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  • Taxpayers MUST Keep the Pressure on Washington

    by Founder on September 23, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Now that the summer is over and the Town hall meetings have run their course, it is easy to rest on our laurels and think that it was a job well done – but that would be a mistake. Barack Obama, his Czars and his other corrupt, anti-American buddies are relentlessly plotting to “fundamentally change America” – in the words of Obama himself. It is important that We the People continue the assault on our Senators and Representatives and IMMEDIATELY contact them INSISTING they vote NO on Obama’s health care program and the pending Cap and Trade energy (tax) bill.

    If these programs pass, they represent another peg in the coffin for our freedoms. They would represent another power grab by these anti-American terrorists we have in Washington right now. We MUST contact our Senators and Representatives RIGHT NOW and let them know where we stand. We must tell them to vote NO on these anti-American and anti-Capitalism bills. Tell them you will vote them OUT in 2010 if they continue their Communist and Progressive philosophies.


    Let this be just the beginning of the Tea Parties, the Town hall meetings and the 9/12er gatherings. Obama thinks he has a very organized and paid for assault on America with his Apollo Group, Tides Foundation ACORN and SEIU – but it is “We the People” who represent America and it is We the People who must defend our Constitution from this all out assault by the Obama administration as they attempt to “fundamentally transform America” into a nanny state that has had it’s wealth “redistributed” from those that have it – to those that do not – a sickening thought and a picture of a dark, gloomy America.. This is Marxism – not America.

    The approval of his health care plan will give total control of 1/6th of our economy right over to the government – it would be a colossal failure. It would create from 25-50 new bureaucracies, staffed by over 500,000 new bureaucrats – all on the government dole. This “free” health plan would put 40 million new people on the government dole – forcing the rationing of health care and the total financial collapse of the American economy – and the scary p[art is that Obama knows this. He wants to destroy America and the American way, He wants to destroy the dollar and create a “world currency” where they can further control the banking system and thus control the people.

    If the Cap and Trade bill is passed it will raise taxes by $650 Billion, force over 1 million to lose their jobs as energy intensive industries shut down AND it gives sweeping new powers to the Federal government. Is this what you want? Don’t let them fool you – this bill has NOTHING to do with the environment. This bill will allow the government to check your household appliances, your light bulbs and your thermostat whenever they want and FORCE you to retrofit your home with their new “approved” items. In addition, Washington would be able to tax businesses for emitting more carbon dioxide than they think is “appropriate”. This bill is nothing but a corrupt attempt to tax the hard working people of America even more.

    Both of these horrendous bills are not designed to “fix” anything – they are ONLY about the government grabbing power to control the economy, our lives and our freedoms. The taxpayers backs are against the wall. Our politicians are trying to ram these bills right down our throats UNLESS we act and act NOW!

    Please immediately contact your Senators and Representatives on the phone, by fax and via email. Flood their offices with your voice. Stand tall for America’s future. Stand tall for the future of our children. What kind of “America” do you want your children to grow up in? Obama’s progressive, Marxist – everyone is the same – society? Or the America that was created by our founding fathers – that was based on Capitalism, freedom, liberty, entrepreneurism and the pursuit of happiness? THIS is the America I remember and THIS is the America I want to pass on tho the next generation and beyond.

    Please sign in today as an American for the Constitution. Please sign in and make your voice heard. Help us stop these corrupt anti-American politicians in their tracks. Help us fight against Marxism, Fascism, Progressivism and Socialism – the same forces our brave soldiers fought against and died for in WWII – and defeated. Join us as we too defeat a government out of control. God bless America and the First Amendment – make your voice heard today!

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    TrevorF October 4, 2011

    I certainly hope the momentum from the tea parties and townhall meetings is sustained. Some of the initiatives on the ballot in a few states this November will let taxpayers keep the pressure on their leaders…not just in Washington, DC but at the state level as well.


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