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  • ObamaCare Will Destroy America and the American Way

    by Founder on August 14, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Let’s take a look at the Obama health care plan that so many “so called” Americans are supporting. How will this plan effect you? And your family” Your business? As Obama tries to desperately sell this program to America – he is doing so KNOWING that this plan will bankrupt and destroy our economy – just like he and Michelle have dreamed of doing for so long now.

    Obama has taken over many aspects of the American economy – he is now trying to takeover another 20% of our economy – our health care system – please people don’t let him do it – rise up with me and block this move towards Socialism and Marxism.

    Rationing of Medical Care – Is this what you want? Because this is what is going to happen.

    1. The government will have the power to determine what constitutes an “applicable medical condition”. They will tell you when you can receive medical care.
    2. The government will have the power to determine who is allowed readmission into the hospital. If your condition worsens or flares up again – will they let you back in for treatment? This is obvious government health care rationing.
    3. This chosen “health board” that will make these decisions is above the law and will not answer to any judicial review.

    What if you don’t want to be in the government plan? What do you do? What happens?

    1. You will be imposed a tax of 2.5% of your adjusted gross income if you DO NOT participate in this plan – that’s what happens – after all Obama wants EVERYBODY to chip in – right? This particular provision amends the IRS code – without going through Congress – another clear violation of the Constitution.
    2. Anyone who does not have health insurance and is NOT in this plan will be levied this tax.
    3. This shows that the IRS will be a major player in this government scam – everything having to do with this plan will be coordinated through the IRS.

    Will this ridiculous plan actually destroy private health insurance companies? The answer is an obvious “Yes”.

    1. Small businesses will either have to provide insurance for their employees to “federal standards” OR they will face an 8% payroll tax – thus businesses that try to stay with their private plan will do say with the governments approval AND will be at a disadvantage (profit wise) to those businesses who actually go for the government option.
    2. There will be tremendous pressure from the government for businesses to switch to the government plan – thus trying to push out the private insurance companies.
    3. As employers throughout America dump their plans and go with the less expensive and taxpayer subsidized government option – less private insurance companies will actually offer plans.
    4. And for those companies that remain – only the government “commissioner” will be able to say what is “acceptable” with regard to their doctors, hospitals and insurance practices – total government control.
    5. Soon most people will have no place to go but the government option. Very sad indeed.

    How will this irresponsible Obama administration pay for these grandiose plans of health care for all? You and me – the taxpayer.

    1. There will be a surcharge on all high income earners. The successful people of America – America’s business owners – will bear the brunt of the burden with the rest being eventually shifted to the middle class taxpayer.
    2. High income earners will pay an extra 1% from $350,000-$500,000. An extra 1.5% from $500,000-$1,000,000. And an extra 5.4% over $1,000,000! Ouch!
    3. This again amends the IRS code WITHOUT going through Congress.
    4. This is a clear redistribution of wealth – which was one of Obama’s main goals. The money from the rich is used to support and pay for America’s poor and the minorities.

    Since this will be all government run – they will then be allowed to set all the fees for medical services. Thus taking all the profit out of it and permanently ending the doctor boon in America. Where will the incentive be to become a doctor? Why go to all those years of medical school just to earn what the government says you can earn? Innovation will end. New drug discoveries will end. America will no longer be the leader in medical care and innovation. The American medical industry will be a dull, bleak, stagnant field – just the kind our community organizer president dreams of.

    This ill gotten plan will open you up to complete scrutiny by the IRS. Everything you do with regards to this plan will be run through the IRS. You would be required by the government to report to them any information they needed to know with regards to your finances AND your health care – is this what you want? You want pathetic Obama to have access to YOUR medical records? To those of your family? That’s right – the Obama administration is completely out of control and MUST be stopped.

    Do you have to be enrolled in this government program? Will it be “required” of you? Are you automatically enrolled? The scary answer is that if you do nothing – yes – you are AUTOMATICALLY enrolled into the plan. Plus employers and RESPONSIBLE to automatically enroll their employees who are not covered. Welcome to the gestapo. Welcome to the dictatorship of Obama. This freak MUST be stopped and We the People can do it by rising up in unison and shouting this Marxist government down. But we MUST stand together.

    These are just a few of the glaring problems with this outlandish plan. This plan should not even be considered – they are trying to destroy the greatest health care system in the world. Please contact your Senators and Representatives today. Go to your town hall meetings and voice your opinion AGAINST this Obama health care debacle.

    This plan will destroy America and the greatest health care system in the world. Obama gladly wants to see this country collapse – but will you let this happen on your watch? Come on people – join me in this fight. We must not allow this health plan to pass.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and join us today. Stand tall and voice your opinion AGAINST this health care plan and the destruction of the American way. Yes he may lower you health care costs – but you will all suffer with a lack of benefits. Each person will be paying less but in the long run we will ALL be taxed to death – so the savings in our health care costs will be long lost through all the extra taxes we will be paying! Wake up America – vote “NO” on health care!

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    William Walkingstick September 1, 2013

    Is it the systematic destruction of America by Obama and the liberals or is it just plain stupidity? Putin even said its one or the other in a quote two months ago.
    The final destruction of America has begun already without the mandate being operational. Hundreds of thousands of employees, most barely holding their own in a time of wretched economic blight, have ALREADY BEEN MADE PART TIME WORKERS in order not to have to comply with the Obamacare regs.
    I would sincerely hope in the event Obamacare is not defunded and sent back to hell where it belong that every Congressman who votes NOT to defund it will be looking for a job come election time.


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