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  • Why is the White House Obsessed with the Health Care Bill?

    by Founder on February 26, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    Why would Obama be so obsessed with this Health Care bill when it is clear that a vast majority of American tax payers are against it? Why would this administration be so adamant that this bill be passed? What is the REAL reason that Obama and the other Progressives want this bill to pass? Is it really because they are so concerned with our health care? Or is it for another reason?

    If you watched the recent C-SPAN broadcast of the Health Care debates – you would have seen Obama say that he was going to get this bill through, whether he had the support of the Republicans or not basically giving the finger to all tax payers he then said – “we will then find out in the 2010 elections who was right”. This is a very telling statement to me and I will tell you why.<!–more–>

    Obama knows that the key to him getting elected for a second term is an additional, say, 30 or 40 MILLION more votes on his side! That’s right folks, he knows this will happen if he can pass his health care bill and give out expensive health care like he’s handing out lollipops! – then you’ll really see this country start changing. Obama just wants to get this bill passed – giving FREE health care to 30+ million Americans – and do you know who these people are? They are the ones who are then GUARANTEED to vote for him (again) in 2012. This is his plan.

    Once Obama knows this bill is passed, he will KNOW he almost certainly has a second term and then he can really start putting his plans into effect concerning the redistribution of the income and wealth of the United States – damn the Constitution! Full steam ahead to Socialism, Communism and Marxism – a nice Obama mix of the three. The only problem, is that – the American tax payer will NOT stand for this trash view of humanity – this I can guarantee.

    The White House is obsessed with passing this Health Care bill because by controlling the Health Care of a people – you control those people. Obama wants all Americans to be dependent on the Federal government for all their needs – not just health care – that is just the freedom that is being robbed from us at this time. He will attack more of our freedoms in the future AFTER he passes this bill – he is so desperate to have this bill pass – he doesn’t care if it’s good for the tax payer or not – he wants it passed. He knows this bill will go towards destroying the middle class in America – a pet project of his.

    Once Obama knows this bill is passed he will then focus his attention on the legaizing of ALL illegal immigrants currently living in America! – that’s right – amnesty for all – and YOU the tax payer will be paying for them – how’s that make you feel?

    If this health care bill passes get ready to pay MORE in taxes and your standard of living will go down – guaranteed – all the while – while INFLATION is kicking in – under Obama it is NOT a rosey present or future – this is why we must battle this administration all the way through 2012 and then enforce change with our voice and vote.

    This little unmentioned tid bit is why Obama promises “no illegal aliens will be covered under my health care bill” – because there won’t be – he’s going to make them ALL legal! Ha ha, joke is on YOU – you nasty, money hungry tax payer! Obama doesn’t like you – he doesn’t like Capitalism, he doesn’t like American values and he doesn’t like the Constitution. He views himself as a King and this was put in full view by that total joke of a “Health Care Summit” – he is clearly a danger to America and our American future.

    It may now be clear that Obama is going to resort to getting the bill passed with only 51 votes – circumventing the Constitution, the people and good judgment all in one swipe. If this is done you can be absolutely sure that they will be writing their political epitaph as without doubt the American people will vote them OUT of office either in 2010 or 2012 whenever their particular election may be!

    Yet through this total transformation of America by Obama’s trash politics and the blatant disregard for American values and tradition, at that point the American taxpayer will be up against the Obama machine – consisting of all the millions of government workers, and all those throughout the country that receive benefits from the government – entitlements. Once Obama is done this number will be into the 50, 60 and 70 MILLION people! AND of course he is counting on for their vote – and when the time comes – he will tell you and all of them this very thing – this is how he plans on getting his second term – this bill is NOT about health care -¬† it is about CONTROL – Obama’s CONTROL and power.

    If you believe in America, our Constitution and the American way then I ask that you join me as we battle this White House  and Congress to get them to once again adhere to the Constitution and their oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United State of America. Our politicians are totally out of control with entitlements, spending, corruption and greed Рthey must all go and we ask you to join us in this battle.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today! Do it for America. Do it for today. Do it for your children and their children. Do it for the founders. Do it today for you. God bless America and our brave soldiers.

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