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  • Critical Time in America’s History – Contact Your Representative and Tell Them to Vote “NO” on Obama’s Ridiculous Health Care Plan! – Very Important!

    by Founder on September 30, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Over the next few weeks America’s path shall be chosen. What path shall that be – Capitalism or Socialism? The country has already been drastically changed by Obama by bailing out private industries, taking over private industries and subverting the Constitution in almost all he does and attempts to do.

    But the great America is NOT completely over the edge yet – we have NOT sunk into the depravity that is Marxism, Socialism and Obama – yet. IF Obama’s “health care” plan passes – unless repealed in 2012 – will drastically change America – and possibly for ever.


    Now is the time when every taxpaying legal citizen contacts his or her Senator and Representative. Call their offices, email them, write them letters – flood their offices RIGHT NOW with your voice.  This is a CRITICAL point in America’s history. Our government is being run by an inexperienced ex-college professor who has grandiose visions of feeding the world and making everyone equal – on America’s dime!

    If it were up to Obama – and it is not – there would be a very small elite class – including him of course – and the rest of the people would be subservient to the government for all of their needs, people would all make the same income and drive the same cars, we would all live in government subsidized housing and our great country would resemble the bleak economies of other failed Socialism states that currently exist in Europe and around the world.

    Is this what you want for your America? Is this the America you want to pass on to your children and their children? If your answer to those questions is “No” – then I urge you to contact your Senators and Representatives – RIGHT NOW – and implore them to vote “NO” on this ridiculous power grab by Obama!

    Now is a very critical time in America’s history. This guy Obama shouldn’t even be allowed to be a part of our history – but he is – and he shall clearly go down as the worst president EVER to hold office in the United States.

    The American taxpayer now knows what is going on in Washington – thanks to talk radio and actual journalism by FOX News. The main stream media is complicit with the federal government and has failed the American people miserably. The American taxpayer basically doesn’t even listen to Obama’s ranting and raving anymore – his Socialistic and Marxist rhetoric. We are not even listening to his pathetic Czars – as all they do is espouse anti-American and anti-Capitalistic philosophies . We the People are sick of it. We are sick of hearing anything and everything anti-American and anti-the Constitution.

    Please rise up with me and millions of others as we voice our opinion AGAINST Obama and his massive power grab. What he is trying to do is NOT American, NOT Capitalism – and NOT what our founding fathers framed within the Constitution. Please IMMEDIATELY contact your Senators and Representatives and tell them you will vote them out of office if they vote for this Socialistic, bankrupting plan.

    Stand tall for the Constitution. Stand tall for all future generations so they will not be shackled by Socialism and Marxism. Please stand tall for Capitalism, freedom and the American way. Sign in today and be counted as an American for the Constitution. God bless America and the future of this great and special country.

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