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  • The White House is Determined to Destroy America

    by Founder on March 15, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    I am sensing there is going to be a drastic change in America – very soon – and that change will be a change for the better. Yes, I am optimistic. It may seem hard to be optimistic right now given the fact that there is a terrorist sitting in the oval office. That’s right – Homeland Security should be focusing all of it’s energy on who is in the oval office – NOT on those true Americans who are trying to right this ship.

    The man sitting in the oval office right now is clearly trying to destroy America and all she stands for. Since Obama has taken office – rather trying to right the ship that Bush started to sink – he is merely trying to sink this ship faster and deeper. Never before in our glorious history has America faced such terroristic activities than now. 9/11 couldn’t bring this country down because that was an attack from the outside – the only way America can be brought down is by an attack from within – and this is what is occurring right now.<!–more–>

    America was built on hope, faith and opportunity – yet Obama is trying to strip this great country of it’s very soul. Every day Obama is spitting in the face of all those brave soldiers who have fought and died for our freedoms – yet none of our politicians seem to be fighting against this atrocity.

    My father and your father and millions of other brave men and women fought in many wars to battle against tyranny and radical governments throughout the world. Brave men and women died on the battlefield just so people like Obama could have the chance to better themselves in our great country – but what does Obama do once he reaches the so called “top”? He spits in the faces of those that paved the way.

    America was designed by our founding fathers to respond to the people. “We the People” – what a magical phrase – but do you think anyone in the White House or Congress or the House thinks of this phrase? Ever? Are they acting in the best interest of the people or are they trying to drastically change the structure of America forever? Obama, Reid and Pelosi want to slam this Health Care bill down the throats of the American taxpayer even though they KNOW it will destroy the fabric and economic structure of America.

    These sick freaks actually think they can hijack this country – but I have news for them – that isn’t happening. This is why I am optimistic – because I have faith in the American people, the American taxpayer – the true Americans and of course our divinely inspired Constitution. Imaging our founding fathers relying so heavily on divine inspiration and the Obama crew blatantly spitting in the face of divine intervention?

    Who do they think they are? Do they think they are smarter than our founding fathers? what a joke – people think Obama is smart and gifted – yeah right – he is a moron with a closed little mind. Obama even openly embracing the Atheists of this land. Very sad indeed – but this is the last step towards the rebirth and re-emergence of the American spirit.

    I have confidence that the American people shall overcome the outright corruption that is being spewed everyday from Washington. As you listen to the pathetic politicians speak, they think you, me and all the taxpayers are stupid. But let them wait til the next election – the American people shall rise up and spit out these politicians like the trash that they are. If it take a physical and violent revolution by the American people than so be it – but for sure – these thugs will NOT get away with their bully politics and the shoving of the taxpayer to the side. Mark my words.

    The White House stated today that they will pass Health Care and and Immigration bill within one week – can you believe the gall and stupidity of these people? Obama is greatly misjudging and underestimating the power of the American people and the American spirit. You know – us taxpayers – the ones who cling to their “bibles and guns”. Obama is trying to run Washington like he and Emanuel ran Chicago – total thug politics, simply ignoring the will of the people. This will not work on a national stage.

    The great people of this country, the hard working souls who make this country tick – the taxpayers, will boot Obama and his pathetic wife out on their arses sooner than they can say “Communism”. I look forward to the day when “We the People” once again control the White House, Congress and the House – it is OUR House not theirs – they work for us not the other way around – it is now time to remind them of this.

    Obama wants to destroy America by redistributing the wealth of this country. Even though you earned your money, even though you bought your land with your hard earned money – he wants to take all of this away from you and give it to others – those who have less or those who are immigrants – he doesn’t like Capitalism, the American flag or opportunity – he believes in what he calls “social justice” which is another phrase for “rob from the rich and give to the poor”.

    Obama wants YOU to work hard – and wants to then take what you have earned and spread it around to those who do NOT work – this is Communism, Socialism and Marxism – EXACTLY what our brave soldiers fought against as they bravely died for out flag.

    Obama is sick and demented and he must go – along with all the other lifetime politicians who have never produced one thing in their lives nor have they actually held a real job. I don’t care how they go – but they all must go – especially the trash king pin – Obama.

    Please sign into this site as an American for the Constitution and stand with me as we battle the forces that are now in the White House. Stand with me and make your voice heard loudly! Contact your Congress person or House Representative TODAY and tell them you will vote them out of office if they vote FOR Health Care or amnesty for Illegal Immigrants – this OUR country NOT the Illegal Immigrant’s.

    Please join me today. “We the People” MUST stand tall and strong together – the White House is INTENTIONALLY trying to destroy America, our future and your children’s future is at stake. What are you going to do about it? Will you just allow this to happen or are you going to DEMAND they follow our great Constitution? Please do not sit idle and let this freak hijack our country! Stand tall – make your voice heard today!

    God Bless America and all those who have fought and died for our freedoms. Remember this is the greatest country in the world – people are everyday trying to come here – NOT to other countries – but HERE to America – because this is the country of opportunity and hope – the chance for a better life – we are the land of the free and the home of the brave. People all over the world view America as the land to better themselves – do not let Obama destroy this great country! Please sign in today!

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