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  • What Ever Happened to the American Media?

    by Founder on April 19, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    Seems to be a strange world we are living in right now. Doesn’t seem to be the SAME America I remember growing up in. Today’s children are bombarded with “news” constantly – mostly news about the President or the government or new bills to be passed. The media is now, and always was a very powerful entity within America – yet now something strange has happened to the “media” – and when I say “media”, I mean the “main stream media”.

    It used to be that there were three news channels on tv, NBC, ABC and CBS and the news would be on once a day – at 5pm. Then a big move at that time was when the first news station decided to have “morning ” news, and the others soon followed. Then with the beginnings of cable tv, there emerged hundreds of other “news” stations who were on the air – and they were on the air all the time! 24/7 news! Which brought about the big question – just what is “news”? What constitutes “news” that is worthy enough to take station’s valuable air time?<!–more–>

    News, used to be “events”, you know, when something occurred. Yet now, being on 24/7, the stations had a tremendous amount of air time to fill – there simply aren’t enough news worthy “events” to fill 24 hours of broadcasting, so the news stations decided to start expressing their own opinions and hence effectively promoting and backing the agendas of powerful politicians.

    This is what is occurring today, our poor kids. When growing up, I remember not really being involved with the “news”,  maybe not until I was 17, 18 or so and even then, the “news” was NOT about the president everyday, what they do, say, or think – the new bills to be passed, the sweeping changes to our country and our government, the everyday bombardment of news about POLITICS and what the president is doing or not doing – this just simply did not occur.

    Yet now, the media, NBC, ABC, CBS, NY Times and the Washington Post etc., is clearly complicit with this president, they helped him get elected , are blind to his actual policies and effect on this country AND they are obsessed with all he does, just as they were with Bush and Clinton (it’s been going on for that long). The poor media, they will soon find out that they too will get screwed in the long run IF crazy Obama’s policies are enacted.

    What happened to the media ? And when did they change? When did the “main stream” media stop actually reporting “news” and rather, through big money and power payouts – simply become an arm of the government?

    If you hadn’t noticed, Obama is controlling all of the media that have access to him. He will only speak to those who will simply nod their heads and “yes master”. What kind of inquisitive and investigative reporting is this? Where is the media outrage as to what this man is doing to our country?

    Do people who work for the media pay taxes? Do they think that Obama’s policies and new taxes will magically not apply to THEM? Does the media feel that they are immune to crazy Obama’s stupid socialist policies? They sure act as if they think this way.

    The lemmings who work in the media ,who are willing to allow Obama to destroy this great country AND who promote all that he does, will soon fall victim themselves to these socialist policies – just like EVERY American citizen.

    The American “main stream” media is asleep! Is the media trying to get to the bottom of this radical change AWAY from Capitalism? Is the media trying to investigate and question the government as to why they are ignoring the constitution of the United States? Is the media investigating and questioning the TAKEOVER of the auto, banking, insurance and health care industry? Doesn’t the media have an obligation to the public to be objective and NOT let their personal feelings get involved in their quest for the truth? Our media is ridiculous and should be ashamed of themselves.

    If you check the FRONT PAGE of any of the major “main stream” media outlets – ie. NBC, CBS and ABC – you will find that they ALL are promoting and talking incessantly about entertainment shows like “Dancing with the Stars” or “American Idol” – completely ridiculous, mindless pastimes that have nothing to do with the fact that our country is being ripped apart right before our eyes! The media needs to stop talking about this crap and focus on the corruption and unConstitutional activities that are going on in the White House and Congress.

    If the media is to have any role in America today it needs to be in the INVESTIGATIVE reporting of the corruption in the Obama administration. The media needs to question Congress and the White House as to why they are destroying this economy with their tax and spend policies. The media needs to question Obama as to why he is changing our country into a nanny state. The media needs to use all their powers to STOP this transformation NOT promote it! Obama wants America to fail, yet the media reports nothing about this and just goes about their business of being mindless idiots.

    The media hated Bush, the media loved Obama, and the media still loves Obama and all he is doing – yet what he is doing is transforming America into an entitlement country – yet the media says nothing. Don’t the people in the media understand that they too will have to reach into their pockets and give MORE of their money to Obma – so he can spread it throughout poor land – you know, redistribution of wealth – right from the pockets of all his lemming media supporters to the pockets of all his entitlement supporters – when will the media figure this out and use their efforts to actually stop this sicko pcycho?

    Obama screws up all the time and is anti-America all the time – do we hear about any of this on the “main stream” media? His apologies to other countries? His blatant redistribution policies? His corrupt deals to force the health care plan through? The disgusting corruption of his favorite entities ACORN and SEIU? The Marxist, radical backgrounds of all of his anti-American czars? The investigative reporting of the backroom deals to force through the health care bill? Is there any talk of ANY of this? The media is just NOT doing their job!

    The American “main stream” media is too concerned with American Idol and Dancing with the Stars to be concerned with the realities of what is happening today? That’s what these media outlets are basically told to broadcast, they have to support “their guy”. They don’t want you to concerned with what our government is doing (it’s very disturbing) they want you to be a tv zombie. Obama has ABC and CBS in his back pocket AND GE owns NBC, MSNBC and CNBC – GE is very tight with Obama, and you watch, will be a huge benefactor when Obama rams through his next bill, Cap and Trade.

    It seems like the media won’t realize until it’s too late. By the time the media realizes that they have been dooped by this con man, he will already have his hand deep in their pockets (yours and mine too) taking their money and giving it to someone else in the form of some entitlement.

    Once they realize what’s happening, they will start reporting what a bad thing this “European socialism” is – yet it will be too late because most if not all of his socialist policies will be in place. Stupid media.

    Whatever happened to the media? I don’t know. But I do know it sure was a lot more fun growing up in the 60′s and 70′s – life seemed so much simpler then. We weren’t bombarded with constant media about the president’s every thought, word and action. Very sad for today’s kids.

    If you stand against this butchering of the “main stream” media then please sign in as an American for the Constitution. Sign in, to stand FOR Capitalism, freedom, smaller government, less taxes, eliminating corruption the best we can and actually holding our elected officials accountable for their actions.

    America is in a bad time right now – we are being led by an America hating, Islam loving terrorist – who happens to be our president. This is a complete embarrassment to the American taxpayer and all those brave soldiers who died for our freedoms yet at the same time it is also a very dangerous situation for the survival of what we know to be America. Join us as we battle this administration, join us as we try to get our government to once again follow and adhere to the Constitution.

    Please, make your voice heard today.

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