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  • Individual Taxpayers vs. Obama’s Paid Army

    by Founder on September 1, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Right now America is in a battle – not just the ridiculous and wasteful war we are waging in Afghanistan – but the war the individual taxpayers are now waging against the federal government and Obama. This is also the reason Obama wants to create his “civilian forces” – to combat the growing discontent among hard working, tax paying American citizens as he FORCES his Marxist and Communist policies down the throats of the American people.

    Obama, in the short time he has been president has successfully destroyed the Democratic party by going so far left that even the hardcore liberals are aghast at what this freak is doing. It used to be that the government had checks and balances in the sense that it would be the Democrats vs. the Republicans and the argument of liberalism vs. conservatism – but no longer does this argument exist.

    The argument is now State-ism vs. Capitalism, Socialism vs. Freedom and Totalitarianism vs. the American way (as written by our founding fathers). What has happened? How did this transition occur? When did this transition occur? The unfortunate answer is the trash politics of Obama and the cock roaches he has dragged into the White House with him.

    There is no longer any debate that is occurring in the White House or our Congress – the people’s viewpoint is even rarely considered – it is now all bully tactics and intimidation. It is the FORCING of a philosophy on the American people whether they (we) want it or not. It is about thinking the American taxpayer is stupid and apathetic – that we will do nothing and just allow our government to destroy our lives. It is about a group of about 1000 politicians in Washington who should all be either thrown in jail or forced to live a normal life – like the average struggling citizens of this great country.

    Our politicians are so out of touch with the reality of life that their decision making capabilities have completely disappeared. The decisions our government is making have nothing to do with the betterment of the American taxpayer and everything to do with government control, power grabbing by certain individuals and the intent to destroy America and our economy.

    Where are the so called Republicans who stand for the hard working taxpayer? Where are the conservatives who are outraged at what Obama is doing? Where is the media to report on these radical Marxist Czars that Obama listens to? Where is the common sense anymore? Where is the outrage by ANYONE!

    Look at the tea parties and town hall meetings – REAL taxpayers are there with their home made signs – real people who work hard and believe in the American way – yet those in SUPPORT of Obama or his ridiculous health plan don’t have homemade signs , they have signs that are professionally produced in mass by the Democrats and the Obama machine – these are paid for thugs and government leeches who DO NOT represent America. This is the ONLY way Obama will get these people to support him – he has to pay them – in one way or another – this form of trash politics will not sustain itself and the good, honest, hard working people of this country will soon rise up and topple this bum from the presidency – once again restoring American principles back into our federal government.

    It is the individual taxpayers vs. the paid for and bought Obama supporters – as pathetic as this sounds, this is what is now happening. Those that are against Obama and his policies are INDIVIDUALS – we are the who make this economy go – we are the people who believe in the Constitution, freedom, capitalism, the family, doing what is right, kindness, charity and the overall pursuit of our happiness – WITHOUT the intervention of big daddy government. That’s right – the fight is now about our government trying to completely control every aspect of our lives vs. the individual taxpayer fighting to remain INDIVIDUAL and NOT be controlled by the federal government or Obama. It is no longer just Republicans vs. Democrats – that checks and balances system is now a thing of the past – for now.

    Obama is destroying America and all that America stands for – what are you doing about it? Citizens of America – we MUST rise up together and make our voice heard! Do NOT let Obama change America into a Socialized Totalitarian state! Do NOT let America be transformed into a Venezuela – where the media and the people are silenced! Stand tall with me and let us rid our federal government of these radical Marxists and Socialists. Stand tall with me and vote them OUT in 2010 and vote Obama OUT in 2012 – contact your Senators and Representatives daily and tell them you will vote them OUT if they continue these ridiculous policies of control and government intervention.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today!

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