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  • Is There an American Constitution?

    by Founder on March 25, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    I’d like to talk about a part of the Constitution that you don’t hear talked about much, and that is Article II Section 4 Impeachment. The founding fathers were very careful to put this clause into the Constitution for fear that there would be a rogue tyrant politician who is doing what he shouldn’t be doing and thus must go. The founding fathers had it all figured out, yet our current political leaders feel that they know better.

    Article II Section 4 Impeachment states that – “The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall  be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery,  or other high crimes and misdemeanors”. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary:<!–more–>

    Treason – “The betrayal of trust” and “the offense of attempting by overt acts, to overthrow the government of the state to  which the offender owes allegiance”.

    Bribery -  “The act or practice of giving or taking a bribe”.  Bribe -  “Money <strong></strong>or favor given or promised  in order to influence the judgment or conduct of a person in a position of trust”.

    However when our divinely inspired founding fathers devised this clause in the Constitution there was an assumption of sorts – picture our governing body back then to consist of mostly America and freedom loving men – who also had things called “character” and “principles” – therefore if a President is elected and then does something against the law – which is our Constitution – then this person would be brought to trial to answer to his actions. Brought to trial by all the other members of the government – the House and the Senate – and brought to justice because of their character and principles and to fulfill their oath to uphold and protect the Constitution..

    So what’s the problem now? Well, first, our politicians have no “character” and “principles” – so that’s a bad start PLUS it’s not like there’s just one Socialist freak that stands out – ALL of the Democratic party has fallen under the Obama spell and for some reason are  ALL risking their political careers on this one guy – to me this is an amazing miscalculation as Obama will throw ANYBODY under the bus – this is historically how these type of dictators operate. Therefore those weak Democrats that are following Obama like lemmings will soon find out that the very policies they are supporting will eventually come back to negatively effect even them.

    To begin with, Obama is openly committing “treason” as every policy he comes up with is designed to further sink the American economy deeper into debt. He does NOT address the real problems facing America, rather he concentrates all his efforts on destroying 200+ years of American Capitalism and American tradition.  Osama bin Laden would be proud as we now have someone even worse in our White House -  eating away at our great country from within – the only way terrorists will be able to bring this country to her knees – from within.

    The second example mentioned in the Constitution is “Bribery” – Obama is obviously guilty of this and openly admits that these deals were made! So I ask, “is there an American Constitution? Who is there in Washington that is watching out for the Constitution? Who has “got the people’s back” in Washington as they use the Constitution to protect the freedoms of “We the People”?

    Obama bribed Senators and House members  whenever their Health care vote was in doubt. Obama blatantly doled out millions of dollars to Louisiana and Nebraska plus, here’s a list of corrupt Senators whose states received massive favors from the Obama money factory:

    Sens. <strong>Harry Reid</strong> of Nevada, <strong>Chris Dodd</strong> of  Connecticut, <strong>Dick Durbin</strong> of Illinois, <strong>Robert  Byrd</strong> and <strong>Jay Rockefeller</strong> of West Virginia, <strong>Max  Baucus</strong> of Montana, <strong>Sherrod Brown</strong> of Ohio,  <strong>Chuck Schumer</strong> of New York, <strong>Tom Harkin</strong> of Iowa,  <strong>Debbie Stabenow </strong>of Michigan, <strong>Patty Murray</strong> of  Washington and <strong>Roland Burris</strong> of Illinois.

    Take it to the bank that there were many others that Obama had to BRIBE to get this health care bill passed. Yet the media doesn’t report any of this. How sad. The sure way for a dictator to control the people is through the media – just ask Chavez.  Obama and the media are one – very few are left who are not subservient to the Obama administration.

    So there you have it, Treason and Bribery – two Constitutional reasons to immediately begin impeachment proceedings against Obama.  But the problem is I’s just whistling in the breeze. No one will act on this. This is also why the lawsuits against the Federal government concerning Health Care will most likely – go no where. Our system is filled with politicians, Judges and lawyers who are Socialists and believe in the same philosophies as Obama  – just look at today’s other news – who is praising Obama for his Health Care “victory”? Castro. Great endorsement. We must stop Obama from changing America into a Socialist, nanny state!

    Unfortunately, there is not a body of politicians who love Capitalism, America and freedom – and one guy who stands out because of his beliefs. There is now an entire town full of Marxist, elite, America hating politicians who are currently in control. NOW is the time for the Constitution to kick in. NOW is the time for “We the People” put our angst into high gear, come together and vote OUT the anti-American politicians who are destroying the true America. and who are attempting to redistribute the wealth of this great country.

    Is there an American Constitution? Please call your Senators and House Representatives and ask them if they are fighting to protect the Constitution of the United States? Tell them that you are going to support that candidate who supports the Constitution – tell them you are NOT going to support the candidate that believes in total government control and entitlements for all. These politicians are ripping away the wealth of the middle class and distributing it to the lower class, the illegal immigrants – those without – and what are we going to do about it? They MUST be voted OUT of office!

    Please aim towards the November elections this year and be sure to vote OUT those that voted for health care because their vote FOR health care was a vote to DESTROY the American structure and economy. Do you remember what it was like growing up in the 30′s, 40′s, 50′s, 60′s, 70′s, 80′s? Where has THAT America gone? What America do you want to pass on to YOUR children? Do you really want to see some idyllic college professor make policies that continually destroy the American economy and redistribute the wealth of this country? This is insane!

    Please sign in as an American FOR the Constitution and make your voice heard. Join as an American who believes in small government, Capitalism, success AND failure, American traditions, principles and character. Please join us in this battle against the Obama administration as we do all WE can do to get Obama out of office NOW or in 2012. God bless America.

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    NHMoldPro October 4, 2011

    I totally agree, US Corp and Corp US are the two corrupt corperate entities masquerading around as the US Govt, yet they force Americans to forfeit Constitutional rights in exchange for state sanctioned priviledges.

    People think the militias are whackos and they aren’t, well some may be but most are average citizens and Patriots who believe in what this Country was founded on and for and it is definitely now what the founding fathers had wanted….if they were alive today we would already be in the middle of a civil war…

    You can do something though, Americans are joining together in all 50 states for a more non-violent approach goto and click on enter and sign up in your respective Republic, denounce any alliegence to the criminals who violate our God given freedom as well as our Constitutional rights! The time to stand is now.

    Despite some false media polls, 62% of the country was against passing a screwd up health care bill and last time I checked they were elected PUBLIC SERVANTS, not Lord, King or Master….we abolished slavery already, so why do they think they can make choices for me that don’t impact anyone else? Like the guy in TX who got 35 yrs in jail for pot, a stupid , yet harmless plant! The judge should be on death row for such an abortion of the justice system and the fact people aren’t burning down the courtroom as we speak shows how complaicent and pathetic the majority of Americans have become….they are glad to give up their rights as long as you tell them they mean something.


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