changing” policies “quickly” and without anyone reading the actual bills? You should be scared of this man – very scared. He is a wannabe Communist dictator in the making.

    Obama has set out to destroy the American way of life and he will do all he can – and I mean “all he can” – to win another term – to complete his master plan of turning America into two economic classes of people – the VERY rich (including him) and then “the people” – that’s right one class of dull, controlled and dependent sheeple – as he wants us all to look to the government for our every need – and ONLY the government – with of course, HIM in charge. He is VERY jealous of his buddies like Chavez, Castro and now Putin – all Socialist, Marxist leaders – he is clearly jealous of the “control” they have over their respective countries – this is very sad indeed. This amateur Marxist MUST go.

    Where was the debate concerning the fate of GM? Why was there only one option – of government takeover? Why was it only Obama’s way? People of America you should be very afraid of this “no debate” philosophy that is Obama. Think of it – there was NO DEBATE on the stimulus, Cap and Trade, the Bank bailouts and takeovers. Also creditors rights were taken away by the Obama administration during this bankruptcy takeover – all of this with NO DEBATE – it is like our “for the people” Congress just rolled over and is playing dead – no action, no concern, no rallying for the American way. Just look at Japan right now. Japan has done this controlled society trick for the past 20 years – and their economy is steadily shrinking and are now a true Banana Republic. Where is this country heading? The same sad place – unless WE act!

    The politicians who have ruined this country with their economic policies and greed are now making a huge power grab to get all the money and power they can in as short a time as possible. Obama has already performed his secretly promised transfer of wealth by taking hundreds of billions of dollars from the American taxpayer and just blatantly giving it to Wall Street and the banks. These pathetic power and money grubbing politicians are destroying America and our way of life all for their own selfish power and greed trips. This must end. The American taxpayer will FORCE this to end.

    The government has no idea how to run a profitable company and never will. That is why this automotive experiment will fail – BUT it will keep existing because it will be “backed” by the Federal government – you and me the taxpayer. They will make a piece of crap Obama mobile that gets 70 miles to the gallon and they will make NO PROFITS. GM already loses several thousand dollars per car – it will be worse under Obama. In addition, they will NEVER pay back the $50 Billion in tax dollars they “borrowed”. Just remember what the new government slogan is for their socialized businesses – “People Before Profits” – that’s enough to make any capitalist puke – but that IS their slogan.

    This administration is the most fiscally irresponsible administration ever. Obama has NO concept of money – as his wife goes on European vacations costing MILLIONS while millions are losing their jobs in the real America. This country is in trouble – real trouble with this community activist as our president (lord, how did this happen?).

    So, it is now time to rise up America and make your voice heard. Contact your Senator and Representative immediately and demand that this march to Socialism and Marxism stop. Tell them you will vote them OUT of office if they vote FOR the Obama way. We the People will vote them out! But we MUST act – we cannot just sit back and let all of this crap happen! Please people we MUST act!

    What America do you want to leave to your children? The one you grew up in? Or the one Obama is forming? Do you want a life full of color? Or do you want a grey and dreary life that will be the Obama America? Do you want a Congress full of debate and service to the people? Or do you want the current Congress packed with liars, crooks and thieves? We are the bosses! Not the politicians! We MUST vote OUT corruption, socialism and Marxism. Please join me in this everyday battle to restore capitalism back to America and get Obama OUT!

    Sign in as an American FOR the Constitution. An American FOR debate, FOR checks and balances -and FOR the upholding of our rule book – the Constitution. This will be a tough battle because our current politicians are SOOOOOO corrupt that they have entrenched themselves firmly in place and it will take a miracle from God to once again take back the American government from the terrorists that are running it now. It was a miracle from God to write the Constitution and form this great nation – I’d say it’s time for another – PLEASE make your voice heard today!

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