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  • The Ugly Corruption That is Obama

    by Founder on December 23, 2009

    in Voice of the People

    The Obama administration is desperate to pass this health care legislation and I believe that all Americans are now aware of this. But what has happened to the morals and character of this great nation that the people and the media seem to be OK with “how” Obama is getting this bill passed? What has happened to any sense of decency in our Congress and from our elected officials?

    Obama knows that he just needs 60 votes to get this bill passed through Congress – and most of these Congressional imbeciles will readily do whatever Obama wants – even if it means selling out the taxpayers. But there are a few “holdouts” who just weren’t sure as to whether they would vote “yes” or “no”. So what does Obama do? He openly and without shame bribes them! Blatantly and un-constitutionally doling out millions of taxpayer dollars to be used in the payoffs! Anyone outraged? Anyone just sick of this corruption and crap that they are feeding us? I am, how about you?<!–more–>

    Example 1. Senator Ben Nelson, Nebraska – Took a $100 Million bribe to change his vote to “yes”. He was against the federal government paying for abortions – he was adamantly against abortion – that is until Obama gave him $100 Million. How much would you require to sell out the American people? Would you sell your soul and that of the American people for $100 Million? Nelson did.

    Example 2. Senator Mary Landrieu, Louisiana – She was adamantly against the health care bill – that is until Obama doled out $300 Million to her and her state. Voila! She changed her vote to “yes”. So, Nebraska and Louisiana are all set, right? Their states got hundreds of millions of dollars in bribe money – but what about all the other 48 states? You mean that because their Senators did not have to get “bribed” that these states “lose out” on getting additional millions? Do you want to pay extra for Louisiana and Nebraska? Well, Obama wants you to – he doesn’t care – he is forcing you to pay more to these states – how do you like that?

    Does this out right corruption bother you? Do the back room deals of Obama disturb you at all? What do you think is in this “Health Care” bill that is so important to Obama that he must pass it? Is it the insuring of all those so-called “poor souls” who do not have insurance that he is so concerned with? Is it that he so desperately wants to offer a “Public Option” (which has been stripped from the bill)? No. The reason Obama is life or death with this bill is because this bill fundamentally changes the way the American government operates. It gives the federal government massive amounts of additional power and control – just what the Marxist obama wants.

    This is what Obama promised during his campaign and it is what he wants to deliver – “fundamentally changing America”. He wants to change how our government operates solely so that he may REDISTRIBUTE the wealth of this country. He wants those that “have” to pay for those that “have not”. He wants there to be only one elite class – and those are the politicians – the supposed elite of Washington. He calls the Wall Street wealthy “fat cats” – but he ignores the massive waste, corruption and wealth of Washington – Obama is clearly the worst and most arrogant president in American history.

    So what are “We the People” to do? What do we have at our disposal? It is called “the Constitution of the United States of America”. This monstrosity of a Health Care bill is NOT Constitutional – and it will be challenged in court to the fullest extent that “We the People” can challenge it.

    There are top scholars and lawyers of the Constitution (who will be challenging this in the courts) that KNOW – along with the taxpayers – that this entire bill is un-Constitutional. Obama knows it’s un-Constitutional. They all know it’s un-Constitutional.

    The government cannot FORCE the people to buy something if we do not wish to purchase it – how un-American can it get? This is way beyond the scope of what our federal government is allowed to do and they will force you to buy it under threat of jail time! But keep the faith people – we shall overturn this takeover attempt of our economy by this Domestic Terrorist Obama – “We the People” shall prevail.

    Please join me in my disgust of the corruption that exists in the Obama administration. Please join me in the outrage at our media that continues to ignore this corruption. Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard against the government that Obama is trying to create.

    Stand tall for all future generations – stand tall for our children. Are you going to let the trash Chicago politics of Obama dictate your childrens’ future? Are you going to allow Obama to put a financial ball and chain around the ankles of your children? And their children? Please taxpayers we must rise up in 2010 and vote out all Senators who voted “yes” on this Health Care bill. We must rise up and stand for the true America – NOT the America Obama wants. Please join me today! God bless America and our founding fathers.

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