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  • Ft. Hood Victims Buried Today – Obama in Japan

    by Founder on November 14, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Does anyone other than myself see a problem with this? Our brave soldiers, just days after Veterans Day, are being buried because of the horrific terrorist attack by a Muslim terrorist – the worst attack on an American installation since Pearl Harbor – and our “President” is in Japan – kissin’ butt with the world’s “leaders” and most certainly apologizing for America’s actions in some way. America has suffered a tremendous attack and our “President” – flies off on a world tour with his lovely anti-American wife. Does anyone out there have a problem with this?

    This is the same guy – Obama – who brushed off the Ft. Hood attacks in a speech where he was supposedly going to remark on that day’s Ft. Hood shootings – instead he used it as a platform to push his “payback” to the Indians and his “redistribution of wealth” plan – THEN he makes a few statements about Ft. Hood – most notably “don’t rush to any conclusions” – trying to protect his “buddy” and the “image” of the Muslims. <!–more–>

    Yet it is OBVIOUS to every other American that it was a terrorist attack by someone who has been blatantly flaunting his obvious negative Muslim thoughts and feelings toward America – yet because of sickening “political correctness” – no one followed up on stopping this Muslim madman.

    To make matters even worse we have our OTHER brave men and women who are losing moral and lives over in Afghanistan! Every day and night they are sneaking around trying NOT to get killed over there and “President” is on a comfy, protected ride around the world, spending millions of tax dollars and bowing to the world’s leaders as he tries to arrange his ideal “one world government”!

    This arrogant presidential mistake MUST be stopped and it will only be by an uprising of “We the People”. Somebody has to shake some “American” sense into this guy! Perhaps Obama should have to spend a year on the front lines in Afghanistan – to find out for sure what it is like – then he wouldn’t take 3 MONTHS! to make a decision to send reinforcements AFTER the General there asked for them – insteasd our men and women keep on dying – what could we expect? What kind of “Commander in Chief” can this American hater actually be? Obama is an embarrassment to our country.

    Instead, of creating this public relations disaster that is awaiting him – Obama should be in Texas or some where IN America, at one of or many of these funerals and standing side by side with all the other Americans who will be represented there – all of the loved ones – all of the families – all of our other military personnel.

    Obama should be upset at this atrocity and standing tall calling this for what it was – ANOTHER disgusting Muslim terrorist attack on our American soil! An IMMEDIATE review of every MUSLIM member of our military should be undertaken and ANYTHING suspicions in anyway – should call for the immediate deportation of these individuals back to where they belong – somewhere where they can’t kill any more Americans! But – Obama – is in Japan – sorry – he’s “busy”.

    It appears we have an America hating president, who has an America hating wife and they were both brought up in an American hating atmosphere (Rev. Wright, William Ayers etc..). This “President” – and I use that term loosely – had the gall to NOT be at these Ft. Hood funerals – he is more instead interested in promoting his “world government” idea and cramming his Health Care program down the taxpayers throats – complete with higher taxes, rationing of your care, loss of our freedoms and big time Union payoffs.

    Face it Obama HATES America and what America stands for – please people – it is us – the taxpayers – who shall save this country from total ruin at the hands of Obama. We must rise up together to vote him OUT in 2012.

    While Obama is bowing to the world’s leaders and apologizing for how bad he thinks we are – let us make a pact to STAND TALL and be proud we are Americans – Americans who love our traditions, our founding fathers, the Constitution, family, God, freedom, independence, Capitalism, free markets, entrepreneurs and a SMALL government – one that provides the “opportunity” for ALL to succeed in the greatest land of all – America.

    Please stand tall with me and help us uphold the Constitution. We MUST hold our politicians in Washington to this fact – they have all sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States – they MUST get back to the Constitution. Nothing they are doing is Constitutional and they know it. “We the People” MUST hold them to their oath – it is the right thing to do – and the ONLY way America shall retain it’s greatness.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and join me in this battle to rid our government of the influence of Obama and those that share his philosophies. Please join me as a true American today!

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