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  • Remember September 11, 2001

    by Founder on September 11, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Today is the 8th anniversary of the tragic terrorist attack on America that killed 3000+ American, hard working citizens. Please say a prayer for these brave souls as well as for their families and loved ones. Today is a day to remind Americans where we were and where we came from – but also, unfortunately, where we are today.


    Why haven’t the Twin Towers buildings been replaced yet? What has caused the space to remain empty? Are we the same people that built these towers? When the Empire State building was built it was built in just over 400 days! Hard working Americans toiled for a little over one year to erect one of the most infamous buildings in the world – yet why haven’t the Twin Towers been rebuilt in honor of those who died on that tragic day?

    The reason the Twin Towers have not been rebuilt is the incredible over analysis by the liberal, pathetic politicians we have in office – which has led to eight years of paralysis. It is also because of the massive special interest groups and corporations who were against the naming of the buildings – perhaps the “Freedom Towers” – a perfect name – but our politicians are too concerned with what foreign countries and special interest groups have to say – so (sadly) the name of the proposed new buildings is “One World Center” – because our American politicians do not want to offend their one world friends – how progressive of them.

    I believe, we as a country, are safer today than we were on September 10, 2001 – with all the precautions and hypersensitivity now built into our social system – we are without doubt safer – no attacks have occurred since and I credit our military and the Bush administration for their tireless efforts to ensure our safety. The Bush administration has done many bad things to negatively effect our economy but to give credit where credit is due – it is this administration that made the fight against these cowardly terrorists a priority – and I am glad they did. In his own way George Bush loves America and is very patriotic – I just think he lost his way towards the end of his second term.

    Do we live in the same America today that existed on September 12, 2001? Do you feel the same patriotism? Do you feel the same pride to be an American? The unfortunate answer is that we do not live in the same America anymore. Since Obama took office he has transformed America to where the government has taken over the banking industry, the mortgage industry, the auto industry and he is now trying to take over the energy industry as well as the health care industry – all government run – does this sound like the America that existed on September 10, 11 or 12, 2001? It is scary how far America has drifted since that tragic day in 2001.

    Something even scarier is that Obama has no interest in making the federal government smaller – he only wants to grow the federal government larger and some day change America into a new Venezuela type country – to where he would be able to control everything and ensure economic equality to all who are here – certainly this has nothing to do with Capitalism. When Obama said he wants to bring about change – is this the type of change you wanted? He meant that he wanted to completely wipe out America and the American way – into a country you wouldn’t even recognize.

    The reason the Twin Towers have not been rebuilt – as the Empire State Building was quickly built is because of the dilution of the American spirit – the dilution of American ingenuity – the dilution of the actual amount of American citizens that still are left here in America.

    There are so many people on the government dole right now – they aren’t going to be the ones to rebuild the Twin towers. There are millions of illegal immigrants in America and there are thousands more coming in everyday – it seems clear that there just aren’t that many true Americans left – or there are so many non Americans, so many anti-American people, so many who just want to live by their own country’s culture and rules – that the American spirit is eroding away – this is sad. When will the Twin Towers be replaced and by whom?

    This day is to remember those who died in the terrorist attacks. This day is to remember who we as Americans really are. This is a day to stand back and see where we as a country are now and where we are headed. This is the day when we as American citizens should re-energize ourselves to once again take back our government from the radical thugs that now run it. This is the day that we as Americans need to stand tall and exert out true American spirit to shake some common sense back into our government and make a stand against Obama and his socialism.  This is the day that we as American taxpayers need to contact our Senators and Representatives and tell them to vote NO on Health Care “Reform” and NO on Cap and Trade – vote NO to these wasteful, power grabbing government programs. This is the day to remember that we are AMERICANS!

    God bless America and all those who are currently fighting for and who have fought and died to protect our American fredoms. Please sign in as an American for the Constitution, be proud of your country and make your voice heard today. Stand tall against the outright corruption that is occurring by Obama, ACORN, the Federal Reserve and our members of Congress – as they all fatten their wallets with the money they are stealing from the U.S. Treasury.

    Please join me in this fight against our anti-American government. Please join me in the day of sadness as we remember September 11, 2001 and as we see what Obama is doing to destroy the American way. Also join me in this day of hope and happiness as we TRUE Americans WITH American pride and spirit celebrate the future that we shall have, that we may have to fight for – our future which is guaranteed to us by the greatest document ever written – the Constitution of the United States of America. God bless America.

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