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  • Racist Van Jones is Just the Tip of the Obama Iceberg

    by Founder on September 8, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    So the radical, racist Van Jones is OUT of the White House. After all of the furor and agitation by talk radio and actual “concerned” Americans – this bum has excused himself from the taxpayer payroll. This self proclaimed “Communist” has resigned as the supposed “Green Jobs Czar” or as the guy who was to start the Obama “civilian military force” – but you won’t hear that in the media. Yes, it’s a wonderful thing that this guy isn’t hanging around the White House anymore (that we the people know of) but him getting booted out raises some more important questions – and very disturbing ones at that.


    At such a controversial firing of an Obama appointee – why hasn’t Obama said anything about it? Where is the explanation from the White House as to HOW this individual was appointed when he carries with him such an anti-American background and stance? Where is Obama denying or refuting any of the facts about Van Jones? Where is Obama trying to distance himself from this person? The scary answer to these questions is that Obama – thinks just like Van Jones – that, my friends is the part you should be afraid of. Obama’s philosophies are Van Jones’ philosophies. His tactics are Jones’ tactics. The are one in the same – one just happens to “let it all hang out” – the other is a liar – right to the face of the American taxpaying, legal citizen.

    Interesting information about the Van Jones fiasco:
    <li>He is a communist – self proclaimed. Yet he was in the White House poisoning our fore father’s system. This tells you EXACTLY who Obama is.</li>
    <li>He is a 911 truther – someone who believes the U.S. government was responsible for the 911 attacks against America. Does someone who loves America actually believe this? What level of hatred AGAINST America is necessary to have this belief?</li>
    <li>He is a friend of Obama – clear and simple – birds of a feather flock together, right? This is just another example of who Obama surrounds himself with ie. Rev. Wright, William Ayers, Jeff Jones, ACORN, SEIU, Cass Sustein and a list of others – all of whom believe in thug politics, ending Capitalism and destroying the American economy while emboldening minorities and the poor. Is it any surprise that Obama is the thug Socialist he now portrays?</li>
    <li>ABC, NBC, CBS and major newspapers DID NOT report on Van Jones until AFTER he was dismissed – why would this be? How could this be? Is the media that much in bed with Obama, that Obama can control what is being said and reported on? Does the media have a brain? Are they brain washed? Can they see what is happening? And if so why aren’t they reporting on it? It’s bizarr.</li>
    <li>Jones called Republicans A**holes in a speech recently – he has ZERO class and even less intelligence to make this type of neanderthal comment.</li>
    <li>In 1992 he was arrested during the Rodney King riots continuing his hatred of cops and his lifetime battle against police and the “white establishment” – a very angry and violent guy. How could someone like this get in the hallowed grounds of our White House? Unless he was snuck in the back door at night by the same type of person.</li>
    <li>Jones formed a group called “STORM” who’s written documents proclaimed that they stood for Leninism, Marxism, replacing capitalism and ousting the white supremacy. Again I ask, is this the type of person who should represent you in office? Should he have been anywhere in an American office representing our founding fathers? The appointment of Van Jones is a slap in the face to the founding fathers and our Constitution and Obama should be held accountable and should answer questions about WHY this person was appoointed.</li>
    <li>These “Czars” that Obama is appointing – I believe 39 in all now – are NOT answerable to Congress. You cannot “call” their office like you can your Representatives. They simple answer to noone BUT Obama. This gives the Executive Branch of he Federal government MORE power than they ever were designed to have. An abuse by a dictator like thug who hates America and all that we stand for.</li>
    The hiring of this man tells more about Obama than it probably does about Van Jones. This “Green Jobs Czar” that Obama appointed is supposedly gone – but don’t believe that he and Obama will stop talking, exchanging ideas or plotting together. His ousting was simply a pacifier for the American people. Because the federal government thinks you, me, the American people are stupid. Nothing has changed in Washington because Jones is supposedly gone – it is business as usual for Pelosi, Reid and Obama. They are still going to try and ram through Cap and Trade as well as the Health Care plan – count on it.

    The reason Obama hasn’t come out and distanced himself from Jones is because he believes in EVERYTHING Jones is doing and saying. So if Jones is a self proclaimed racist and Communist – what does that tell you about Obama? How could “We the People” get ourselves in this predicament? This is a NIGHTMARE! Obama is trying to quickly transform America into a Chavez style Venezuela and destroy (redistribute) all the wealth in the country – except for his and those in power of course. We must rise up – because this Van Jones thing is just the “tip of the iceberg” concerning what Obama has in mind for this country. Now it is OUR turn.

    We the People must rise up and instill common sense back into our government and the only way to do this is to vote OUT those in power who are not FOR America and capitalism. If they want a different form of government – then let them move to another country – because this country has a Constitution and we the people want to follow it and have it followed to the letter by our elected officials! If they choose to NOT follow and respect the Constitution – then they are OUT! It has to be as simple as that. Obama and this clan of Congress Progressives MUST go – are you with me?

    Contact your Congressmen and women and let them know your values and beliefs. Tell them that you support Capitalism NOT Communism. Tell them you support SMALL government NOT a giant over controlling government. Tell them to stay out of your life and to stop ringing up debt for your children. Tell them THEY will have to get a regular job someday when you vote them OUT of office and replace them with someone who actually loves America and the American way. Tell them it is now time for the people.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and help me fight off this over controlling government as they chip away EVERYDAY at your and my freedoms – you may not see it happening – but it is. If you do nothing, the government will run you over and spread like a weed throughout this country YET if we the people rise up and say “NO” to the federal government then it is us – the people – who shall win out and regain our government – but we MUST act together and in LARGE numbers. Please sign in and make your voice heard today – before it’s too late!

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