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  • Veterans Day – November 11, 2009 – A Thank You and A Promise

    by Founder on November 11, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Today is Veterans Day 2009. I would like to thank all of our veterans for their service to our country and for their service to the support of the American Constitution. This is a “Thank You”  for all those who fought in our wars to protect and uphold our freedoms, Capitalism and our way of American life.

    Over the past 200+ years America has lost millions of brave men and women on the battlefield in their efforts to protect our freedoms and it is on this day that we remember these people – but EVERYDAY is veterans day in my heart and mind. Everyday I thank and pray for these souls who lost their lives for our freedoms and for America.


    Throughout the years in WWI, WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Iraqi Wars and now the Afghanistan War our brave men and women have sworn to uphold the Constitution and to protect the American people and our freedoms. I am humbled by their bravery, loyalty and calling in life. Everything I do in this great country is because of THEM. All of my freedoms are because of THEM. Everything I have is because of these brave people who put their lives on the line for the American ideal of freedom and independence.

    Sadly, just in the past few days another tragedy has occurred on American soil – another terrorist attack – this time killing 13 brave Americans and injuring 31. My heart and prayers go out to these souls and their loved ones. This is a very sad Veterans Day for their families and I share in their sadness. They died for our country, yet they did not go overseas or into another country – they died right here on American soil – again at the hands of a radical Muslim – a man who hated Americans and the American way of life. Yet he, and many others who feel the same way have infiltrated our soil and our government. What are we to do?

    Now, I have a “Promise” to all our Veterans and all those in the military who have died for America and our freedoms. I promise to do all I can to uphold the Constitution – the same Constitution our founding fathers wrote and the same Constitution that our brave soldiers swore to uphold when they entered the military. Even in the face of a radical, terrorist Obama government that exists right in front of us – I shall do all I can to FORCE our elected leaders to uphold the Constitution – that, they too, swore to uphold.

    Unlike Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Emanuel, Van Jones, Sunstein, Lloyd, Dunn and all of his other minions I REFUSE to let the lives of our millions of lost soldiers – both men and women – I REFUSE to let their lives be lost in vain. They were sent into these battles by our federal government and bravely fought to protect us from Fascism, Socialism and Marxism while at the same time upholding our most precious document of all – the American Constitution. Stand with me – DO NOT let these lives be lost in vain! Vote AGAINST what Obama is doing to this country!

    I promise not to give in to this radical government. I will not abide by their ridiculous Socialist and Marxist policies that they are attempting to shove down the taxpayers throats. I will not have my wealth redistributed to others, I will not pay their insane fines imposed on people who do not comply. I will NOT give up my freedoms in this great land and I will not let them take me away from the property that I own – “Give me Liberty or give me death” – this must be the battle cry of the true American citizen – just as it was the cry of our brave veterans.

    Just because we now have radical anti-American politicians in power does not mean that “We the People” must bow down to their requests and orders. The uninformed voted Obama into office and it shall be the informed that vote him out. Obama does not like our military – I think this is evident in his lack of leadership in Afghanistan and his recent speech concerning the Ft Hood victims – where he ignored this historic American tragedy for the first 2-3 minutes of his speech as he talked about giving back to the Indians and redistributing the wealth while also giving a most inappropriate “shout out” to someone in the audience.

    Did Obama take joy in this recent massacre? Did Obama tell the American people not to “jump to any conclusions” as to who did it or why – simply because it was OBVIOUS it was a Muslim and a terrorist? What is he protecting here? Why won’t he come out and say what happened? That we were attacked on our own soil by a terrorist Muslim who hates America. Why won’t he acknowledge this? Who’s side is this guy on? It was the most inappropriate speech at the most inappropriate time – hopefully he will lose the entire military vote because of this and rightly so.

    Today, however is a day of thanks to our brave men and women who fought on behalf of Capitalism, freedom, liberty and the American way. Thank you. All of the true Americans thank you. All of the true Americans are indebted to you for your brave actions. We would not be the country we are today had it not been for the brave American souls who fought for our ability to be free and who fought for the greatest country on earth – even if Obama thinks we are just like any other country out there. News for you Obama – we are NOT. America is special – it is filled with special people with the “American spirit” and this is why we have remained free and the envy of the entire world for EVERYTHING.

    Let us not let this Obama guy ruin the party. Let us not let these rogue politicians think they can just come in and wipe out 200+ years of American history in 4 years. Obama doesn’t care for the military, he doesn’t care for your freedoms and he doesn’t care for capitalism – he is truly the first anti-American president ever to take office. We must rise up as a people and rid our nation of this trash – let the people speak.

    Remember it was the states who created the Federal government – not the other way around. The states must stand tall and not go along with these radical Marxist philosophies that are spilling out of Washington. These politicians are so out of touch with the true American spirit and the true American that they must all go.

    Please stand tall with me and join me in my promise to our Veterans – we shall join you in the battle to protect freedom – we have joined you in the battle to protect and uphold our Constitution. It is now us – the taxpayers – against our radical Obama government – who shall win? Americanism or Marxism? We must prevail it is our PROMISE to our veterans.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and join me in this promise to our Veterans. Sign in as a believer in Capitalism, freedom, independence and a small federal government – one that only is involved in the duties given to it by the Constitution. Thank you to all our Veterans and to all those fighting in Afghanistan right now. We are thinking of you and praying for your safe return. God bless America and our veterans.

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