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  • Just Say “NO” to Obama’s Socialized Health Care Plan!

    by Founder on July 16, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Who is paying attention the the Constitution?

    Ladies and gentleman of this great land – we now come to a very important turning point in the history of America – and more importantly a turning point for our country’s future. Right now – and I mean “right now” the Obama administration is proposing and attempting to push through a sweeping nationalized – socialized and Soviet style health care plan that will completely bankrupt the prosperity from America and demolish the current health care system while for all practical purposes drastically changing the way our economy works.

    This Obama plan is NOT being done for the betterment of the taxpayers – it is being FORCED on America by Obama – for all those unfortunate souls who DO NOT have health insurance – and YOU and me are going to pay for THEM. This is being proposed by people who DO NOT believe in the private sector – they want to see private businesses eliminated – as hard as that is to imagine or believe. They ONLY believe in government.

    If Obama gets his way and the one sided Congress is able to pass this bill – which by the way consists of 1018 UNREAD pages – let’s look at a few things that will happen:

    1. Do you like to stand in lines? Expect emergency rooms, clinics and hospitals to ALL have lines – especially since YOU are paying for the 40 million NEW health care recipients who will now all stand in line – care of the Obama administration. Live off the Obama government and including all goodies (welfare, food, rent, day care, insurance, cars etc.) live at about a $35,000 a year clip! No work required.
    2. Just as in other countries that have tried this method of health care – there will be the rationing of health care. Kiss goodbye the way you are accustomed to making an appointment for and seeing your doctor. You will wait – and not in just a waiting room – I am talking months.
    3. If this obnoxious plan is passed it will create a minimum of 23 NEW government programs all with huge budgets into the hundreds of millions – all designed to “administer” this debacle and all filled to the brim with over paid BUREAUCRATS – who know they will be sitting on a monopoly and have no real incentive to provide you with any type of efficient or good service.
    4. Just to make you more ill than these thoughts are already doing – here are a few names of some of the new “agencies” that will be created – The Health Insurance Exchange, Public Health Workforce Corps, Health Benefits Advisory Committee, Bureau of Health Information, Health Choices Administration – all enough to make you want to puke. A sure sign of the complete waste and corruption to come.
    5. The Fed’s plan is to SQUEEZE the profit from the private sector by providing their own “subsidized” plan. This will destroy the private health insurance industry. They will squeeze the profit by having the health care “subsidized” by YOU and ME! They want to INTENTIONALLY destroy the private industry of health care! – there are over 1300 different health care providers – all providing tremendous competition – and the greatest health care system in the world! But Obama does not want competition. Looks like he is both a car salesman now AND a health insurance salesman – sickening.
    6. Be sure that you will be taxed and taxed and taxed. To begin with they are proposing a payroll tax for business owners of 8% if the employer does NOT provide health coverage. They are also talking a 56% tax on top earners over $1 million – in doing this Obama wants to suck $500 Billion from these people a year! These business owners. These American success stories. This will cost America jobs – but this is what the dictator Obama wants.
    7. To top it all off there is a provision in the plan on page 16 that will make any other type of health insurance illegal. Those who currently have private individual coverage cannot change it – or they will be FORCED into the government plan AND if you leave a company to work for yourself the same applies – you MUST go with the government plan – this is unconstitutional and Washington does not have this authority to snuff out private business – I hope you are as outraged as I am!

    Right now we taxpayers are living under a dictatorship. There is no debate over varying options. There is a one sided Congress and we are being controlled by a group of VERY liberal and OUT OF CONTROL maniacle people like Pelosi, Reed, Frank and ten or twelve other government leeches that head up Congress. These people should be tried and thrown in jail for destroying this great country through their blatant corruption and greed. We have NO checks and balances in government right now – whatever Obama wants to do – he will do. Scary.

    It is imperative that you immediately contact your Senators and Representatives and IMPLORE that they vote NO to this health care plan. Right on the home page to this site there are links to contact your representatives directly – please do this! Flood them with calls and letters – tell them you will vote them out of office if they vote for this monstrosity. You MUST take action – we cannot let this plan go through! It will be the death to America as we knew it. It will be another step closer to total government control.

    Obama wants total control over you and your life. He controls the industries and the banks. Now he wants to control every aspect of your health. Next it will be your speech. Then it will be your behavior. Then there will be re-education camps and on it will go until America is an old Soviet style communist dictatorship – just like Obama wants. No private industry – just government dependence and control. This anti-American MUST be stopped and voted OUT in 2012. I personally believe that he should be immediately impeached for his treasonous activities and policies – but who is going to this right now? They won’t even demand to see his birth certificate.

    Please join me in voting NO to our Congress representatives. This health care plan will destroy America, private industry and our prosperity – it is a tax on the wealthy and the middle class hard working taxpayer – YOU and ME! Obama wants to bring those WITH money DOWN and those WITHOUT money up. Stop this Marxist madman! Make your voice heard. We the People MUST act – evil can only exist when good people do nothing – we MUST contact them and voice our opinions. Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today!

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