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  • The Constitution – Article I Section 8

    by Founder on July 31, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    It is this portion of the Constitution that shall save the taxpayers of this great land. It is this portion of the Constitution that We the People MUST stand for and make our voices heard. You recently rose up to voice your opinion AGAINST this government health plan idea and it worked – they have temporarily backed down – but the pressure must not subside, we the taxpayers must now “pile on” as they say!

    I am proud to say that AFTC sent thousands of emails, hundreds of letters and made hundreds of phone calls to our nation’s Senators and Representatives – all in defense of the taxpayer and our Constitution. I admit that It seems fruitless at times but it MUST be done – these elected officials MUST here from the people – this is our job – we must stand up to protect our rights and the Constitution.

    Article I Section 8 – these are the words in the Constitution that separate the states from the Federal government – these are the words that were set up by the founding fathers to protect the states from an oppressive and tyrannical Federal government – to protect the people from a growing out of control government – they knew this would happen. These are the words that shall stop Barack Hussein Obama before he completely dismantles America, our economy and 200+ years of spirited and passionate history.

    Where in Article I Section 8 does it speak of the following?

    1. Allowing the Legislative branch to appoint radical and controversial “Czars” to oversee specific areas – and to give them power to go above and around Congress.
    2. To allow the Federal government to take over private business and Nationalize these businesses at their whim – so that they are run by the Federal government.
    3. To allow the Federal government the ability to take over the banking industry and just GIVE this industry (those that helped him get elected) billions in funds that were neither accounted for nor spent in the way they said this money would be “invested”.
    4. That the Federal government can over take the Auto industry and bypass all bankruptcy laws to simply SEIZE these private companies and Nationalize them – the federal government is running GM and Chrysler and YOU and ME are paying for it – not only once ($50 Billion) but also through this ridiculous “Cash for Clunkers” program – another several billion thrown at the Obama auto industry.
    5. That the Federal government can DESTROY 20% of our economy – the entire private Health Care industry – and FORCE each and every American to participate in their Nationalized government run, inefficient health care program.
    6. That the White House and the Legislative branch can act in any manner of secrecy – that the Legislative branch does not have to answer to the people. These elected/appointed morons work FOR the people – they cannot push us around and boss us around! If you own a business would you let your employees tell you what to do? The clear employee/employer relationship MUST be re-established between the taxpayers and Washington.
    7. To allow the Federal government to artificially raise the prices of electricity and gas – in its Cap and Trade Bill – so exorbitantly, that consumers will be forced to use “green” energy sources.

    Where in Article I Section 8 does it give Obama these powers? Does he NOT have to follow the Constitution? The powers given to the Legislative Branch by the Constitution are clear. It is even clearer that the Obama administration has greatly expanded these powers like they OWN this country and our future. The answer to this is “NO”! They do not own my future. How about yours? How about that of your children? Are you willing to give your children’s life to Obama and his “plan” – his grotesque “community organizer” plan for this country?

    Now is the time people. Using this section of the Constitution, the states are going to begin to rise up in defiance to Obama and his philosophies. I implore you to rise up WITH these states and stand for what was written in the Constitution. The founding fathers had the idea of a limited government – a government that was only to be allowed certain powers – that, in fact, the states GAVE these powers to the federal government – not the other way around.

    Where is it and what shows that these Marxist leaders are concerned at all with the people? Where are they concerned with the Constitution? Where are our elected officials doing what is best for the American taxpayer? Do you feel you have representation in Washington? Do you feel that there is someone there fighting for YOUR cause of freedom, capitalism, prosperity and the pursuit of happiness?

    American taxpayers we must all rise up in opposition to Obama and his Marxist policies. He wants to destroy America and the American way. He wants to squash private business and GROW the federal government – is this what you want for yourself? For your children? What kind of government do you want to leave behind for your children and future generations?

    America IS the greatest country on earth because of who we are and how we got to where we are. This is not a country that can be run by a dictator – we are a free people – a people with ingenuity, ambition, spirit, fight and a long lasting patriotism that is ingrained in the true American because of the struggles this country has gone through to achieve all of our freedoms. The very freedoms that allowed a man like Barack Obama to be elected president.

    Now it is Obama – the man who has taken advantage of these very freedoms his whole life – given to us by God and the Constitution – it is he who wants to trash our Constitution. Trash your freedoms. Trash capitalism and trash the very economic future of this great land. It is like he is trying to close the door once he has gotten in. He shall be the last to take advantage of America’s freedoms – these freedoms got him where he is – but now he wants to squash those very freedoms and opportunities for others. The ultimate in selfishness and narscicism.

    But there is hope. This is America and we have survived other anti-American presidential actions and philospohies before and we will again. He MUST be voted out in 2012 and thanks to his most recent publicly racist stance on the racist college teacher Gates, the people of this land and the world can now see this man for the racist, angry person that he is.

    His policies are being thrown into the light, his ideas are being thrown into the light – and we all know what happens when the room is full of cockroaches and the light is turned on – they scurry away – and this is what shall happen to the cockroaches that are Obama and his minions – the taxpayers shall shine the light and the American people will take back their government, shrink it back down to a Constitutional size and continue to be the greatest and most prosperous country in the world. God bless America, states rights and our flag.

    Contact your Senators and Representatives. Please make your voice heard today!

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