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  • The Un-Constitutional Administration of Obama

    by Founder on November 5, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    What is Obama actually doing that has to do with the Constitution? When does he site the Constitution as to the backing of his policies and decisions? Everything this man is doing is un-Constitutional. He wants to trash the Constitution and run the government like it didn’t exist. Will “We the People” allow this? If so, how long will we allow this?

    The Bailouts – Where in the Constitution does it say that the federal government has the ability and power to “bailout” private companies? And to then want to impose pay restrictions and pay monitoring on these same companies – to be sure their pay is not too “excessive”. This sounds just like the old Soviet Union – but instead it is coming out of our very own White House and NOT just by Obama.


    To top it off if these companies and banks refuse to go along with the government’s pay “suggestions” the government official then says – “then perhaps the FDIC would be interested in auditing your bank”? If this were to occur, it would cost the bank tens of millions of dollars and a tremendous amount of time.

    But this is how it slowly begins – how the heads of the major private companies and banks eventually begin kissing the hand of government officials (Obama) to get in their good favor and avoid such calamities. Obama is being kind, he has given the banks until February 7, 2010 to comply with these pay restrictions.  Again sounding just like the old Soviet Union. A proven recipe for failure, discontent and disaster.

    Property rights – The Obama administration is going directly against the Constitution and private property rights by wanting to “redistribute the wealth” – to TAKE from one and give to another. This is specifically forbidden in our Constitution and is straight up Socialism – a dirty kind of politics that involves bullying and mob tactics.

    But this is the exact kind of government Obama wants – and he wants to be the head of it all. He even told the world that he wanted this when he spoke to “Joe the Plumber”. But America didn’t listen. Obama is VERY dangerous to America and it’s values. Vote Obama OUT in 2012.

    The Health Care Takeover – Once again, no where in the Constitution does it even begin to offer the federal government these types of powers. This “Health Care” plan has nothing to do with “Health Care” – rather it is a monster POWER GRAB by this Obama administration and represents the stealing of many of your (and my) freedoms.

    If this bill passes, the government (Obama) will have effectively sunk their dirty teeth further into your life and will effectively monitor their “Health Plan” by using ….. the IRS! That’s right the IRS will be overseeing the “financial aspects” of this bill – just in case you are not “participating” – they have a nice juicy $3800 fine for you! Or just call Congress direct at 1-202-224-3121 – speak your mind to them.

    These scum in Congress are voting on the Health Care bill Saturday November 7, 2009 and it is imperative that you IMMEDIATELY call your Congress person and implore that they vote “NO” on this ridiculous power grab and tell them if they vote”YES” you will do everything in your power to vote them OUT of office in 2010 or 2012. Click here to get the phone numbers of your <a href=”” target=”_self”>Senators.</a>

    It is vitally important that we as American people DO NOT let this Health Care bill pass. This bill will destroy the private health care system, give free insurance to millions who do not work, tax the middle class and upper class heavily and give the federal government the power to invade YOUR life and do whatever it damn well pleases. This is Soviet Marxism, German Fascism and Obama Socialism all wrapped up into one dark and gloomy ball. Is this the society you want to pass on to the next generation? To your children? Or to their children? Please – make your voice heard today.

    In perspective,  we have the takeover of the private Health care system, the takeover of the private banking industry, the takeover of the private auto industry and the takeover of the private insurance industry – have I left anything out? Isn’t this all the necessary ingredients for “We the People” to get pissed off enough?  Is there more we should sit by and take?

    “We the People” who established this union with our hard work and bare hands – who established a Capitalistic society to give all those who worked hard a chance to succeed – to “make it” in America. How much more anti-Americanism can we take?

    It is clear, Obama does not like the Constitution – he thinks it’s a document of “negative liberties” telling the government only what it can’t do rather than spelling out what the government “should” do for you. So is it any surprise that this man has the policies, philosophies and friends that he does?

    We MUST make it our priority to rid the White House of Obama and his radical buddies. It is true – Obama is trying to “fundamentally change America” forever – to change it to his dark, gloomy and bleak form of government that is controlled by…. him. We must stop him and his trash politics.

    Please stand with me and sign in as an American for the Constitution. Help me in the battle to get Obama OUT of office in 2012. Vote out the corrupt<a href=”” target=”_self”> Senators</a> in 2010 and vote out Obama in 2012. This must occur to save our great country. Do you remember all the great things that were just “American” when you were growing up? How innocent it was? Now there is the dark hand of big government casting a shadow over your life – every where you turn – this is not America – not the America I remember.

    America is the land of Capitalism, entrepreneurs, freedom, independence, opportunity and ambition. Please stand tall, sign in, speak out and make your voice heard today. Your country desperately needs it! God Bless America and our founding fathers.

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