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  • “We the People” MUST Stop Obama’s Health Care!

    by Founder on December 6, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    It is starting to be “crunch time” with regards to Obama’s proposed Health care plan – which of course was NOT written by Obama or our Congress – but by SEIU – the thug union that Obama has been “working my whole life with”. Imaging America’s health care plan is written by a union? Look what good the unions did for the auto industry – guaranteeing the manufacturers that they could NOT make a competitively priced car because of the outrageous demands and costs that the unions placed upon them.

    As they argue this health care plan in Congress it is imperative that you pick up the phone and FLOOD their offices with your phone calls. <a href=”” target=”_self”>Call your Senator!</a> These clowns MUST understand that they will be voted out of office if they pass this disaster of a bill. The American people DO NOT want this bill to pass. We currently have the most innovative and up to date health care system in the world – if the government takes it over this will no longer be the case – guaranteed.<!–more–>

    Just the fact that our Congress is debating this plan when the people DO NOT want it is disturbing. They are going to pass it for their own purposes – without any concern for the ramifications on the hard working American tax payer. They are debating abortion, the public option, Medicare cuts etc. when all along the entire monstrosity shouldn’t even be considered! Our Congress is wasting it’s time and OUR money. Let’s check out some of the things that will happen if the bill is passed.

    Massive increase in taxes to pay for the plan -The “plan” will not kick in for 5-7 years yet all of us will be paying INCREASED taxes beginning immediately. Watch your income decrease while your tax obligation increases – and this goes for all the media idiots as well – the ones currently who love and support what Obama is doing. His policies will begin to hit YOUR wallets as well – not just those of your viewers.

    Funding cuts to the elderly -Already they are showing that they are going to be cutting out the elderly. There are massive funding cuts in Medicare aimed at the elderly. Is this the type of society you want to live in – one that excludes its elderly from available and quality, needed health care?

    No choice of your health care plan -Once this government monstrosity gets rolling it is designed to crush and eliminate the private health care system – so that one day you too will NEED to enroll in their health care plan. Believe me they are rigging it so that this in inevitable.

    Fines and penalties for those who do not “participate” in the government plan -How about a fine of $3800 IF you do not participate in their health care plan? – administered by the IRS. And jail time – if you do not follow their demands? Does this sound like a government or the mafia – or now both? IF the bill passes there WILL be wide spread CIVIL UNREST as true Americans will not be pushed around and told how to live their lives. Mark my words.

    Creation of a MASSIVE Nanny State – Once the government sinks it’s claws into you further with this health care plan – you will be more dependent on them for your needs. Health care is a HUGE part of every ones life and imagine having to turn to the government every time you needed health care? This is what Obama wants – he wants your vote and he’ll do anything necessary to get it – including throwing away 200+ years of American tradition and history and wasting the lives of those that died for our freedoms and way of life.

    Decline in our Heath Care quality -IF the government runs the health care system in America – do you suppose the QUALITY will improve or decline? I think we all know the answer to this one.

    Rationing of health care -So the government wants to add 30 million new people to health care over night – are they adding say 10 million new doctors? Or nurses? The answer is no. The same amount of doctors and nurses today will be servicing the additional 30 million people who will all of the sudden be showing up at their offices for their “free” health care. How pathetic. How un-American. Get ready to stand in lines or have your appointment 6 months from now. This is the America that the Marxist Obama wants.

    Creation of another massive government bureaucracy -How big can the government get? If there are more people working for Obama than there are actual entrepreneurs and private sector workers – who’s going to pay all the taxes that this freak will need to pay for this health care disaster? There CANNOT be more people working for the government than there are jobs in the private sector – this is a recipe for guaranteed economic collapse – of course this is what Obama wants – he doesn’t like America and never did – it is necessary for his goal of total dependency and control.

    Guaranteed inefficiency and fraud -How’s Medicare doing? There is BILLIONS in fraud and waste and the government knows this! But they do NOTHING about it. The same will exist with their government run health care system There will be so much fraud and waste – in the end you will be paying much more for inferior care and coverage. Congress should be thrown in jail – only problem is that Obama has the judges under his spell as well.

    Adding on and piling on to our current massive debt obligation – Good luck to our children and their children. They are already starting out in life severely handicapped financially. More than half of their income will be forcibly taken by the government just as if a gun was to their head. The government will need this money to pay on it’s irresponsible and unsustainable debt. How many generations will it take to right this sinking and misdirected ship? I don’t know – BUT this is God’s country and I KNOW that some day in the future our founding fathers influence will once again grab hold of the reigns and steer this country back to the true America – which features CAPITALISM – not Marxism and Socialism.

    Please join me and sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today. “We the People” MUST stop this Obama health care – if not it will open the door to even more intrusive and wasteful government policies and programs. Please stand tall with me today. God Bless America and All Future Generations.

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    rhonda July 6, 2012

    I hope as an American this dose not pass already I can not find work ( I will not go there but even fast food full Mexicans on fake names), my husband income is not enough for us to pay health insurance, I have had a hurt shoulder over a year can not afford doctor , I tried for over 4 months to get on with community hospital, that is impossible. I can not afford car insurance let alone health. What about us OBAMA? I can not get medicaid or medicare?


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