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  • Obama Wants to Cover “Pre-Existing Conditions” in the Health Care Plan

    by Founder on January 13, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    The government has no idea how to actually make money (other than printing it). The government never makes money and never makes a profit – they just spend and spend and spend. This is how they believe they can give health care to any and all. They think they can do this with millions of people not paying a dime – literally giving them health care for free – the same coverage that someone else would get who actually had to work for their money and PAY for their own plan! But this is the nanny state that Obama wants to create – he hates the rich and those with money – he wants to spread it all out. How do you feel about that?

    On top of the fact that Obama wants the federal government to run your health care – he is also offering to pay for any pre-existing conditions. A pre-existing condition is a condition that you may have like cancer, or diabetes or aids or some other type of ailment – that you have BEFORE you apply for the insurance. Great news to all those that have debilitating illnesses and who do NOT have health insurance – Obama wants to insure you – for free.<!–more–>

    However, all private insurance companies do NOT cover pre-existing conditions because they are in it to make a profit – that’s where you take in more money than you pay out (sorry that was for the government).

    Our government is not in this for the profit – they think they have UNLIMITED amounts of money which is why they, as Obama puts it, “stupidly” – say they will cover pre-existing conditions – without any concern as to how much it will cost or who will pay for it! Total insanity! This is a recipe for disaster and will further bankrupt our great country. If this passes there will be a mad rush to the emergency rooms by both citizens and non citizens – legal and illegal – all for this “free” care.

    Let’s come back to the real world for a moment. Say that you own a car but you do NOT own any car insurance. One day you are driving and you get into an accident and it ruins your car. In the real world you are out of luck and must either get a different car or pay to have your wrecked car fixed.

    In Obama’s world you would be able to go in to the car insurance company and purchase car insurance. The best that they have! This insurance will then cover the accident that you just had – isn’t that wonderful? But if this were to actually be true – how long do you think that insurance company would be in business? The answer is not very long.

    How about if you own a nice home and you have home insurance – you just do not have fire insurance. Then one day your home catches on fire and begins to burn out of control – in the real world you have a BIG problem – in Obama’s world you would be able to call your homeowner insurance company and purchase some “fire” insurance – then when the lady asks “why do you need it”? – you can safely respond – “because my home is on fire”! – and bingo – you’re covered! How long would that insurance company be in business? What do you think, they can just print money? Which is exactly what our government plans on doing. Very scary.

    Under Obama’s plan anyone in the country with any ailment – whether with or without insurance may go get treatment – at no cost to them. So, who pays? You and me. The hard working American citizen. The taxpayer. Obama wants to hit up the very rich AGAIN – they already pay about 40% of all taxes – he wants them to pay more. The middle class will pay for everyone elses health care in the form of taxes. A mad rush of all types of taxes will emanate from Washington and they will  use all this money and REDISTRIBUTE it to those with little or no money. Obama’s grand scheme of redistribution.

    Paying for pre-existing conditions on an insurance policy shows no concept of business sense or monetary sense. It shows a complete lack of understanding of how the American economic machine must work. Anyone paying for pre-existing conditions on an insurance policy is quite literally a dope and their mental capacity should be questioned thoroughly. If this policy goes through it is a sure sign that Obama is deliberately destroying the American economy – all in a bid to own the carnage.

    The time is getting near for this Health Care bill and “We the People” have made our voice heard over the past several months – and we are now on the home stretch. Congress and Obama know the people do NOT want this plan. Yet it now seems to only be in the hands of our politicians and time will tell whether character and principle can win out over corruption, power grabbing and arrogant greed. The health care bill is clearly AGAINST all that is America and if passed, will change all of our lives – our freedoms and privacy will be forever shattered.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard. Stand with us against this un-Constitutional health care bill. Stand with us against the payment of pre-existing conditions out of our tax dollars. Stand with us against free health care for illegal immigrants. Stand with us FOR America and the Constitution. God Bless America and Capitalism.

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