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  • What’s in Store for America? 2010

    by Founder on January 5, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    Here we go America – the start of a new year. A new year filled with hope and promise – at least that’s what it is supposed to feel like. 2009 was a tough year for our freedoms, our American way of life and our Constitution – all three took a beating – primarily at the hands of our Congress and our president, Barack Obama.

    This is an important year for our freedoms. As the 2010 elections near it is more important than ever for us to all stand together and once again restore the checks and balances into government – ie. balancing out Congress and the House once again. We must vote out those that are for Socialism and Marxism and vote in those that believe in the American way, Capitalism, independence and small government.<!–more–>

    Most importantly, we must once again INSIST that our elected officials abide by the writings of our Constitution. This will be a tall task but “We the People” have an obligation and responsibility to stop this out of control government in its tracks. We owe this to all future generations.

    There are currently so many laws, regulations and procedures that are un-Constitutional – that Congress and Obama go about their business without any regard for the Constitution at all! It is simply NOT in their thoughts and their reasoning – Obama is NOT running this government based on the Constitution – so the question is, when are the people going to rise up to this blatant treason? When are the people going to rid our government of this anti-American way of thinking?

    In 2009 we saw Obama take over most of our private industries – Insurance, Mortgage, Banking and Auto. We have seen the Obama’s Communist type control as he regulates the compensation of those in the private sector! Did you ever think that would happen in America? And now we see the blatant corruption and pay offs that are being used to RAM this ridiculous Health care bill down the throats of the hard working American taxpayer – coupled with harsh financial AND criminal penalties IF you do not “cooperate” and “buy in”. Is this the America you want?

    What’s in store for America in 2010? The answer is a battle. A battle with common sense and corruption. A battle between the American tax payer and the corrupt government that is stealing our hard earned money and wasting it on top of that.  The taxpayer is fed up with government waste, fraud and corruption. The federal government has awoken a sleeping giant – and that giant is the common, everyday, hard working taxpayer.

    This is the year when you shall see the TRUE American rise up – the person who never protested before, the person who never went to a rally before – someone who is rising up on their own – NOT because someone is paying them to do so. During this year you will see what America is really made of.  “We the People” will rise up and show Obama and his followers that what they want to do and how they want to govern is NOT American and it is NOT how “We the People” want to live – nor is it how we want our children to live.

    This is the year the American people will balance out Congress by firing those that want Socialism, those that wanted and voted for the Health Care bill and those that wanted and voted for Obama’s upcoming immigration bill. They will all be gone, but it will require an effort by all of us. We need to take an active roll in our federal government and be very interested in who is being voted into office – look at what has happened without our strict supervision.

    2010 may bring a precarious financial situation to all of us as Obama keeps on spending the way he is, more entitlement programs are started – while those in place are extended – and all while they are desperately trying to put their Health Care bill into place. Together, the gigantic money supply, combined with our record setting deficits and unsustainable entitlement programs all combine to produce a bubbling cauldron of an economy that is ready to explode or collapse.  Maybe this is what Obama wants – he just wants to be there to clean everything up. Very scary.

    We must use 2010 to teach our children the traditions and values of America. The values of hard work, character, respect, kindness, charity, ambition, loyalty and patriotism. Our children must know America’s history – right from 1700 to the present. Understanding why and how we got to where we are at today. Our children must know the importance of the Constitution and how it affects us all. They must understand the benefits of capitalism and how it allows ANYONE to better themselves. Our children and their beliefs represent the future of America – we must protect them.

    Lastly, let us use 2010 to once again get the Constitution in front of every politician in Washington. The Health Care bill is un-Constitutional along with MOST of the other activities of the Obama administration. Yet, each and every elected official right up to the president has sworn to protect and uphold the Constitution – this is their oath! We must hold them to this! If they refuse, we shall vote someone in who will abide by their oath – simple as that.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and join me in the battle against this radical anti-American government. Please make your voice heard anyway you can. Listen to all our like minded radio personalities like Limbaugh, Beck and Savage. Let us band together – we are millions – we are the taxpayers – we are the bosses. “We the People” are America. God bless.

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