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  • There are No Solutions Coming Out of the White House

    by Founder on February 13, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    The current administration that is now occupying the taxpayer’s White House is offering NO solutions to the economic difficulties facing America today. Instead this current White House is trying to change the way America is being governed at the expense of the taxpayers, our Constitution and at the expense of all future generations.

    Since taking office and being voted in, because of an America that was tired of George Bush – Obama has NOT addressed any of the problems plaguing America’s economy – instead he is piling on to the problems and CAUSING most of the turmoil that exists in our economy today.

    If George Bush had been so bad and had wasted so much money – then why wouldn’t Obama try to REDUCE the deficit instead of doubling it, causing it to GROW to record amounts? Why would Obama go on a massive spending spree when everyone knows we are bankrupt and have no money? Why are the debt clocks still spinning in the UP direction – when all this administration should be doing is REDUCING the debt?<!–more–>

    The unfortunate answer is that the Obama administration is intent on destroying the American economy, redistributing our wealth and making it so that all the people are heavily dependent on the government for most of their needs – this is Obama’s dream and his warped view of how a society should operate. This is also what shall cause him to be voted OUT of office in 2012.

    Where are the solutions for our supposed Health Care “crisis”? Where is the direct action being taken that will address Tort reform and the massive corruption that exists today? Instead Obama wants to jam a bill down the taxpayer’s throat that has NOTHING to do with “Health Care” – but rather is a massive redistribution of income and change in the structure of the American government. Is this the solution you were looking for?

    Where is the solution for our government’s runaway spending and entitlement problem? There is list after list of hundreds of examples of the government wasting taxpayer dollars on ridiculous programs, entitlements and pet projects – but this is Obama’s way of making people favor him – he feels that ONLY the government can solve America’s problems and the only way he knows to do this is to SPEND and TAX – the two death knolls to a vibrant economy.

    Obama wants America to be a “nanny state” where all of the taxpayers are dependent on the government – yet the American people want a SMALLER government – one that does NOT over spend and over tax – soon these two ideologies will meet and the meeting may be explosive – because it sure seems Obama is hell bent on getting his policies passed, no matter what the American people want – this will be a BIG problem – for Obama AND “We the People”.

    If Obama really wanted to help the taxpayers, American business and Capitalism – he would just get government out of the way – and THEN he would get a second term – but the way he is running things he is guaranteeing himself only one term. To win over the American people, Obama should immediately lower taxes for businesses and individuals – even though he doesn’t think so, this will INCREASE the tax revenue NOT decrease it – this is where his thinking is trashy – he thinks the only way to bring in more money is to raise taxes – this however is counter productive and will actually hurt what he is trying to get accomplished.

    Obama is afraid of Capitalism – he has never actually held a private sector job nor has he ever created a job – he is afraid of Capitalism because capitalism requires the LOWERING of taxes and the minimizing of government’s role – two things Obama is dead against.

    There are no solutions coming out of the White House because Obama is not thinking SOLUTIONS – he is thinking POWER GRAB, REDISTRIBUTION and the FAILURE of CAPITALISM – this is why America will continue to slide towards Sociaslism, Marxism and Communism – exactly what Obama and his followers want.

    The current administration has proven to be a colossal failure at spurring on the American economy. By taking over the private industries of Automobiles, Banking and Insurance – the Obama administration has proven itself feeble, primitive and naive – believing that these policies will lead to a “better” society when in reality that are directly AGAINST Capitalism and the American Constitution.

    The current administration has also proven to be a colossal failure by dividing Americans even further with regards to race – as this administration constantly uses the race card – ANYONE going against what Obama wants is quickly deemed a racist and all sense of decency goes out the window.

    Even the media is in the back pocket of Obama and for some reason they love what this guy is doing – yet little does the media know that they are NOT immune to Obama’s trash politics and the day will come when the media wonders WHY it was backing this lunatic.

    Where is the solution for our military? Where is the solution to stop the war our brave soldiers are engaged in? Obama rallied against George Bush and the Iraq war – but now that he is president, Obama has sent more troops and we are now battling in Afghanistan – and for what? Why are we still in Afghanistan? Even Obama has no idea – but our soldiers keep dying everyday. Bring our soldiers home and put them on the border – this is where America needs protection.

    The only things coming from the White House now is secrecy, spending, corruption, deception, elitism, wasted tax dollars and the attempt to throw away 222+ years of American history. The White House is also trying to make the lives of all those who died for America meaningless. Our brave men and women who fought and died for Capitalism and our Constitution are being trashed by Obama because Obama hates what they died for – he hates America and capitalism – if you doubt this just look at what he is doing NOT what he is saying.

    If you believe in America and our Constitution please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today. Please stand tall for the American taxpayer and all those who have fought and died for our freedoms. Please join me as we battle the anti-American forces that are in our White House. Join us as we stand for financial responsibility, lower taxes and capitalistic, American SOLUTIONS that work.

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