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  • Will Obama Pay Attention to the Constitution?

    by Founder on January 26, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    Since the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts, the American people have under gone a wonderful transformation and awakening – they now seem to be a bit more bold in their beliefs and confident in our country’s future. The Massachusetts election and that of New Jersey and Virginia – all won by Republicans – shows that the tide is turning – the American people are waking up to the stealing and trashing of our Constitution by the Federal government.

    How will Obama react to what is happening? How will he react to an actual glimpse of Checks and Balances in the Senate? Will he go by the rules set up in the Constitution? Or will he make his own rules? This is now a very important juncture in American history – the last three years of this guys presidency have the potential to be very tumultuous.<!–more–>

    Obama is now facing major hurdles for his “agenda” – that of Health Care “reform”, Cap and Trade, Amnesty for illegal immigrants and the redistribution of the wealth in America Remember, he wants to bring down those that have money and bring up those that don’t – creating a massive “nanny state” whose people are reliant on the government for just about everything – housing, food and health care – you name it – anything and everything – the elected officials in office right now want to control it – and then they control your vote – just ask Chavez in Venezuela.

    The real beauty of the recent Massachusetts election was that it was an election that allowed the people to speak. It was a referendum. As much as the White House doesn’t want to admit it, the election spoke very loudly against ObamaCare, against BIG government, against run away spending and FOR the Constitution – “We the People”. It was an election that showcased the founding fathers system of a republic – made up of the owners – the people. It was a tribute to the genius of our founding fathers and the reason America will NOT allow Obama to drag it into Marxism, Fascism and Socialism.

    The people will be stronger than the corruption in Washington. Obama has an agenda and he is going to try to get it done – with or without the American people. Is this the type of President you wanted in office? One that does NOT listen to the American people? It is a total disgrace and I feel that the sooner Obama is out of office the sooner the American economy will rebound and once again become the number one economy in the world.

    As time passes more and more people are feeling the same way. “We the People” must rise up against this blatant corruption in Washington and rid our government of these corrupt anti-American individuals.

    It is said and proven that when “Progressives” don’t get their way – it’s like an animal backed into a corner – very dangerous. They will now resort to doing anything they have to do to get things done – not excluding force and illegal activities.

    Because of the Constitution Рwe have a Congress and a House Рthey are the ones who vote on the issues Рat the request of their constituents wants.  IF Obama tries to pass his bills and policies WITHOUT going through Congress  Рsubverting the Constitution Рwhat is there to do then?

    There would be a massive uprising – by the real people of this land – the taxpayers. Also uprising would be all the other citizens of America who have lost their jobs because of a government run out of control and a horrible economic policy that’s killing American business – big and small. Other than an uprising what else would there be to do?

    So the question is – will Obama pay any attention the the Constitution? Or is he so stuck on his agenda that he will just bare down and try to ram his policies though whether the people want them or not? – and will it be by Constitutional means or not? This could get ugly and I don’t think Obama will mind. The public is against ALL of his ideas yet he is using his power and position to get through whatever he can. He is doing the best he can to sully the image of the American Presidency both here and around the world.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard. We must keep this pressure up for the next three years. Contact your <a href=”” target=”_self”>Senators</a> and <a href=”” target=”_self”>Representatives</a> and tell them you stand for the Constitution and that they better too or you will vote them out along with millions of other voters who will do the same.

    This is an important time for America and it takes action by us all – we must stand up for Capitalism, freedom, the Constitution, a responsible economic policy and common sense. Please make your voice heard today! Do it for future generations – the children of America. God bless America.

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