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  • Obama is Creating a Civil War in America

    by Founder on September 3, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    I don’t seem to recall all the anger the public had when Bush was in office or when Clinton was in office – do you? Do you remember the Congressmen and women facing such hostilities as they addressed their constituents? I don’t seem to recall this pent up frustration and anger BEFORE Obama took office, do you? I also don’t seem to recall Bush appointing racists, radicals and communists to his White House staff – do you? Is it that I have a bad memory or is it just that we now have the worst president in American history?

    Obama has dragged his pathetic life experiences with him as he occupies the White House. He has dragged with him the scum that are his “czars”, his “advisers” – remember it was Obama himself that said to judge him by the people he surrounds himself with. Obama has appointed self proclaimed racists and Communists to his advisory board and has nothing to say about it.

    Obama has seen the tea party protesters around the country – and has nothing to say about it. Obama has seen the race war he is starting and fanning – yet does nothing about it nor says anything about it. Obama is in FULL approval of EVERYTHING that is going on right now. Obama knows full well the racist and Communist he has in office named Van Jones – but does nothing nor says anything about it.

    Obama has seen Glenn Beck on TV recently spelling out exactly what is going on in the White House – does he protest? Does he deny what Beck is saying? Does he dispute anything that Glenn Beck is saying? The answer is NO. The White House and Obama have NOT come out to dispute any of what Beck is saying. Is this troublesome to you? Do you wonder where the media is in all this? If what Beck is saying is all true – why isn’t the media reporting on these atrocities within our federal government?

    Who has Obama appointed to his staff or as one of his “czars” that is NOT a racist? Who has he appointed who does NOT have a controversial past? Are all of his appointees black, Hispanic or any race BUT Caucasian? Does Obama hate or dislike white people? Does Michelle Obama hate or dislike white people? Does Rahm Emanuel or Van Jones hate white people? How about the new FCC czar – does he hate white people? Does Obama have an “axe to grind” with Americans and the way we have treated other countries of the world? Does Obama hate white America so much that he will create a “civilian armed force” to combat “dissent” from his radical policies?

    Obama hides his true feelings – I guarantee it. I would love to be the fly on the wall behind doors with this guy – I can just imagine how he “actually” talks about America, white people and capitalism when no one is listening but his wife and maybe… Van Jones. His appointees at least say what they think – they don’t hide what they truly feel, just look at the recent quotes of his appointees Van Jones and Mark Lloyd – they are both racist, anti-American people who want to see the destruction of wealth, capitalism and free speech – yet where is the media on reporting this information?

    Why is the media afraid to report what is REALLY happening to America? Where is their responsibility to the American people? To the Constitution? The American media has sold out and completely let down the American taxpayer – we are on our own to battle against the racist, radical White House and Congress. If everyone in the media got a college education – they should ask for their money back because anyone who cannot obviously see what is happening in America today is either blind, cannot read OR chooses to ignore it all together.

    By Obama’s actions and whom he has appointed to advise him – Obama is clearly creating and widening the gap between blacks in America and whites in America – and he is doing and saying nothing about it – rather it appears he continues to do things just to fan the flames.

    So what are we to do about this? We must peacefully demonstrate our opposition to all that is Obama and by the rights given us in the Constitution we will be able to vote this man and those who support him OUT of office.

    Until I last checked we still have elections in this county and it is through these elections and because of the Constitution that taxpaying legal citizens of this great country will once again regain control of the White House and instill common sense back into congress and those making decisions for the American people.  Please join me in this fight against our federal government. Sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today!

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