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  • Un-Constitutional Health Care is Upon Us!

    by Founder on December 18, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    The time is getting short people – it seems that the powers to be – Harry Reid and Obama – are attempting to ram this Health Care bill through – BEFORE Christmas! As ludicrous as this sounds this is what they are trying to do. Congress is NOT paying attention to what you want, they could care less what the taxpayers want! This bill is ALL about them gaining power over YOU!

    Their “public option” was turned down, their reduction in Medicare was turned down – every change and addition they try to add is flatly turned down by the American public – so why is it that they still want to ram this bill through? The answer is – Solely for more power. This bill has very little to do with “Health Care” and alot to go with government expansion and power.<!–more–>

    It is imperative that you <a href=”” target=”_self”>contact your Congress person TODAY</a> – right now – and DEMAND that they vote NO on Health Care. Tell them you know what is going on and that you know what they are up to. Tell them if they vote YES you will do everything you can to vote them OUT of office when their next election comes up. The Democrats are guaranteed to lose their majority in 2010 because of their lunacy, hunger for control and desire for more entitlements – you can tell them that you will help this along the best you can.

    If they dropped the “public option” – what is left in the plan? Why didn’t that alone drop 1000 pages from this monstrosity? Why are there still 2074 pages? The answer is because the bill restructures the American government giving more power to Obama and his pathetic Marxist buddies. Are “We the People” going to allow this to happen? We MUST contact Congress today!

    This is a very important juncture in America’s history. Our politicians are trying to sell the taxpayers down the river. We must FORCE them to uphold their oath to protect the Constitution. “We the People” must put the Constitution in their faces and get this Congress back to actually checking with the Constitution BEFORE they propose anything to the American taxpayers. These politicians are flaunting their arrogance in our faces. Obama is flaunting his arrogance in the faces of the tax payers – let’s send him and them packing!

    This entire Health Care bill is un-Constitutional. No where in the Constitution does it say that the federal government must give health care to all citizens. No where does it say that health care is a right of every citizen. The founding fathers knew to NOT give these extra powers to the federal government – they were wise and they knew the consequences to our freedoms.

    Our politicians are NOT looking out for our best interest – they are looking out only for their power and how to further their power. Obama’s trashy influence is running rampant in our government today and it is the responsibility of “We the People” to stop this nonsense and get America back to actually resembling America. <a href=”” target=”_self”>Please contact your Congress person today!</a> Make your voice heard!

    Have you noticed that all they want to do at this point is pass ANY bill they can. Whatever is passed – even if it is NOT exactly what they want – will simply open the door to further amendments in the future – ultimately leading to a “single payer system” – just what Obama and his trash want.

    Please people rise up and voice your opinions. We cannot be silent on this issue. These Washington thugs are trying to push us around – remember – they work for us! Not the other way around. There are 1000 of them and MILLIONS of us – just like Glenn Beck says “We surround them”.

    God bless America and our Constitution. God bless the brave souls who lost their lives fighting for Capitalism, our traditions and the American way. Even if Obama wants to deem your lives lost for nothing – “We the People” stand by you and our Constitution – we will once again regain our government and ensure that our elected officials always keep two things in mind 1. The Constitution and 2. We the People. God bless.

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