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  • America Needs a Leader

    by Founder on November 24, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    Well, tonight’s the big night for Obama – his very first State Dinner. And who is Obama inviting? Mostly Hollywood types, a few select governors and I’m sure most of his “advisers”. They will all frolic with the leader of India in the giant tent set up in the back of the White House – laughing, carrying on, drinking alcohol and just living the lives of kings and queens. All is great in their protected world.

    But halfway around the world, thousands of our young men and women are trying to avoid being killed as they carefully take each step and with trepidation turn each corner – all for America’s horrendous battle for freedom in Afghanistan. Yet the casualties mount – Five just died the other day and 59 died last month. The general on the ground – months ago – asked the Commander in Chief for more troops to finish the job – and to this day, to this moment – our pathetic President has not granted this request of more troops – leaving our current troops as sitting ducks in a strange and foreign land.<!–more–>

    Back in cozy America, Obama has been “too busy” to make a decision on our troops. He has his health care bill and his “important” travels to China and Japan. Since when did our troops become second fiddle to anything? Since when did our troops be put on the back burner? These brave men and women are representing YOU and ME and every American, including our corrupt politicians – everyone gets the same freedom and protection from our military – so why is Obama IGNORING our soldiers as they do their best to NOT get killed? The blood is now on his hands.

    Meanwhile, back at the White House,  Obama and his other “rich folk” are having a nice party in Washington to celebrate his great presidency and the agreement he just made with India – which by the way did not get debated or approved by our Congress. Just imagine while Obama is at his party – imagine our troops tap him on the shoulder and say “Uh, sorry to interrupt but were being shot at and living each day in fear of death. Can you help us”? But Obama waves them off for now and goes back to his “important” conversation – Obama has said he will make a decision on Afghanistan “next week” – first he has to have his party.

    America needs a leader. We need a man or woman who can stand up and MAKE DECISIONS – decisions based on their true beliefs, values and principles. We need someone to be strong in war and make rapid decisions to provide our military all that they need and request – to win the war. IF we don’t go all the way and try to rapidly win the war – then get out – and get out now without another lost life. Obama is trying to please everybody – all the while our soldiers are being killed and moral is going down everyday. We need a leader.

    America needs a leader who will be financially responsible and scold our current politicians for their outrageous financial irresponsibility. We need a leader who believes in capitalism and the strength of the free markets to decide which companies fail and which succeed. We need a leader who will say that the recent $300 Million payoff to the Louisiana Senator is wrong and corrupt and that it WILL NOT OCCUR! Where is our leader?

    America needs a leader who can be a role model. A person who doesn’t lie or manipulate everyday. A person who is not bribe-able. A person who is their own person, makes their own decisions and who is NOT part of a special interest machine that is trying to redistribute the wealth of America. Someone who is not controlled by the money of others. America needs a leader to stand tall and speak of values and principles and one that will hold Congress to these principles as they do their best everyday to uphold the Constitution.

    America needs a financially responsible, common sense, small government proponent – a person of principles, unswayed by the corruption and money available to them. But most important of all, we DEFINITELY need a person who will make a bold, timely decision with regards to our troops – the same troops that the government sent into harms way. Our troops are #1 – and MUST always be our #1 priority – especially when they are currently in a foreign country and we have asked them to put their lives on the line for YOU and every American.

    Obama needs to serve on the front lines in Afghanistan for a month and then he’ll see why THEY NEED REINFORCEMENTS! And they need them YESTERDAY! He would pee in his pants if he every had to be on those front lines plus he’d NEVER do it – he’s for sure the draft dodger type. This is why he is in no rush to help our soldiers – he has NO IDEA what they face everyday and what they are facing RIGHT THIS MOMENT – even as I write these words.

    Where is our leader? Who will step up? Who will be brave enough and American enough to stand up to these thug politicians and basically treat them like children – tell them what they are doing is wrong, against the Constitution and simply will continue no more. There’s a new game in town – and it’s called the Constitution and actually representing the people – the American citizens – the ones who pay the taxes.

    While Obama is having his party tonight, what are you doing? How’s your financial condition? Can you afford to have a $3 Million dinner party? What are our brave soldiers doing right now? I KNOW that the Afghans, the Taliban and Al Queda are working on and actively plotting to kill them – RIGHT NOW – yet Obama can’t make a decision til “next week”. What are our millions of unemployed doing right now? How about the ones whose benefits have run out? What are they doing? We need a leader, the taxpayers need a leader, America’s children need a leader.

    Please America, make this the final nail in the coffin. Let this be the writing on the wall for Obama and most of Congress. Some how the American people have let the political decision making process get out of their control – and a band of anti-American Marxist terrorists have taken over our government trying to throw out Capitalism – so let this be it – NO MORE. “We the People” must rise up, band together and vote these people OUT of office and replace them with individuals who believe in America, capitalism, our military, freedom, financial responsibility, hard work gets more results, opportunity for those that try and of course a smaller government.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution. Join me in the battle to gain freedom from government intrusion and to rid our government of anti-American, anti-capitalism influence. Please help me FORCE our politicians to uphold the Constitution – just as they swore they would. Please join me in this battle. Make your voice heard today!

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