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  • More Government = Less America

    by Founder on February 20, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    The bigger our federal government grows the smaller America gets, as this growth eats into the American spirit – it’s as simple as that. If the government were to shrink down, then the  American economy would explode with growth – but unfortunately the powers to be in Washington do NOT understand this concept. In Washington, they believe that to INCREASE tax revenue they should raise taxes – but in the real world it works just the opposite.

    As the government raises taxes their tax revenue actually goes down – if the government lowers taxes, then business and innovation can flourish and the tax revenues for Washington will INCREASE, not decrease. People will have more money to spend, businesses will begin to make profits and hire new employees – this whole process creates gigantic tax revenues for the government – When Washington understands this point America will be able to climb out of its doldrums.<!–more–>

    Recipe for disaster? If the consumer is hesitant and fearful of the future and businesses aren’t making profits, then the  businesses won’t be hiring people and all this time the government will be paying the people who are not working! – With this recipe you will eventually get MORE people who aren’t working! – this is what Obama is doing and really, what Obama wants – then his prized second term is all his.

    The government is only hurting – right now with the type of anti-American policies Obama is trying to pass – there is NO confidence in the dollar, capitalism or the economy – Obama has successfully stripped the American consumer and the American economy of its confidence – thus killing growth and further pushing America into a deeper financial hole – one that we may never get out of. To solve this he must stop spending immediately and cut the budget by 50% – something he will never do.

    As the government increases its amount of employees – it takes potential employees and entrepreneurs out of the private sector and it takes potential tax revenues out of the private sector. As the government grows in size it weakens the strength of the American economy. There will come a point when the government will have more employees than the private sector and this is very dangerous for our economy. America is the last great bastion of freedom and enterprise on the earth – unfortunately Obama’s policies threaten to end this long lasting economic dominance.

    Tell me, what is the government doing owning the Auto industry? Or the Banking industry? Or the Insurance industry? This is insane. How is it that the average pay for a government worker is $71,000 yet the average pay for a worker in the private industry is $40,000 – how can this be? It is backwards. This just shows that the government is too big – and that is is eating away at America. There are 2.1 MILLION employees in the government right now! Utter madness and inefficiency.

    The government simply needs to get out of the way of America’s private industry. If they were to intelligently institute a “Flat Tax” of about 12% – their tax revenues would sky rocket! – this is what you want, right Obama? You want to increase the amount of money Washington brings in – so you may redistribute this money to non whites, people of color and illegal immigrants, right? This is Obama’s trashy plan.

    Obama feels that ONLY the government can save the economy. He feels that ONLY the government can rescue America from its financial “crisis”. If Obama has his way – the government will be responsible for and take care of ALL Americans – everything you need – food, health care, housing, cars – you name it the government wants to provide it for you – and why? For only ONE reason  – this government wants to control you and your way of life – why would a government want this? Because they want your vote to remain in power.

    Obama definitely has a power problem – he wants to be in power – to have control over you. This is admittedly a sick desire and a warped thought process but this is how our government and Obama are thinking right now. This thinking is going to lead to a major clash between REAL Americans and the trash that is the Obama administration. As Obama grows the government – America shrinks.

    The founders gave the federal government limited powers – yet through out the past 100 years or so – little by little – the federal government has been stealing away more and more power – usually through Executive Order – but the founders would be shocked at the power the federal government has assumed. “We the People” must make a tremendous effort to take back the powers the federal government has taken from us and once again restore the government that our founders had in mind.

    Please stand tall with us here at Americans for the Constitution – please stand with us AGAINST anything and everything that grows the government. Stand with us against any new spending, taxing and borrowing. Please join us in the battle to cut the size of our government – at least – in half. Stand tall for all future generations and for the children of this great country.

    As responsible Americans and citizens we cannot pass on our debt to all future generations. Is this generation really that out of touch and that selfish? I say “no” – this generation of Americans is NOT that selfish – but our pathetic politicians are – our politicians only think of themselves and their power. Join me as we vote these bums out in 2010 and 2012 – please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today!

    God bless America and our brave freedom protecting soldiers.

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