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  • Do You Have Confidence in the Federal Government?

    by Founder on January 9, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    It’s after the new year and we are all back to work doing what hard working tax payers do. We live in America and we have always taken it for granted that by working hard we could better ourselves and perhaps leave a better future for our children. Do you still believe this? Based on the type of policies coming out of Washington, do you believe that your children’s future will be better than the life we are leading? And better than the America that we were left by our past generations?

    Since Obama has taken office there seems to be a continuous flood of OBVIOUS corruption coming out of Washington. Perhaps other Presidents and administrations were corrupt too – but at least they tried to hide it. The Obama administration is openly flaunting their corruption in the faces of the taxpayer and effectively destroying any confidence that the taxpayers may have in our elected officials.<!–more–>

    What kind of corruption? The corruption of the stimulus plan and to who the money went to – no one knows and certainly no one will say. The corruption of Obama’s czars and their radical anti-American policies and beliefs – these czars are accountable to no one – but Obama. The corruption to attempt to pass the health care bill without the backing of the people and the bribes being given and taken. The corruption of the behind closed door deals that Obama is making with the pharmaceutical companies, Planned Parenthood, AARP and the unions. All a disgrace to the charachter, dignity and work of our founding fathers.

    Of  course there is the massive corruption as to what is exactly IN the health care bill and how it will drastically change the structure of the American government – eating up our freedoms along the way. This bill was not written by Congress or Obama – but by the SEIU union and Andy Stern – is this shocking to anyone? Did you know that this bill was NOT written by Congress and our elected officials?

    What are we the taxpayers going to do about this “in your face” corruption? And how do we get our confidence back in our elected officials? We must make our voice heard and vote in those that actually believe in the Constitution and the work of our founding fathers.

    Remember growing up? We really didn’t think much about the federal government – once in a while the president would make a speech telling the people how things were going – but it mostly was all good – and there was a level of trust between the taxpayers and government officials. The government played a fairly controlled roll – somewhat in the background.

    NOW – all you hear about is the federal government. It’s all the media talks about 24/7 – what they are doing, new laws they want to pass, how corrupt they are, how rich they are, how they waste our money – all you hear is BAD and CORRUPTION! And it’s talked about likes it’s acceptable! This is insane!

    “We the People” – have an obligation and a responsibility to our children and all future generations to leave them with a free and strong America – just like the one we got by our past generations – the brave generations who fought and DIED for this country’s freedoms.

    Obama is clearly trying to destroy Capitalism, prosperity, hard work, ambition and the feeling of “moving up” in the world – all tradional American values. We must stop his trash politics and ugly policies dead in their tracks – and it all begins with the 2010 elections.

    In America, there is no room for Communism, Marxism , Socialism and Fascism – these are the same philosophies our brave men and women fought and died trying to stop and destroy. Remember tyranny by government started the American Revolution #1 – perhaps there will be an American Revolution #2? I am sure the American people are up for it – the sleeping giant can rise up when we are pushed to the brink and into a corner. We will NOT let Obama destroy America!

    2010 can be the year when we get some of our confidence back in our elected officials – because this is an election year. This is the year that “We the People” have the chance to restore “Checks and Balances” back into our Congress and put and end to this ridiculous spending spree that Obama and Congress are on.

    We must vote OUT those that voted for Health Care, Cap and Trade and the Immigration bill – and vote in REAL Americans who believe in the taxpayer, capitalism and the Constitutional oath they took upon entering office.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today. IF we all band together as the massive group that we are – we can rid our government of this terrible influence that is the Obama administration and restore back – the REAL America. We can then go about the business of living our lives and having the government operate on a small scale and once again – in the background. God bless America and our brave freedom protecting soldiers.

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