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  • The Real State of the Union

    by Founder on January 30, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    If anyone watched Obama during his “State of the Union” speech, one would think there was nothing wrong with this country – that our economy is strong and we have lots of money to do just about anything we want. He was making promises of new jobs – funded by the government and he was promising free college tuition for all – funded by the government and he was talking of his health care plan and insuring “everyone” – all funded by the government.  So what’s the problem?

    Doesn’t it sound all wonderful? Only problem is, where is the government getting this money? Where are they getting all the money to do these things? That’s right, from you and me, the taxpayers but also from borrowing and printing – “monetizing our debt” and simply creating money out of thin air – all a sure fire recipe for BANKRUPTCY and massive INFLATION. All I can say is “earth to Obama, come in please”. This guy is waaaaaaaay out there.<!–more–>

    Now I shall present the REAL state of the union and talk about topics he didn’t dare go near. Let’s break it down, topic by topic.

    The Economy – Since Obama took office, the confidence level in the American economy has plummeted. His economic policy of spend and tax is destroying the American economy, consumer confidence and small businesses across this great land. He is destroying the economy rather than helping it to rebound.

    Health Insurance – Obama’s obsession with passing this health care bill has seen him dip to the lows of blatant bribing and corruption as he tries to slam this bill down America’s throat – whether the people want it or not! The bill is NOT about “health care” – it is ONLY about the government and Obama grabbing as much power and control over YOUR life as they can – and health care is the classic way to get it done.

    Spending and Deficits – As George Bush left office he set in place the first TARP stimulus package but since then Obama has kicked the spending and entitlements into high gear as he has sky rocketed our debt to over $12 Trillion, ensuring that our current economic policy is unsustainable and will most surely result in economic collapse – IF allowed to continue unabated. But is this what Obama wants? – only so he will be there as the “hero” to pick up the pieces?

    Military, Are we at War? – Obama campaigned against the war in Iraq and spoke of withdrawal of soldiers, yet here we are today just sending another 30,000 to Afghanistan. Our men and women are dying everyday over there – and for what? Bring them home – this would have been a great speech to make that announcement. If you don’t want to bring them home then let us use our massive air power, finish the job (whatever that is) and GET OUT!

    Private Industry – Obama is openly against private industry and the way the American economy operates. He believes that the government and only the government should replace many of these industries – as they feel they could do it “better” and “more efficient” – but we all know that is a joke. The government should just get out of private industry’s way, lower their taxes, offer employment incentives and private industry would boom once again. Obama is clueless.

    Jobs – Obama’s idea of jobs is FDR’s idea – of having the new jobs be paid for by TAX DOLLARS, instead of creating an atmosphere where the private industry can create those jobs. Obama wants to create new GOVERNMENT jobs – this is insanity. He wants there to be MORE government workers than private industry workers – how do you feel about that? All that does is ensure his vote from all those government workers – a nifty plan indeed.

    Global Warming – A complete fraud and scam. Even after the information comes out that the scientists were incredibly, withholding conflicting data – the politicians steam ahead. We even had many of our delusional politicians still spend millions of tax dollars just to go to Copenhagen as they tried to further the scam in the faces of a now “on to them” American public. It was and is a complete disgrace.

    The Constitution – Obama is doing all he can to avoid the Constitution. Nothing he does goes by the Constitution – all shown by his blatant corruption, bribes, back room deals, appointing of controversial “czars” and hatred for Capitalism and the American way. He wants to grow the government into a monstrosity – that the Constitution would never recognize. For America to remain a free and independent Republic, the Constitution MUST be the focus of all the government does.

    Honor, Dignity and Transparency – Throughout the years truthfulness and honor have been a problem but with the Obama administration they have been kicked into high gear and now executed, blatantly in front of a shocked American taxpayer. Evidenced by Obama’s low level dig at the Supreme Court during his speech – real cheap politics – and I believe he will pay for this in the long run. Tape after tape can be shown of Obama lying and members of Congress lying – it is disgusting to watch and these traitors MUST be voted out of office at the first chance the taxpayers get.

    The People’s Will – Do you feel that our elected officials in Washington are listening to the taxpayers of this country? Can they hear us about health care? Can they hear us about spending? Can they hear us about our borders and illegal immigrants? They can hear us, but they don’t care – this current administration has an agenda – and it is NOT in the taxpayer’s best interest. BUT, the people will prevail. Obama’s trash politics will NOT overcome the will of the American people – something Obama and his crew will soon learn.

    Illegal Immigrants and Our Borders – Obama will come out this year with a bill to grant amnesty to 30 million illegal immigrants – are you for this? This is how he is promising that illegal immigrants will NOT receive health care – because he wants to make them all citizens! – no longer will they be “illegal immigrants” – isn’t that a cute play on words by Obama? – he thinks we are all so stupid – he will soon learn that we are all well informed – when he is voted OUT of office in 2012 – DECISIVELY!

    The Banking Industry – The way to control a society is through their banks – their money. Obama gave billions to the banking industry to own them – now he wants to regulate them and dictate to them how much they can be paid – and now he wants to heavily tax them – sure is more than the banks figured on when they took the Obama blood money. As soon as they accepted that money, they were his and he knew it. The federal government closed 140 banks in 2009 and 14 this year – pretty soon there won’t be too many banks left and Obama wants to be right there to run whatever is left.

    The Insurance Industry – With giving AIG, Fannie and Freddie, and others, billions in bailout money after they greedily and negligently got involved with a bad investment idea – Obama effectively controlled the worlds largest insurer and in effect the American insurance industry. He is again pulling the same mob tactics here as he wants to control how much these people may get paid. Very Communist like, don’t you think?

    The Auto Industry – Obama insisted that he did not want to be in the car business, but he then gave billions to GM and Chrysler, along with their unions – all as a payback for these unions helping him get elected into office. So now, the American taxpayer can pay the pensions and health care for all those union workers both past and present – isn’t that exciting? – just another step in Obama’s REDISTRIBUTION of wealth idea – in fact, there it is in action. In fact, Andy Stern, the head of SEIU – wrote the health care bill – that is why it is a complete destruction of the American economy – orchestrated by this American hater – Andy Stern.

    Capitalism – Oh, this is a dirty word for Obama . He hates capitalism. For him it is either Marxism, Communism or Socialism – actually he prefers a mixture of the three. Obama wants to control everything – with capitalism he would be out of control – the free markets would be in control – the survival of the fittest would be in control. With capitalism, EVERYONE would have a chance to better themselves – but under Obama’s rule and plan – all would be financially equal – none would be greater than the other, financially.

    Terrorism – Lastly there is our stance in the world. In 2009, we had a horrible tragedy at Ft. Hood, Texas, also the Christmas day terrorist attempt aboard an airplane. The government is also deciding to try these people as if they were American citizens rather than the terrorist scum that they are. Al Queda is shaking in their boots knowing that if they get caught they will have to be appointed an American Civil Liberties lawyer – under Obama the terrorists know that they will have an easy go of it. Very sad.

    America in the World’s Eyes – As Obama went around the world apologizing for America’s actions – the leaders of the world lost respect for this man and laughed at how weak he is – how naive. So, for now and for the next three years America is in danger because we have a very weak , unaware “leader”. Our borders are not secure, our military is not allowed to do their job and our sick obsession with political correctness is exposing all of America’s current weaknesses. We need a strong leader – and will get that person in 2012.

    That is the real state of the union. Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make YOUR voice heard today. Sign in as someone who believes in American traditions, values and principles. Sign in as someone who believes in character, the Constitution, Capitalism and a small government. Together we can take back our government and let “We the People” run this great land NOT a handful of anti-American politicians assembled in Washington. Make your voice heard today!

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