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  • Government Takes Over Student Loan Industry

    by Founder on March 30, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    Now that Obama has forced his health care bill down the throats of American taxpayers – there seems to be a little clause in the bill that also addresses the “student loan industry”. Now why would something like this be in a “health care” bill? And why wasn’t it ever discussed that it was in the bill? This is just one of hundreds of examples showing that this bill had nothing to do with “health care” and EVERYTHING to do with CONTROL – a blatant power grab by Obama and his Socialist buddies – as an American – a TRUE American,  this is sickening to the core for me.

    For years the American government gave billions to the banks – putting this money into the American economy and the PRIVATE banking system – and the banks loaned this money out to students in the form of “student loans” – but now Obama sees that these banks were making a “profit” from these transactions! And this just can’t be allowed under Obama’s warped thought process – remember he hates Capitalism – so what does King Obama do? He eliminates the middleman – the American economy.<!–more–>

    So instead of “allowing” the banks to service and profit from these loans, keeping the government’s outlay only that of the actual loan amounts – Obama in the name of “saving money” – “$68 Billion” according to him -  Obama now wants the most inefficient entity there is to run the program! They will have to hire hundreds of new government workers at higher than private industry pay to run these programs – this mindset is a joke and shows how cheap and trashy Obama’s mind works and how he couldn’t profitably run a lemon aid stand on the side of the road – this guy is an embarrassment to America’s core values.

    Starting July 1, 2010 the U.S. government will issue the loans directly through the Education Department and completely bypass the banking system! Chavez and Castro would love this! Now people may say, “well, that’s not a bad idea, it saves the government money” or “it’s not fair that the banks were making a profit off the students” – but if you actually get into this discussion with them – this is what they want. There is NO excuse or reason to be taking over this industry – other than to seize control.

    How many industries do you want Obama to take over? Where will it stop? Which freedom of yours does he have to take away for you to REALLY get mad? Are we as true American taxpayers going to stand for this crap? This trash type of politics? This is ridiculous!

    Since Obama has taken office, he has taken over the banks, the mortgage industry, the auto industry, the health care industry and now the student loan industry – how much more can you take? What will you think when he takes over the newspapers, the tv stations, the radio and even the internet? The media already is in his back pocket – You laugh? You don’t think this will happen? Give this guy time – and it will! All of it!

    This is serious business people – our country is being ripped right out from under us! Obama MUST go in 2012! We owe this to all future generations. IF we want to continue the real America we MUST band together and act as ONE America – an America based on and guided by our Constitution and laws..

    What else is in this bill that will effect your life? One thing I can tell you is that all of this leads to private industry job loss. Do you think Obama is an idiot? Or do you believe he knows what he is doing – and that is INTENTIONALLY destroying the American economy. He feels that if he is given enough time – he can and he will SUCCEED AT HIS GOALS OF WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION.

    As the government continues to take over industries – at the same time it is destroying jobs and opportunity within the private sector. The one and only way to dig this economy out of this recession is to get the government OUT of our lives, to cut taxes and to go to a FLAT tax system – greatly increasing the government’s revenues! But the government is not only concerned with revenues – if they were they would do this – no, the government that is in place right now is concerned with POWER and CONTROL.

    The Obama administration is a group of people who do not like the way America looks. They FEEL bad for so many people – AND at the same time they see many successful, rich people – this just isn’t FAIR to these liberals – so what do they want to do? Well, now that they are in power they want to RADICALLY change America and how she operates.  Obama wants to REDISTRIBUTE the wealth of America so that is more EQUAL. He doesn’t want there to be rich people – well, not including him and his Washington buddies of course.

    Obama wants to be the superstar to the poor, the illegal immigrants and the minorities – he wants their vote and he thinks that by giving them free goodies he will get it – and he may be right – IF there are enough of them – which is why Obama wants to give “amnesty” to all Illegal Immigrants – and gain another instant 30 million votes – he just won his first batch of 30 million votes by giving “free” health care to 30 million without it. Yea, Obama has a plan all right – and if you’re a taxpayer – it doesn’t include you, other than taking your money!

    This take over of the student loan industry is just another example of an Obama power grab. In order to redistribute the wealth of this country Obama must run and own all of the economy – and he is well on his way to achieving this end – while decent, civil, hard working Americans are all basically just standing there with their mouths open and coping with disbelief at the arrogance and audacity of this administration.

    We were “a dear in the headlights” – but we must now snap out of it and stand tall for what we truley believe in!

    “We the People” – I implore you, please stand up tall and stand for our Constitution that Obama is destroying. Please stand tall for Capitalism, the free markets and American traditions. Please let us all join together and fight to have our politicians actually abide by the Constitution instead of making up rules as they go along! This is a total injustice and a mockery of law, justice and our Founding Fathers!

    Obama is turning your America, my America into a European nanny state country that has no pizazz, no opportunity, no prosperity, no American traditions and no soul – is this the America you want to pass on to your children? How dare we pass this America on to our children? And to their children?

    Obama is disgusting and has betrayed all thos brave souls who fought and died for the very freedoms he has used to become President of the United States – he has betrayed 200+ years of American greatness.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today. Please stand tall for the American values you believe in and help us hold our representatives in Washington to the same if not a higher standard. Please, people, this madness MUST stop! God bless America.

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