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  • I am Proud of Massachusetts

    by Founder on January 19, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    I live in Massachusetts and I am very proud of my state tonight. I didn’t think our state had it in them – after all we are the state that voted DOWN a repeal of our state income tax – go figure. But tonight, Scott Brown has officially won the election for Senator, beating a favored Democrat challenger, and filled the peoples senate seat of Massachusetts – previously held by Ted Kennedy for many years – and the first time a Republican has been voted in as Senator in Massachusetts in 30 years.

    Tonight the taxpayers of Massachusetts voted and they voted for America, the Constitution, freedom, smaller government, less spending and NO Health Care Bill!<!–more–>

    Now the balance in Congress has shifted to 41 Republicans and 59 Democrats – no longer does Congress and the Democratic party have a stranglehold on American politics – no longer does Obama have a walk through with Congress. With tonight’s vote, this is the start of a transformation from the Democrats being in power to a complete dominance by the Republican conservative party – those that believe in true American values and principles.

    Out of their desperation to pass Health Care, Obama traveled to Massachusetts two days ago, for the sole purpose of campaigning for the Democrat Coakley – however, this did no good – perhaps even hurt her chances – but Obama showed up anyway, showing how important this was to him and his radical policies. In the end though, it was clearly a vote against Obama, his corruption and the direction he has in mind for America – the people’s America.

    Tonight’s vote in Massachusetts was a vote against Obama’s Health Care Bill – since the Democrats are all robotic and always vote the same way – seemingly without any individual thought about the issue – the Health Care Bill actually comes down to this one extra vote for the Republicans in Congress – it’s amazing that, that many Democrats – supposedly Americans – would actually vote FOR this Health Care Bill when they know it will destroy the American economic system and eat away at the fragile freedoms that all taxpayers enjoy.

    Tonight’s vote was a vote against corruption in Washington, it was a vote FOR the Constitution and traditional American values. Tonight was a vote for the truth – no more lying and deceiving – let’s look at the real numbers on the economy and let’s talk about the real ways to make the economy grow – and that’s the private economy – not the economy the government wants to create and control. And most importantly let’s look at lowering taxes to stimulate the economy – NOT raising taxes and spending money we do not have.

    Yes, tonight’s common sense vote can drastically change the direction America is headed – Proving that once again the founding fathers have come through in the clutch. The good ‘ole voting process! Yeeha! The people have spoken and the form of government that our founding fathers worked so hard to set up, has once again set America back on the right path towards true American values, principles and traditions.

    As a citizen of Massachusetts, who voted FOR Scott Brown, I am very proud to be an American and a participant in our very special form of government. A type of government that ultimately lets the people speak. “We the People” – this is one of the most famous and powerful statements in the history of man – and it is owned by us, you and me – “We the People” of the United States of America. I and about 1.5 million others were able to participate in the exact system that our founding fathers created – and we are all here to witness – justice – in the American political system.

    Obama is listening and watching – true Americans and true America shall win out – NOT his thug, bully politics. Not his take over policy of private industry, not his pick and choose as to who he taxes – no more of this trash politics – it may work in Chicago – but it does NOT work on the national stage – sorry big guy. Out you go in 2012 – in comes common sense.

    America is a special land. WE are the home of the brave and the land of the free. The last bastion of true freedom in the world – which is why people from all over the world flock to come to the United States. Each person here has a vote and a voice. It is a truly unique system – one which has served the people well for over 222 years.

    Tonight we witnessed the power of the people. And it is the people who will keep America who she is. It is the people “We the People” who will determine the destiny of America – not our politicians – thus showing the beauty of our great country – America.

    Thank you voters of Massachusetts. Let us continue the battle to rid our government of the corruption, power grabbing, greed and entitlement mentality that is pervasive at all levels of government today. Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and join me in this battle. Sign in as a believer and supporter of Capitalism, freedom, true American values and the Constitution. Thank god for the voting system and God Bless America.

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