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  • With the Obama Administration – It’s All About Control

    by Founder on August 19, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Do you get the feeling that big daddy government is trying to control your life? As a taxpayer, do you feel comfortable with how big the Federal government is getting? Do you believe that all of the proposals Obama is throwing out there are good for the American TAXPAYER? Or are all of his radical proposals going to work AGAINST the taxpayer? Is Obama trying to push out the hard working taxpayer and “bring them down” to the level of a government dependent non-taxpayer? The answer is “Yes”.

    The Obama administration desperately wants to control your life. They want YOU to be dependent on them. They need you to be dependent on them in order for them to remain in power. Rather than do it the right way – and cut spending and taxes to promote growth – the government wants to do it the opposite way – increase spending and taxes. Because of their lack of confidence in their plans they must try to FORCE people into what the government wants – rather than giving the taxpayers what they want. This is a small minded and short lived philosophy that will destroy any hope these people have of continuing in office.

    It’s all about the control. From the first bailout (payoff) for Wall Street to “control” the economy. Then the bailouts of the banks and insurance companies to “control” the economy even further. Then the takeover of the Detroit auto industry to “control” the auto industry, the types of cars people will drive and the unions. Then there is the disaster that is “Cap and Trade” – a gross attempt to further “control” your actions as the Obama administration wants to artificially raise the price of electricity and gas to FORCE you into using alternate sources of energy (their favorite alternative sources of energy). And finally the most blatant attempt at control comes in the form of the COMPLETE attempted takeover of the American health care system – or one sixth of the entire economy.

    To further control your life, Obama wants to redistribute your money – he wants to take money from you the taxpayer, and give it to those that don’t have any money – how do you feel about this? Do you want to pay for some other person’s health care? Some other person’s mortgage? He told the American public he was going to do this – but at that point no one was even listening to what he was saying – his supporters merely wanted to vote him into office – they didn’t care what he was saying – but if you listened carefully AND studied what Obama’s philosophies were prior to becoming president – it was clear that he would be very radical – bordering on extreme Socialism and Marxism.

    It is now all about control for the Democratic party. The Democrats “control” Congress to the point that they could pass anything through that they wanted – no matter what the taxpayers said or did. – and with this health care – they may do just that. Obama controls the White House through his appointees as “Czars” – (a very Marxist and controlling term) – Obama also attempts to control the media by appointing certain media outlets as his favorites and by trying to control the questions at any given press conference or town hall meeting – something only seen in places like Cuba, Russia an Venezuela.

    Obama is all about control – but I believe he is finding out that there is a slight problem – AMERICANS DO NOT WANT TO BE CONTROLLED! That’s right Obama and all of his pathetic supporters! – We taxpayers are Americans – we enjoy our freedoms, rights and liberties. We the taxpayers are not about to be controlled by you, our Federal government or anybody – it just won’t happen. And what do we have to thank for our protection, our freedoms and our liberties? The Constitution of the United States – this is the almighty document that shall shield us from the mob rule that is the Obama administration. The Constitution will keep the taxpayers free and our politicians in check – it is just a matter of time.

    Obama supporters can try to shout us down or make threats to our freedoms – or try to even silence our ability to express our opinions – but these pathetic people will all be on the losing end – because none of them are bigger than America and what America stands for. Not Obama, not Emanuel, not Frank, Pelosi or Reid – none of these power hungry freaks are bigger than the American dream – none of them are bigger than the 200+ years of American patriotism that has formed this great country. Soon Obama and his fellow idiots will be a thing of the past – with remnants of their destruction littered about our land.

    The taxpayers have risen up and are rising up in greater numbers everyday. Washington is getting a front row seat as to who the actual “We the People” are. The more radical and out of touch Washington and Obama get – the more the taxpayer will rise up and the louder we shall be. To all those who are trying to silence me and this site – to all those cowardly computer geeks who want to hijack my site – go for it – your actions will only be temporary and will only go to further diminish the ridiculous lives you already attempt to live. So bring it on! We the people are ready and ARMED (with the Constitution and all of our rights therein).

    Please join me today as we continually voice our opinion AGAINST Obama and his antiquated policies and philosophies. Sign in as an American for the Constitution and be counted as an American who believes in Capitalism, freedom, individual choice, our liberties and the ever existing pursuit of American prosperity and happiness. God bless America and capitalism. Please make your voice heard today.

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