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  • Obama – a Disgrace to America and the Constitution

    by Founder on March 22, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    Well folks, he finally did it – Obama passed his beloved Health Care bill, beloved ONLY by the Democrats in Congress, the House and the White House. Yes, Obama arrogantly dismissed the will of the people – “We the People” were totally ignored and ridiculed by Obama as he rammed this colossal government entitlement program through the House of Representatives and the Senate – now all that has to happen is this Marxist freak has to sign the bill – this will happen within 24 hours.

    Like a master at lies and deceit, Obama used his thug style of politics to ram this bill through the political “process”. Do you believe the American people are going to stand for this crap? Picture Obama standing on top of the White House giving everyone the finger – flipping America’s hard working taxpayers, the bird! This is essentially what he has done.

    Obama has now been exposed for what he is – the mask has been torn off – all can clealy see that Obama is a Socialist and Marxist who believes in total government control – of you, your health care and of all private industry – just look at what Chavez is doing – Obama is following him like a playbook – only Obama is getting it done quicker.<!–more–>

    Our president forced this bill through without the will of the people, without any Republican support and by arm twisting and bribing all of the Democrats who were against it. Do you really think this is going to stand? This sounds like a page from the old Soviet Union – NOT a page from America. This is a disgusting abuse of power and disregard for the American Constitution.

    These corrupt politicians even admitted they weren’t following procedure – they said they would “make it up as they went along”… say what? Do you hear this people? We must act and we must act NOW! Are you going to stand for this? This is YOUR life they are talking about!

    The coming elections in 2010 for many House and Senate seats AND the 2012 presidential election, along with many other Senate and House seats – will be the most important elections in America’s history. These elections shall be used by the American people to take back our freedoms and to take back our government from the terrorists in Washington who are attempting to steal it from us. These elections will change the course of American history as “We the People” finally rid Washington of the America hating politicians who are currently there.

    To force his policy though, Obama used every dirty, back handed trick in the book – to payoff Insurance companies for their support, payoff House Representatives and Senate members as I am sure arm twisting and back room threats concerning careers were used to their greatest potential. Obama was in cahoots with the Union backers as the head of SEIU even wrote the outline for the Health Care plan – andoutline designed to garner CONTROL. Obama even had the arrogance to back up his arguments with fraudulent accounting numbers – all in the effort to pass his bill.

    All of this people, in less than a year and a half – this is scary and as an American – I will not stand for this. I say  Obama is in for a fight – and “We the People” shall prevail because – THIS is America. Our Constitution shall guide us and protect us as we battle to have this man removed from office. It i because of the great system developed by our Founding Fathers that “We the People” will be able to pull ourselves from under the control of a tyrant.

    As an American for the Constitution, I am sure you are appalled at the actions of our government. What is America today? How do we define America today? Is this the same free America you grew up in? How are we now viewed throughout the world? Are we still the “land of the free and the home of the brave”? Can someone come here with just $50 and start up a business and build it to the biggest and the best he can? Or will he be taxed and fined to death – killing his dream?

    Just as when Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 and America was stripped of her innocence – so it is today – the day that America, was no longer America – but rather a Socialized nanny state, controlled by a massive, debt ridden government, that is designed to redistribute the wealth of this once great nation.

    Who invited this guy to the party? Everything has gone to “hell in a hand basket” since Obama has applied his “view” of how America should be. Obama was voted in by disgruntled Bush supporters who actually believed his words – the words of the teleprompter. He was voted in by the Unions and their supporters and he was voted in by giving the promise of all kinds of goodies and “entitlements” to those “less fortunate” – to the illegal immigrants, to the minorities, to anybody BUT the hard working, middle class taxpayer -  to us he says “bend over, it won’t hurt a bit” – ouch! Here come the taxes.

    Obama is a disgrace to America and the Constitution. He hates America, Capitalism and all it stands for. Nothing Obama does has to do with the Constitution – he hates the Constitution and has even said it is simply a “document of negative liberties, telling what the government can’t do for you, rather than what the government SHOULD do for you”.

    Hey King Obama, how about the government does for us what the Constitution says – NOT what you say Obama! I am sick of this guy and his stomping of the American dream and our Constitution.

    Please people of America, I implore you to set your sights on the elections in 2010 and 2012. Find out if your Senators and Representatives voted for the Health care bill – and if they did – simply do all you can do to vote these people OUT of office. THIS is how “We the People” can fight back – THIS is what the Founding Fathers wanted us to do.

    We shall see if this peaceful form of change can occur – however, if Obama wants to stay in office and never leave ie. Chavez, then a peaceful method to force change will be anbandoned and “We the People” will take back our freedoms the “old fashioned way”.

    Sign in today as an American for the Constitution and join the thousands of others who have already done so. Sign in as an American who believes in limited government, honesty, integrity, Capitalism, freedom, failure AND success. Join as an American who wants to take back their government from the grips of Obama and the other corrupt politicians who are making a mockery of us. Please sign in and make your voice heard today!

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    Joseph October 4, 2013

    What a sad state this country is in since the man known as Barrack Obama has taken over the office of president. A man who has never revealed who he really is…a man with no American values as someone born here would have. His whole purpose has been from the begining is to bring us down as a country. Now he is holding the country hostage with this government shut down. Like spoiled kids on a play ground, little Barrack, Harry, and Nancy won’t play if the rest of the kids won’t play the game their way…they won’t even talk about it with the other kids. When will the American people wake up? This man should be given the walk of shame as he get’s on the plane back to Kenya. God help America!


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