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  • Obama’s Redistribution of Wealth

    by Founder on April 7, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    The current president of the United States is trying to destroy from within, what has traditionally been viewed as the economy of the United States of America. Once a land of wondrous prosperity and opportunity – Obama now wants to “level the playing field” concerning who has the money and who does not, who has access to things and who does not – the “America” that Obama wants is going to steal the wealth of the top 5% in this country and spread it around to the rest of the people – and in most cases it will NOT be spread around to the dreaded middle class.

    Obama has always hated the middle class, the so called white class – he saw them as and was taught by Rev. Wright that they were over privileged rich people who didn’t deserve what they had – versus the reality – that the middle class were and are for the most part, the educated class of the society and the hard working tax paying class as well. Yet the middle class are getting the shaft tax wise – the only difference is that we are smart enough to know what is going on.<!–more–>

    However, knowing what is happening and doing something about it are two different things. Obama is VERY intent on getting his agenda done – no matter what the people, the tax payers want. Therefore, we as a people must rise up in unison at voting time – we must stand tall together and vote out of office those politicians who spit on the Constitution with their actions and those politicians who believe in Socialism, redistribution of wealth and big daddy government – these politicians MUST go – they are NOT doing what is best for America!.

    This should be no surprise as Obama told everyone that he wanted to redistribute the wealth of the country – to make it “fair” for everyone. He told this to Joe the Plumber while he was campaigning, yet everyone seemed to brush it off as “oh, isn’t that nice how he cares about the ‘little people’”, or “isn’t it nice how he wants to share” – yea Obama wants to share all right, he wants to share by reaching his grimy hand into YOUR pocket and steal your money!

    What does he want to do with all of this stolen wealth? Obama wants to give it to the poor in one way or another – through some entitlement program like welfare, SSI or health care or he will just give it to them in the form of cash – he just wants to take it from you and give it to them! That’s his plan.

    This man, Obama is a Socialist. Since taking office he has had the government take over the industries of banking, auto sales, mortgages, insurance, health care, student loans – what will be next? How about amnesty for all the illegal aliens in America who are here ILLEGALLY! Yet he wants to shower them with goodies like an income, food, shelter and health care – just like Santa Clause – only it’s with YOUR money and MY money! Obama is a thief stealing in broad daylight!

    How will America pull herself out of this dirty grasp that Obama has on our government. How can “We the People” in good conscience allow this trashy college professor to run our great country into the ground?

    The ONLY way we can right our government and once again instill Capitalism into our society is to rid our government of the corrupt thieves who are now in control – people like Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Frank, Emanuel, Axelrod and a hoard of other Congress people and House representatives – who are all off their rockers with Socialism and government control. These corrupt, anti-American politicians must go and in my opinion, should be held for treason and committed to rot in jail for what they have done and are doing.

    Obama desperately wants two terms and he has a plan to get them. Since he has passed this “health care” bill – he has achieved a major stepping stone in his “plan” – he now has complete control over each individual in this country through the IRS. That’s right! It is through this government agency that Obama will be able to control your life and dictate to you what you must do or you shall suffer the consequences – that only the IRS can deliver.

    What else is in his devious plan? Obama’s next magic act will be to pass a bill granting amnesty to the 30 million plus illegal immigrants roaming around our country – give them free health care, an income, shelter AND grant them citizenship – you roll all that up and you have an instant 30 million more VOTES! It’s really the only math Obama does know for sure – after all his estimates that the health care plan is “paid for” are comical. So that’s his plan to lock in his second term.

    Once the second term is a lock, as a closing trick Obama will begin to pass more and more taxes – after all how else will he pay for all the free goodies he’s giving away to his supporters? But in a way, this is where it gets good, because this is where he is going to throw under the bus all those millions who supported him throughout the years – especially the media!

    It is the ones who support what he is doing now, those who actually believe Obama wants what is best for America, it is these people who will be blindsided by Obama’s Socialist and Marxist policies and it is these people who will suffer most from the upcoming heavy taxation (without representation) – Cap and Trade, VAT, taxes on anything and everything – soon, just like Canada, you and I will be paying 50% and more in TAXES on our hard earned income. Let ‘s see the media report that one with a smile. Is this the type of America you want to live in? Kind of makes me sick just thinking about it.

    It is clear Obama has no idea what it is like to be a TRUE American, to be an entrepreneur, to be able to enjoy the REAL America – he, his wife and his followers are so filled with hate and mistruths about the “American way” that they are forever blinded to the beauties of Capitalism and are instead obsessively striving for a Socialistic and Marxist society – one that is drab, dull and lacking any opportunity for true prosperity.

    Let us all pray for the future of America. Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today. Rise with us as we battle against this Marxist government to try and get them to actually follow the Constitution – just like they all swore to do. The disgusting corruption and slashing of our Constitution by these terrorists must stop and it is “We the People” who are the only ones who have the power to stop this madness. We must do this with our vote – one at a time – yet millions in strength. God bless America and all those brave souls who died for capitalism, our Constitution and our freedoms.

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