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  • At This Point It Seems to be “Us vs. Them”

    by Founder on August 5, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    The “Us” is the taxpayer (you and me) and the “Them” is the government and all of those who live off the government. But here we will focus just on the 1000 or so weasels who lie to and manipulate the taxpayer at every turn. Do you honestly feel that the federal government and Barack Hussein Obama are acting in the interests of the taxpayer? Do you feel that your representatives in the Senate and the House are listening to you and will do as you ask? Have you seen the recent footage of what is going on at these “Town Hall” meetings throughout the country? These representatives of Congress don’t want to do these “Town Hall” meetings anymore because they are afraid of facing the people! They are afraid for their lives. What does this tell you?

    When our founding fathers wrote the Constitution, they envisioned what could happen IF the big ole’ federal government got too big or if they tried to over exert their granted powers. Our founding fathers saw that these things could happen – but they didn’t see and account for the total mass corruption and bully style politics that is now occurring.

    They envisioned that the Constitution and the law had rules and regulations that would be followed – and overseen by the courts but what if those in power went around all of the “rules” and simply kept their power through the force and power available to them through heir entrenched government? What if those in power did not want to relinquish this power and instead would use the United States military to keep it? What would happen then?

    This is where we the people of this great country stand. We are in a quandary. The entire mass media is against the white middle class taxpayer. Anything that is voiced by this group is labeled as racist, extreme and evil. The middle class are the ones paying the taxes yet it is the Obama administration that has put a target on our backs as to the ones who he shall tax. We are the ones who he wants to pay for his radical community organization ideas. Obama wants to change how America operates, our traditions and our history – this is what they believe – this is what they want – him, his wife and every appointee and czar that he invites into this fiasco.

    I hate to say it but it appears as if it is – “Us vs. Them”. Nanvy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Arlen Spector, Henry Waxman, Barack Obama, Barbara Boxer and the hundreds of other pathetic minions who are touting Socialism, Marxism and a society that is even worse than those two put together.

    Do you feel you are represented by these people? Is freedom, liberty, capitalism, honesty and integrity represented by these people? Or does a majority of the American public – the taxpayers – despise these people? Do we all despise these people because we know they are lieing to us everyday? Because we know they are corrupt and only acting in their own self interests? Because we know they are in the back pocket of big business and that this is ALL about the money? Get angry America – stand up AGAINST this radical, Marxist government and voice your opinions – do not be silent!

    The American Constitution guarantees us the ability to vote these losers OUT of office. We cannot let this group of 1000 or so corrupt politicians push us around! We must rise up as a people and say “No” to Socialism and “Yes” to Capitalism. America IS Capitalism! America is SUCCESS AND FAILURE! Not just success. America is competition not government monopolies. America is ingenuity not government apathy and stagnation.

    Barack Obama and his philosophies are clearly out of control and it is now obvious that the American taxpayer is waking up and becoming more vocal. This is perfect. Now is the time. We cannot wait – America is at a VERY important turning point. Do we go down the dull, gray, lifeless road Obama wants and sees or do we once again right this ship and let capitalism sail us into a future of competition and prosperity? It is up to us the taxpayers – the great people of this great nation.

    In the writing of the Constitution the states and the people gave powers to the federal government. The states CREATED the federal government. According to the great Constitution – we can take back these powers! It is the Constitution that rules this land – NOT barack Obama – not Rahm Emanuel – not ACORN – not these bully Chicago style politics that they are trying to push on us all.

    I KNOW that the American people WILL NOT stand for this crap. Obama is NOTHING in the scheme of the history of this great nation. He shall NOT be allowed to destroy America. We as a group – the taxpayers of this nation cannot allow him to reshape this nation. We cannot allow this nation to be reshaped in the vision of low class affirmative action junkies like Michellle Obama and Barack Obama. What country do you want to leave for your children?

    If it is “Us vs.Them” then just know that on our side we have a special weapon – it is called the Constitution of the United States of America and as much as the country supposedly supports Obama – he is not bigger than the Constitution. He is just a player in the game and will get flushed out with all the rest of the vermin that are now running this country into the ground. Stand tall right now America. Voice your opinion AGAINST Obama and his policies.

    Immediately contact your Senators and Representatives and tell them you will vote them out of office to replace them with someone who believes in Capitalism and the Constitution. Go to your local town hall meetings and confront these corrupt politicians who are trying to shove government health care down your throats. Call them, write them, email them – we MUST rise up and remind these people that they work for us and will do as we wish or be voted OUT of office and actually have to live a real life – not some ridiculous out of touch government leeching existence that most of our “representatives” currently live.

    Stand tall and make your voice heard today. Sign in as an American for the Constitution. God bless America – it is now “Us vs. Them”.

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