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  • The Super Bowl – An American Tradition

    by Founder on February 7, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    Today is the Super Bowl – a real American tradition. When we have these days that are traditionally “very American” – I sometimes wonder what Washington is thinking. Are they uncomfortable with these days? Because these days showcase America and the American spirit. These days highlight the family, sports, capitalism and the taxpayers pursuit of happiness OUTSIDE of the government.

    Today, the government is only needed for protection. Protection of our country from terrorist attacks and protection on a local level to provide a smooth showing of the Super Bowl. Other than that – the government and their control crap are NOT needed or thought about at all today.<!–more–>

    Today is about America and her greatness – her freedom and might. Today is a day of celebration for capitalism, the Constitution, freedom and the independence of each and every legal citizen and taxpayer.

    Let’s look at some other “American Traditions” are how they are faring today.

    Capitalism – A true American tradition – how our country became great and a system that provides EVERYONE the opportunity to better themselves financially – but also under heavy attack by Obama and his Socialist loving appointees. Obama hates Capitalism and wants to redistribute the wealth of this great nation – he wants to take money out of YOUR pocket and use it to pay for services – for those with little or no money. Obama is trying his best to rid America of this valuable tradition.

    Competitiveness – This is a TRUE American value – the will to win – to be #1. Where has this gone? Is Obama giving you that feeling that the American people should strive to be #1? Obama wants everyone to be drab and equal – he doesn’t want there to be a #1 – he wants EVERYONE equal – he doesn’t even think America should be #1 – he thinks America is just another country amongst the world’s countries – Obama does NOT like America as evidenced by his economy destroying policies.

    The Mass Media – Traditionally the media had a reputation for honesty, character and reporting the news – yet NOW the media no longer reports the news – the media is biased and presents their personal view – ALWAYS dictated by their owners viewpoint and of course money – follow the money in the mass media and you can tell why they are spewing the crap they spew. The only media that seems to “investigate and report” are some internet outlets and FOX news – other than that the mass media is in the back pocket of the government – very sad and VERY un-American.

    The Family – This great American tradition is crumbling as it seems the American media is obsessed with Gays and their rights – to the detriment of the traditional American family. Obama is doing nothing to further advance the “family” even though he has one, and is spending more time on his “don’t ask, don’t tell” issue – pathetic. Yet, traditional American families still make up the strongest and largest voting block – our stupid politicians better soon realize this.

    Christmas – A long time American tradition that has brought smiles to the faces of children for hundreds of years. Yet, the tradition of fun and Santa Clause is trying to be stamped out by those that do not believe in God and those that want to have their religion showcased instead of Christmas. Our pathetic politically correct politicians ALWAYS crumble to the smallest of interest groups – threatening the continuance of the celebration of “Christmas” in America – very sad – yet I do believe that “Christmas” and its wonderful traditions shall prevail in the long run.

    Hard Work is Rewarded – Obama just wants to get everyone on the government dole right now – so where is it being taught the American tradition of “hard work”? Under the current policies trying to be shoved down the taxpayer’s throat – where is the incentive for someone to start a business? When this person has NO IDEA where the economy is headed or to what kind of Communist rules shall be “enforced” upon them – or to what degree the “take over” government will tax them – where is the incentive? Where is the “Capitalistic” confidence going to come from? The answer – Not this administration – that is for sure.

    History – America has a tremendously rich history of the great people who formed and guided this country since her beginnings 222+ years ago. Franklin, Adams, Hamilton, Washington, Lincoln, Madison, Reagan and many others have provided this country with the leadership she has needed to become the greatest country on earth.  It is very important that the children and young people of today learn THIS history and not the “reworked” history that the current Progressive leaders want you to learn – our educational system must be watched and protected to ensure that history is NOT rewritten – instead that the true founders are remembered and learned from.

    Faith – America was divinely inspired by God as our founders miraculously wrote the Constitution and formed this great nation. As evidenced recently by our government’s actions and surely with the Obama administration – it is obvious that they are completely void of any spirituality, religion or belief in God. They do NOT refer to the bible and are mostly atheist – this is the type of empty, corrupt, “live for the day” politician that has infested Washington and has greatly threatened the spirituality and faith of the American people.

    National Holidays – America seems to be losing the true meaning of our major holidays – as most of them are getting lost because of the passage of time and of course the commercialization or holidays. Holidays such as Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas – these are all MAJOR holidays with important American meaning – and we as a people MUST preserve these and teach their true meaning to the young people of today.

    Sports – This seems to be the last bastion of “untouched” American tradition – Obama even attends a basketball game or two. I wonder what he thinks when he goes – seeing so many happy American families wallowing in this heavily capitalistic activity – cherished by each and every TRUE American there. I wonder what this “Marxist thinker” is thinking? Our sporting events are such a celebration of capitalism – after all – do you know how much money these athletes make? Millions! They are “fat cats” as Obama likes to refer to big earners. Does Obama want to take some of their money too? You bet he does! More so than from anyone else – Obama wants to heavily tax the rich – that’s his only way of “getting back ” at them.

    The Scientific Community – The American tradition is of having the best and the brightest represent us to the world – instead, this tradition seems to be waning among our young people as their minds are elsewhere today. In addition, we have recently witnessed the outright corruption and lies that were occurring in the scientific community as they tried to cover up the global warming hoax – very sad indeed and shows that even scientists these days can be “bought off” or bribed.

    Television – A true America tradition – but this medium now unfortunately is taking over the lives of many if not most Americans. Before it was important to NOT allow anything immoral on TV – but now TV is a medium which has almost no boundaries and all “airing” decisions are based solely on how much money can be made – the moral decisions that used to be made no loner exist – the innocence of TV is gone and probably gone forever – exposing America’s young children to sexuality, cursing, violence, blood, murder and immoral activities.

    Democracy – The will of the people – a “republic”. Do you get the feeling that the current administration is FOR or AGAINST the taxpayer? Is Congress listening to the American taxpayer as they decide laws and issues? Is Pelosi listening? Is Obama listening? Is Harry Reid listening? You can see what is going to happen – based on the recent elections in Massachusetts, Virginia and New Jersey – you can see that the tide shall soon change and the “people” will once again have the majority voice in Congress and the White House – our Republic will work just give it time – Obama will be out in 2012.

    National Pride – Wave the American flag – stand tall for America! Yet our president – Obama – travels the world apologizing for America’s actions and our military – how sad and treasonous. We are America and we are Americans – if you want to live here – you become an American – this country cannot exist as “America” if so many different cultures are allowed to be independent of the American culture. English is our language and our flag is red, white and blue – love it or LEAVE!

    I love America and all she stands for. Please join me as we try to rid our government of its current anti-American ideology. Help us fight to have our culture keep the TRUE American values that made this country great. Sign in as an American for the Constitution and stand tall for the American traditions that have helped this great nation become the most sought after places to live in the world. Please sign in and make you voice heard today.

    God bless America, our traditions, our principles, our military and all those who have fought for and died protecting our right to our freedom.

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