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  • September 17, 1787 The United States Constitution Was Born

    by Founder on September 17, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    On this day, in Philadelphia, PA., 222 years ago the U.S. Constitution was signed by 39 divinely inspired, courageous men who sought to form a perfect union for the people and by the people. It is this document that has guided our great country through thousands of trials and tribulations including, the Great Depression, two World Wars and countless other battles both within and outside our borders. This great document describes in detail how our government is to be run and what powers are given to the Federal government, to the states and of course, to the people.


    It is also this document that shall guide our country through the most difficult times we are having currently. The Constitution protects the people from a government that is running out of control – it is our responsibility – as the people – to ensure that our elected politicians adhere to and support this Constitution – if they choose not to then it is our further responsibility to vote them OUT of office. These controls and protections are built right into the Constitution and we MUST – as the people – INSIST that our politicians follow and stick to these mandated controls.

    Right now, in the Obama administration – the Constitution of the United States is being trashed, scoffed at and swept under the rug. Nothing Obama is doing is in the Constitution – with his take over of the banking industry, the auto industry and his attempt to take over the energy industry (Cap and Trade) and the health care industry (Obamacare) – Obama is ignoring the Constitution all together – even though he swore to uphold the Constitution when he was sworn in as President – just as every member of Congress did. It is time we the people FORCE our elected officials to once again run the government by the rules in the Constitution – NOT by the rules they make up as they go along.

    Another spit in the face for the Constitution is the appointing of all these 40 Czars by Obama. He is appointing these people to powerful regulatory positions without any approval or vetting by Congress, the media or we the people. Obama is trying to change the structure of this country NOT by way of the people or through Congress but by going around Congress and the people!

    The Executive Branch of our government is trying to make Congress obsolete – the Executive Branch is attempting to grab all of this power from our Congress so Obama can pass and do whatever he damn well pleases. That, my friends, is NOT the America I grew up in NOR is it the America I want to live in and pass on to our children.

    Irregardless of Obama, today is a day of celebration for the wonder that is the United States Constitution. A day of celebration for all that the Constitution represents – freedom, liberty, independence, small government, states rights, entrepreneurship, our pursuit of happiness and the desire to have all that we do now and in the future divinely inspired – just as the Constitution was. Today is a day to remind all of our elected politicians that it is the Constitution that guides this country NOT big corporations, special interest groups or the whim of our leaders and their particular agendas.  Today is a day of celebration for “We the People” and the REAL America.

    I say “thank you” to those brave men and women who fought for our independence from Great Britain and who further went on to establish the greatest country on Earth. The only country that values freedom and Capitalism above all else – the country that people from all over the world are trying to come to. The country that gives the opportunity to ANYONE to be here and pursue their dreams whatever they may be.

    Our great country, it’s founding and it’s Constitution were all divinely inspired by God and it will continue on through this divine inspiration because of the true Americans who still carry this spirit and patriotism – the same American spirit and patriotism that the founding fathers had when it all began over 200 years ago.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard. Contact your Senators and Representatives by calling them or emailing them and remind them that they swore to uphold the Constitution. Remind them that they work for YOU – and not the other way around. Remind them that a vote is coming quickly in 2010 and that you will vote them OUT if they continue their Socialistic and Communist ways. The Constitution will take hold again soon – I can feel this through the wrath of the people. Please sign in and make your voice heard today! God bless America and our Constitution.

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