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  • Now is the Time to Contact Your Senators and Representatives to STOP Obama Health Care!

    by Founder on July 20, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    This article was written a little over a week ago – but is now – today – even more important! Obama is on the push right now – like a slick, snake oil salesman trying to ram this tax monster, health bill down America’s throats – and what are you going to do about it? It is imperative that you IMMEDIATELY get on the phone and contact your Senators and Representatives right away and tell them to vote “NO” on this health bill. If this passes through you will be taxed to death and it is packed with so much pork and waste – the corruption is mind boggling.

    This Obama health care bill will drastically change the way the American economy operates while simultaneously bankrupting this nation. If this plan is passed it will be a massive REDISTRIBUTION of wealth – just like Obama told Joe the Plumber he would do. Obama wants to take the money from those who have it and spread it around to those who don’t have it.

    This is NOT America – this is NOT the American way – his warped version of a country exists over in Russia or Venezuela – not here in America. Obama wants to take your money and give it to someone else. He wants you and me to pay for the health insurance for someone else who can’t afford it. So not only can YOU afford health insurance for yourself – but Obama thinks that because you are so lucky to be “rich” – you should pay for other people’s health insurance too! Aren’t you lucky! (and their mortgages)

    Taxpayers of America – pick up the phone and call your Senators and Representatives today! This is not something that can wait. This is not a drill. This is the real thing! Obama wants to wipe out private business and capitalism – in effect flushing 200+ years of American history right down the toilet.

    Throughout these past 200+ years, our brave men and women have fought many wars and battles in SUPPORT and in DEFENSE of capitalism – yet Obama wants to waste all of those lost lives as being meaningless and as having died for a useless cause – In fact, the very causes our brave men and women fought to suppress – Obama now wants to embrace these causes, make them our “new” policy and in effect throw our past heroes to the wind. Are you a veteran? Have you lost anyone in the wars? Stand tall and DO NOT let this idiotic president push you and your values around. By Obama passing this health care plan – all that you and your loved ones have bravely fought for – will be lost – a thing of the past.

    Look up the numbers of your Senators and Representatives – there is a link right on my home page providing you all of the needed information – phone numbers, addresses and emails – contact them now. Tell them to vote “NO” on this health care bill – or you will vote them OUT of office in the next elections – 2010 and 2012. This radical, Marxist administration has gone too far! They MUST be stopped.

    Make your voices heard today. Act today – before they pass this plan and it is too late.

    The fools in Congress are in such a bubble they actually think the American people WANT this health care plan – well, the taxpayer may want SOME changes made – but not a complete disposal of capitalism and a switch to Communism – that wasn’t in the plan.

    Contact Washington today. Contact these arrogant, out of touch politicians today. Make your voice heard today. Call them, leave a message, talk to their assistants – we must act. Sign in here as an American for the Constitution and be counted as another taxpayer AGAINST Obama and his nanny state vision. Join me in this fight today!

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