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  • Where is America at Right Now?

    by Founder on September 14, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    So where exactly is America at right now? Let’s take a quick step back and look at the big picture for a moment. America is at a very important juncture in it’s 230 year history. Will the America that represents freedom, entrepreneurs and Capitalism be gone forever under the guide of Barack Obama – or will the people be able to STOP this anti-American, snake oil salesman in his tracks?


    Health Care – Obama is trying to slam his “health care for all” program right down the taxpayers throats. He wants EVERYONE to have FREE health care. It will be free for those who don’t work and and those whom leech off the government for their existence. But for those of you who actually work and pay taxes? Obama’s “Free” health care will be VERY expensive for you! He is trying to take over 1/6th of the American economy and is attempting to control your life while at the same time ensuring his second term – a total nightmare.

    Cap and Trade – Obama even admits this plan will make your energy rates “skyrocket” – this way it will be so expensive you’ll want to use his “green” options for energy – yet he wants to slam this one down our throats as well – a moronic plan and one that merely stuffs the pockets of those involved – completely anti-American and against the taxpayer.

    Town Hall Meetings – After Congress recessed in August they tried to connect with their constituents in the form of a town hall meeting – only to be met with the outrage and anger of the American taxpayer who FINALLY is getting a chance to have a face to face with this (in almost all cases) elitist, corrupt individual that we the taxpayers usually have no way to speak to or contact. These meetings showed that Obama’s Socialistic policies are NOT going to fly with the hard working, taxpaying American citizen.

    March on Washington – The tea party express rolled into Washington on 9/12/2009 along with thousands of other REAL Americans who are fed up with the government wasting their hard earned tax dollars. They are fed up with Socialism, big government, corruption and Congress doing what it wants to do without ANY regard for what the people want. The march followed a summer of heated Town Hall meetings and will only continue to grow in the amount of people who will start to understand exactly what Obama is trying to do to America.

    ACORN Corruption – Where is Obama speaking out about this? Is this how it’s going to be in Obama’s corrupt administration? When corruption occurs – just look the other way? Act like it didn’t happen- even if it’s on tape? Where is the prosecution of these individuals who work for ACORN? – they are wasting tax dollars EVERY day! Where is the investigation into ACORN? Where is the order to IMMEDIATELY stop their receiving of our tax dollars? Where is the president? Where is superman Obama when all his buddies are being shown to be corrupt losers?

    Lack of Media Coverage – What year did the media actually stop covering news? When did they stop investigating? Was it when big money came into play?  Is this all about big money? These people in the media – these “higher ups”, are so consumed with being filthy rich that they would sell out America, Capitalism and the taxpayers? How can everyone in the media be a mindless robot, just going along with all that Obama is doing? Can everyone be that stupid? Is this really the classic example of the “dumbing down of America”?

    Huge Deficits – Obama is completely out of control spending money like a fool. Bush opened the door to these problems with the first TARP and Obama has driven a truck right though that door and opened the floodgates on wasteful and irresponsible spending. The government is being run without any regard for a budget – how did this occur? How can these political leaders be so stupid? Is it really just all about the money they can make? Are they that corrupt that they would throw the taxpayers out with the trash? Good luck to all future generations – good luck paying off the tab.

    Corruption and Lying – The outright corruption in Congress and the White House is mind boggling. Obama stands up everyday and lies to the American public. There are countless examples of him lying but the most recent is the best – when a Congressman actually called him out on it – calling him a “liar” – Obama’s insistence that “illegals” won’t get free health care – this of course is a blatant lie that he clings to every where he goes. Lying and corruption must be swept from Washington or this country will implode because of the greed of our politicians.

    The Dollar and Capitalism – As Obama spends more and more money – the Treasury PRINTS more and more money – for every dollar that’s printed the one in your pocket becomes worth less. The dollar is in serious jeopardy of being wiped out and replaced with a new world currency – and don’t think Obama doesn’t want and know this. For all I know, he could be deliberately trying to wipe out the dollar so he can accomplish one of his main goals – and that is to wipe out Capitalism and redistribute the wealth of America.

    Communism, Marxism and Socialism – Everything Obama says and does has a tinge of Socialism or Communism. All of his policies, all of his speeches and all of his appointees and Czars. Obama wants the government to control everything and he wants all Americans dependent on the government for their needs. Is this what you want?

    Elitists – Our politicians are no longer servants of the people – rather they are incredibly wealthy people who got their wealth by passing social programs and taking payoffs/bribes that eventually fill their own pockets with loads of money – and I’m talking multi-millions! These people in the White House and Congress have NO IDEA what it is like to struggle for a living – to make $30,000 a year and have two kids – to work hard everyday and barely make it by – these ELITISTS have NO IDEA! This is why their policies and ideas are so off from what the real American thinks.

    Redistribution of Wealth – This is Obama’s pet project. Remember when he tipped off Americans to his plan when he was talking to Joe the Plumber? – he said he wanted to “redistribute the wealth” – he wants to take away from those that can get – and give to those that cannot. He wants to punish those that can make money by giving some of it to those that can’t make the money – maybe to those with less education, or those simply “less fortunate” – pure Socialism and Communism. Thanks Obama.

    Race Card – While Martin Luther King made tremendous strides in bringing together blacks and whites Obama has done just the opposite – he is clearly against white taxpayers and this was shown VERY CLEARLY in his comments and rush to judgment in the case involving another arrogant, racist college professor – this time blindly coming to the aid of an individual who was clearly out of control and filled with anger towards – you guessed it, “the white man”. Obama is creating a civil war within the races and he knows it.

    Where is God? – Is it any coincidence that Obama thinks he is too smart to believe in God? Is it a coincidence that America’s politicians and Congress are trying to push God OUT of schools? Is it a coincidence that our political leaders are Godless? Given all the problems and challenges America now faces – and the corruption and lying that exists – Is it any coincidence that Obama didn’t even use a bible to take his presidential oath? Where is the divine inspiration that guided our founding fathers as they formed our great country? Our country needs it again.

    Special Interests and Large Corporations – It is not the hard working taxpayer that guides the policies that come out of Washington – rather it is the big money payoffs of BIG corporations and special interest groups that pour money into the pockets of our Godless, corrupt politicians. The marriage between our government and big corporations MUST be broken or the biggest taxpayer in the country – WE the People – may be left behind.

    Czars – This backhanded and sly way to get people into the White House without the vote of the people is another example of the pathetic, elite attitude that Obama has. He has invited radical, anti-American individuals into the White House ON the taxpayer dollar. These people are paid with taxpayer dollars yet we don’t even know who these people are nor can they be called on the phone – like a Senator or Representative – they are untouchable and are designed to go around Congress and the Constitution.

    The Constitution – This document was written with the divine guidance from God – if you don’t believe it just read it in their own words. Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Ben Franklin and Alexander Hamilton all were divinely inspired as they designed the framework for our American government. It is our responsibility as the taxpayers – as the people – to make sure and to hold our politicians to the fire and INSIST that they follow the Constitution. How can we let one of these knucklehead, anti-American bozos actually change the Constitution? – is anyone in office right now smarter that our founding fathers? Let’ replace ALL of these people with individuals who believe in and will uphold the Constitution.

    We the People – This is what it comes down to – us, the people. This country was formed by the people and for the people. Are we going to let a group of about 1000 greedy politicians destroy our country? Are we going to let these mob thugs rule our lives, destroy Capitalism and take over our country? What is it going to take? The march on Washington was a start – but we must let 2010 be a MAJOR step towards regaining our government back from the Socialist terrorists within. We MUST vote out those that do not support the Constitution and vote IN those that do.

    Stepping back away to look at where America is at can be a scary proposition – especially when you have a wannabe dictator running the country. But we must step back and see where we are at because we must know what we are up against and who we are up against. Please America – let us band together and rise up as the revolutionaries did. Let us take back our government if it the last thing we do – at least we will be doing all those not yet born a huge favor. Will America be America in 100 years? Will the Constitution be just a distant memory? It is up to us to keep the flame going.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and join us in the fight for Capitalism, freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – let us be the America where nothing is guaranteed – Obama wants each life to have guarantee that they will have things and be OK and that everything will be paid for – but that is not America – in America you can be whatever you want, do whatever you want and make as much as you want – Capitalism and the free markets will see to it – sorry Obama no guarantees here. Make your voice heard today!

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