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  • Contact Your Senator TODAY and Demand They Vote NO on Obama’a Health Care Disaster!

    by Founder on November 21, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Today, November 21, 2009 is the first day of debate and voting on Obama’s proposed massive Health care overhaul. It is imperative that you IMMEDIATELY <a href=”” target=”_self”>contact your Congress person</a> and tell them to vote NO on this ridiculous America destroying bill. IF this bill is passed by Congress – it has the potential to alter America and our economy for ever. The America YOU and I grew up in will be gone for good and Obama will have successfully destroyed America’s economy.

    Our elected politicians are NOT listening to the American people. They are acting on their own behalf – irregardless as to what the Constitution allows or what the American tax payer actually wants – this MUST end here!<!–more–>

    IF this bill passes there will be MASSIVE new taxes imposed on the hard working American tax payers.

    IF this bill passes it will strip YOU and all hard working tax payers of many of your freedoms – freedoms that we grew up with and take for granted.

    IF this bill passes it will destroy America’s private health care industry – or 1/6th of the American economy.

    IF this bill passes the government will control your health care and all the decisions concerning your health care – is this what you want? Is this what you want for your children?

    IF this bill passes – the government will have access to ALL of your medical records and your privacy will be thrown out with the trash.

    IF this bill passes it will be overseen by the IRS – who will impose fines and penalties IF you do not participate.

    IF this bill passes it will punish and dismantle most small businesses in America as the federal government imposes new taxes, fines and penalties on those businesses that do not “cooperate”.

    IF this bill passes – in my opinion – there will be civil unrest as the true Americans decide to NOT go along with this Marxist and Socialist form of governing.

    IF this bill passes it will be the first step towards giving amnesty to ALL illegal aliens that leech off of our government and the American people.

    The only silver lining? IF this bill passes it will be the END of the Democrats and Obama in office – many Democrats will be voted out of office in 2010 and Obama will be voted out in 2012 – ONLY if the people of this great country rise up and stand for the true Capitalistic and free America.

    We need to get the government OUT of our lives and off our back. We need to free up businesses so they can grow and prosper – we need to vote this Marxist Obama out of office and rid America and the world of his trash politics.

    Please sign in here as an American for the Constitution and stand tall for the values that you believe in. Obama, SEIU, ACORN, AMERICORPS, George Soros and most politicians now have warped values and are only acting in their own best interests – they are NOT acting in the best interests of the hard working American people. Obama will NOT be able to shove his trash policies down our throats – this will not stand with the true Americans I know and it will not stand with the true Americans that I know populate this great country.

    Please IMMEDIATELY <a href=”” target=”_self”>contact your Congress person</a> and voice your opinion AGAINST this “Health Care” bill – a health care bill that has nothing to do with “health care” – rather it is set up to REDISTRIBUTE the wealth of this country – just what Obama wants. Tell your Congress person you will do everything you can to vote them OUT of office if they vote for this bill. WE MUST act now! We cannot wait or these corrupt politicians will pass this act.

    The politicians in Washington are NOT listening to “We the People” – we MUST force them to listen – we must rise up and defeat these anti-American terrorists that occupy the White House. Those in favor of this bill – have no idea what is in store for them – they are just blindly supporting the trash that is Obama. Please rise up with me today. Make your voice heard and help us vote down this massive power grab by Obama and our federal government.

    God bless America and our future.

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