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  • The Tide Seems to be Turning Toward – Common Sense

    by Founder on December 2, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    It looks like the shining star of Obama is beginning to fade. The American people are catching on to what this guy is all about. His policies, ideas and the people he surrounds himself with are beginning to be exposed as anti-American, anti-Capitalist ideas and people. Those that voted for him – for that ever promised “hope and change” are now hoping that he keeps his “change”. After 11 months or so in office, the American taxpayers are beginning to really get to know Barack Hussein Obama.

    “We the People” now know that his ideas towards the economy and good ole’ Capitalism are ones of total government control – total government ownership – Socialism, Fascism and Marxism. He wants to destroy the free market and redistribute Americas income from those that have to those that currently do not. He will do this in the form of taxes aimed at the rich and middle class – THIS WILL OCCUR – unless we stop him and Congress.<!–more–>

    “We the People” now know that his thoughts toward health care are those of having the governmentrun and administer the entire health care system! – Destroying and crippling the current, worlds best, private health care system. This would insure that the masses are DEPENDENT on the federal government for their health care – a very important aspect of EVERY ONE’S life!

    “We the People” now know that Obama has traveled around the world making friends with our past enemies and making enemies of our past friends. He is bowing to Kings and Leaders all the while apologizing for America’s “supposed” deficiencies and bad deeds. What kind of “President” is this? He clearly is a poor representation of who a true American is.

    “We the People” now know that Obama does not like our military as he has allowed our brave troops in Afghanistan to expose themselves to the daily dangers of death as they currently fight the battle – severely undermanned. Three months ago the General asked Obama for re-reinforcements and it is only now, after many deaths that Obama sends in more troops – in a speech that seemed eerily like any other campaign speech he’s given. Do you feel safe from Muslim terrorism – with Obama at the helm?

    “We the People” now know of Obama’s Czars as he surrounds himself with VERY radical, America hating individuals like Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, Mark LLoyd, Rahm Emanuel and a host of others who are doing everything they can to destroy the America you and I love and have grown up in. His Czars are radical Marxists, Socialists and Communists – yet they are in our White House.

    “We the People” now know how corrupt and out of touch our Congress is – with leaders like Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Henry Waxman, Harry Reid, John Murtha and HUNDREDS of others who are making votes and decisions solely based on $$$$$ – without a care in hell as to the impact on the hard working American taxpayer. We all watch in horror as they try to corruptly pass through their crown jewel of corruption – the 2074 page Health Care Bill – that is GUARANTEED to destroy America and our economy – all to keep the “little people” dependent on good ole’ Uncle Sam (Obama).

    Yes, “We the People” are rising up – and in LARGE numbers. We are NOT going to let Obama and his band of political thugs just steamroll over us and this great country. America has 200+ years of greatness under its belt and we CANNOT let Obama and his corrupt, cheap style of Chicago politics destroy the greatest country in the land.

    We owe our best efforts to our Founding Fathers. We owe our best efforts to all the brave men and women who have gone to war and fought and died for our freedoms and our American way of life – and who have fought for Capitalism.

    Now we face a very dangerous threat in the form of Obama and HIS VISION as to what America should look like.  Obama’s vision is dark, gloomy, depressing and without growth. But or Founding Father’s vision was one of an eternal spring time, with prosperity, entrepreneurs, ambition and happiness – all FREE from government intervention. Which way of life do you prefer?

    Join me today in turning the tide on the Obama administration. Sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today! <a href=”” target=”_self”>Contact your Congress person</a> and tell them to vote NO on the upcoming Health Care Bill – this is a must for our country to continue in it’s greatness. God Bless America.

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