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  • Obama’s Policies Ignore the Constitution of the United States

    by Founder on August 26, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    It’s been over 200+ years since our founding fathers miraculously wrote the Constitution of the United States – 200+ years of people living by and upholding the Constitution. Yes, there have been many attempts to go around the Constitution or to ignore it all together – but for the most part these attempts have not lasted because of the checks and balances built into our government system – by the Constitution. Now, however, there is a problem – our current federal government has NO CHECKS AND BALANCES.

    The Obama administration and the democrats now control the government, Congress and the American people – simply because there is currently ZERO checks and balances in government. This is causing Obama to be out of control – he is spending our money like it was Monopoly money and he is appointing radical Socialist and Marxist people into important and powerful positions within the White House.

    Obama and the Executive branch of the government are trying to push out Congress, the people and the Constitution. This is s HUGE power grab by Obama and his radical minions and will forever change America for the worse – IF the people do not rise up and stop this (not very bright) MADMAN and his buddies right in their tracks.

    I have faith in the American spirit and the will of the true American people – yes there are millions of non-Americans pouring into this country and who already live here – and yes they are diluting the American spirit as they are being sucked into the big government machine BUT I have more faith in those true Americans remaining to rise up, take back our government and once again right this faltering ship – all through the electoral process that is outlined in our Constitution.

    In 2010, we the people, have many important Senate elections to make sure that checks and balances are once again brought back into our government – the American government is the greatest system in the world – featuring democracy, freedom, entrepreneurship and Capitalism – and we must fight to keep it this way.

    We MUST vote out the people who are not FOR America. We must certainly vote Obama OUT in 2012 so that all the slime he has dragged with him to Washington can also scurry out the back door as this radical anti-American administration is thrown out like the trash that they are.

    Everything Obama and his administration are doing and trying to enact is against the Constitution and everything the Constitution stands for. Look at a list of some of the more disturbing aspects of how Obama is destroying America and all that we stand for:

    1. The Czars – Radical anti-American appointees by King Obama – who he claims, do not have to answer to anyone – the Constitution, you or me – the people. Un-Constitutional.
    2. The FCC – This organization has a long term plan to SILENCE talk radio and the ability for the taxpayer to “revolt” or “dissent”. Against Freedom of Speech.
    3. The green jobs Czar – Van Jones – is personally trying to destroy the career of Glenn Beck – by personally starting a campaign to force advertisers off of his show – does the Constitution allow ANYTHING like this? Throw this LOSER out!
    4. The White House is actually contacting the show of Glenn Beck and telling him to change certain wording etc. – this shows that the White House is VERY concerned that someone out there actually knows what they are doing and isn’t STUPID like the White House thinks all Americans are.
    5. The deficit has recently been upgraded to being over $10 TRILLION under Obama and his foolish spending plans – completely un-Constitutional. What happened to attempting to balance the budget?
    6. The Obama administration is trying to take over one sixth of the economy by FORCING their health care program on the people – they haven’t even read the plan because it wasn’t written by them! It was written by someone other than the government! How can this be? This is all against America, the people and the Constitution.
    7. The federal government will soon begin to tax the people more and more – to pay for their corruption, foolish social spending and their power grab.
    8. The anti-American stimulus package that wasn’t even written by our politicians is a miserable failure. It was just a giant payoff to those that elected the bum into office – complete corruption and against EVERYTHING the Constitution and our founding fathers stand for.
    9. Cash for Clunkers – a complete waste of taxpayer money that destroyed good condition cars in an attempt to artificially bump up the auto industry. Yet, most of the new cars sold during this program were foreign cars. The dealers have not received their promised money from Obama yet – and this program – which was easy to run – was a colossal failure in execution, efficiency and desired effect. A complete embarrassment for the American taxpayer that OUR government could not even run this program effectively – and yet they want to run the ENTIRE health care system – what a joke.

    All of these listed topics (and there are many more) show a government that is completely out of control and one that has no idea what it is doing. Obama is un-Constitutional in everything that he does and thinks. He has brought his radical, cheap Chicago style politics to the American people and by the way things are going for him – it looks like the people – the taxpayers – are sick of it and of him. The town hall meetings are just a tip of the iceberg with regards to how the true American feels. The pathetic media is certainly no help to the people because they are awash in their own admiration and ass kissing of Obama and anyone associated with him. The American people can only be pushed so far.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and be counted as an American who is AGAINST Obama and his policies. Be counted as an American who believes in freedom, personal choice, small government, democracy, capitalism and entrepreneurism. Stand tall with me as I contact our government and voice my opinion AGAINST all that is Obama and his anti-American policies. Stand tall with me as I try to defend the Constitution and our founding fathers.

    We must stand tall together – we the people are the biggest group in this country – if we stand together we can take our country back from these radical, small minded politicians who think they can push us – the American taxpayer – around. Please contact your Senator and Representative today and MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD TODAY! God bless America, our freedom of speech and the Constitution.

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    Erik_Patriot82 October 4, 2011

    Its way past the time to begin the Impeachment process of the current usurper/liar sitting in the position of the US President! Whether you believe that he’s a US Citizen or Not (I personally DO NOT…), he pays no attention or respect to our Constitution or OUR Freedoms we currently hold. He intends to become a Monarch in a state of tyranny here in OUR great country, to turn us into peasant-zombies to favorably serve him under his rule. The time for a revolution is nigh. Citizens of our great country are turning against the administration, whether they voted against him or were temporarily caught up in the awe of his swooning “change” ,speeches. I fear that our great country will be split in two, placing neighbor against neighbor on issues for or against our freedoms and the current obamanation administration. No matter, the Patriots of the US Constitution will prevail in the end! We WILL keep our Freedoms, Liberties, and our Constitution unchanged!


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