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  • The Future of America is in the Hands of “We the People”

    by Founder on October 30, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    It is “We the People” who will decide the course and path that America takes. Right now it appears that we have a group of politicians in office who do NOT like the Capitalistic, Free Market system that made America great. They instead prefer a Nanny state setup where the government makes all of your decisions for you and also provides “monetarily” for you as well – in other words they want you to be completely dependent on them for ALL of your needs. Is this what you want? For yourself? Or for your children? And their children?

    If you believe in America and freedom and Capitalism and you remember what it was like to grow up in a non government fixated society  – then  join me and let us take our country back – the one that was engineered and designed by our founding fathers – that’s right – hey White House, remember them? Our founding fathers? Let’s take a quick look at what’s happening and join together to make sure – NONE of what they have planed happens!


    One World government? – How about that? No more “America”? Is this possible? Are there people who want this to occur? Do these people live in America? The unfortunate answer is yes – they not only live in America – but they are running our government!

    Socialism? – Is this the society you want to leave to your children? Or to your grandchildren? Do you want them to NEVER realize what it was like to grow up in a small government, free society? Do you want the government to run every facet of your life? Is this the concept of America that you have? Socialism has failed miserably across the globe – let Capitalism reign and give EVERYONE a chance at success. Vote out the corrupt Socialist politicians in 2010 and help us gain back “checks and balances” in our Congress.

    The Redistribution of wealth? This is what our TOP politicians are yelling from the rooftops. This is what Obama wants. This is what his buddy Van Jones was screaming about. America is about PRODUCTION not “redistribution”. What will there be left to “redistribute” if no one is producing anymore? Just read Atlas Shrugged – this is the EXACT scenarion that played out in Ayn Rand’s mind 80+ years ago.

    America is about REWARDING those that are successful and ambitious. America is NOT about TAKING from those who have and giving it to those who DON’T – except now it is under Obama and his philosophies. Very scary unless “We the People”  rise up to VOTE these types of policies and philosophies DOWN!

    A government that doesn’t listen to it’s people? – Do you get a sense that our Federal government is listening to the people WHO PAY TAXES? Or is the government merely giving out “goodies” to create a pathetic “entitlement” society that will be dependent on “the great one” for all their needs? How sad. “We the People” must band together and be SURE that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and Obama hear us – we MUST make our presence known. This is OUR America they are trying to ruin and steal – we MUST stand tall take it back!

    A President who is silent? All of these accusations made to and about Obama? The birth situation, his association with Communists and with ACORN? His doling out of massive amounts of money to lobbyists and donors? His massive paybacks to the unions and other industries? – Where is his “comeback” to all these accusations? The answer is that he WILL NOT answer to any of these statements – they are all correct and he has NOTHING to say. The question is “Why are there so many people that support what he is doing”? Why is the media so in love with this guy? The ironic thing is – The exact same people who support him now will all be suffering under his ridiculous policies when they pass – we know it they just don’t realize it – yet. The sooner this guy is gone the better chance the “real” America has of surviving.

    Policies that want to take away your freedoms? How about Health Care – you MUST right now contact your Senator or Representative and implore them that they vote NO to this Health Care bill – tell them you will vote them OUT of office if they vote YES. “We the People” CANNOT let this Health Care bill pass – it is a rip off and direct “pirating” of our many freedoms.

    The government is trying to “hijack” 1/6 of the American economy – is this what you want? Do you think that the government can run the health care system BETTER than allowing Capitalism and the free markets to takeover? PLEASE contact your Representatives NOW, today – we MUST rise up and stop this bill – for us and the future of America.

    A massive sized federal government? Is this what you want? The top officials like Obama and Barney Frank are all saying that the government should control every aspect of your life. That the government should be bigger NOT smaller. This is what they truly believe. How they got into office in America I do not know. But I do know we must get them out of office for the sake of the future of America, Capitalism, freedom, liberty and independence.

    The constant printing of money? This Obama philosophy is leading America right down the path of destruction, which, I believe, is what he wants. He wants America to fail so that there can be a “one world government” – where all the wealth of the world can be “redistributed” and everyone will ALL have just about the same. Like in a fairy tale.

    Isn’t that a wonderful picture? To Me? It’s a picture of a dark, bleak, gray future with depression, poverty and barrenness. Is this the world you want to leave to your children? Is this the “America” that you remember” Or that you want to pass on? Then we MUST band together and ensure that NO ONE takes America from us – there should ALWAYS be an America – the land of the free, the bold and the brave. Do not let our America get absorbed by the world and become “just another country”.

    Where is the debt payoff? All I have heard from Obama and his buddies is how bad a job George Bush did and how they have to clean up after him – this is all BS. Where is the debt reduction? Where is the freeze on spending? Where is the attempt to actually pay down the debt, “fix things” and reduce the size of the government? Where is the government doing ANYTHING for the benefit of hard working taxpayers? The government t now seems to be designed to merely SPEND money – and at ANY pace they want – whether they have they money or not – if they don’t have it they will merely PRINT IT. Very sad and this activity MUST be stopped.

    All scary scenarios – so when will all of this madness end? The way Obama wants it to end is for the America as we knew it – to collapse and then – if everything goes to his plan – the dollar will be worth NOTHING – ZERO – NADA. Then the “world” will have to miraculously save us – America. The “world” will financially bail out America and that will be the beginnings of a “One World Government” – ready to create an new “One World” currency  and ready to “redistribute” that currency to all the people of the world – just like Santa Clause.

    Is this what you want? Does the thought of this make you sick? If so then do as I am doing – contact your Senator and Representatives – email, letters and phone calls and tell them to vote NO on Health care or you will vote them out. This Health Care bill is the government sinking its claws into you even deeper – you will rely on the government for your health care IF it goes through – mark my words. It’s now or never – “we the People” must rise up and STOP THIS BILL. Follow what the White House is doing, be aware of what is going on in Congress and do not let this thug filled White House dictate our future!

    America? We are at a very important crossroads in our 200+ year history. Please stand with me and voice your opinion. Make your voice heard. Now is the time. We must stand up to the run away politicians and remind them of the Constitution and that they swore to uphold it’s words and meanings. Remind these corrupt, selfish politicians that THEY work for us – the people – we pay them with our taxes! “We the People” are the boss – the future of America is in our hands – we MUST stand together and protect the Constitution, our Flag and our freedoms.

    Please join me today. Sign in and be counted as an American for the Constitution. Be counted as one who loves his or her country – that you support Capitalism, freedom, liberty and the pursuit of your own happiness. Make your voice heard today.

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