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  • I am Proud of Arizona

    by Founder on April 24, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    Recently Arizona has come into the news concerning its passing of a new Illegal Immigration law that allows law enforcement to actually “enforce” the law. If you are here in the United States ILLEGALLY, you are to leave and apply to come back in – the legal way or just stay in your own country. As Michael Savage says -  This is a simple matter of protecting our “language, borders and culture”. I am very proud of Arizona as they passed a law that protects the taxpayer and the real American citizen.

    Where did the liberal mentality get the idea that it is OK to be here in America ILLEGALLY. Why is this notion simply accepted by the public? This mentality and flaunting of the law must stop and Arizona is doing their part to stop it best they can. I support what they are doing 100%.<!–more–>

    Illegal immigrants in this country, amounting to 30+ million are costing the taxpayer mucho money. Through their receiving of entitlements like welfare, housing, food stamps, and now health care – you and I are working part of every year just for these illegal immigrants! How do you feel about this? Are you happy about this? Or would you like to see this problem rectified?

    I personally, have no problem with “racial profiling” as they love to call it. This is the obvious way to go about it. How else can it be effectively done? If the person IS a LEGAL citizen they will produce their ID and all is good – the deed is done in 60 seconds – IF they are NOT a legal citizen then the strategy of racial profiling worked perfectly – just as it would in real life usage. The ones most against this tactic seem to be two groups, the illegal immigrants and the lawyers. The pathetic, liberal, illegal immigrant loving Ivy league lawyers.

    If protests break out in Arizona against this law, then I suggest that law enforcement immediately check the nationality status of those protesting, because they are either lawyers or ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. What an easy way to smoke out the Illegal Immigrants, they will innocently come out to “protest” the new law – only to be soon deported – IF this law actually works the way it is meant.

    I am proud of Arizona, as are the people of Arizona. As of the latest poll, 70% of the people in Arizona agreed with the law and its tactics – but that other 30% who disagree, hmmmmm, who could that be? Maybe – the illegal immigrants! Yes, it’s true there are that many ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in Arizona – and the federal government has done NOTHING about it.

    The federal government has been implored for many, many years to do something about the border between Mexico and the United States – but the powers that be – have done nothing about it – all because of selfish, political reasons – while illegal immigrants pour into this great country with seemingly little impunity. The federal government is NOT protecting the tax payers from illegal immigration.

    The federal government “feels bad” for these people, they want to give them stuff for free to make them “feel” better. The Democrats want them to be cozy, fed and warm – all at your (and my) expense! The federal government and Obama want to make all of these “wonderful” people and their families LEGAL citizens – just with the wave of a magic wand – rather than booting the illegal citizens and cleaning out this country of this drain on our economy – Obama wants to make them all legal citizens! Insanity. Progressive insanity!

    Arizona has proudly stood up to Obama and the big government machine that he is trying to create. This move by Arizona hurt Obama to the core because one of his pet projects is to give all illegal immigrants – AMNESTY. He wants to make them all legal citizens – then he can give them all health care for FREE – then they’ll all love him and then he can ….. get their votes! That’s right, that’s the plan. That’s Obama’s plan – however it is NOT the plan of the American tax payer – I believe because of the great spirit of the TRUE American, our plan shall prevail – I have confidence in this.

    The next step, in my opinion, is for other states to now follow suit. The more states we can get on line to do this the better and the more ridiculous Obama and his Progressive government looks. The main reason Arizona has taken this step is because Bush and Obama have done nothing to protect our border. Obama views these people as gold nuggets because he can get their vote by giving them free goodies – where as, the tax payer looks at them as an annoyance – that is costing us our hard earned money and eating up 30% of our economy and more!

    Why should we tax payers have to pay for the lives of these undocumented, illegal immigrants? The answer is – we shouldn’t. America has no money, she is broke, our governments are broke – yet because of our leader’s stupidity and greed for power, they want to add on more and more entitlement programs – all of which we cannot afford. This will soon become a very big problem.

    Obama will afford his programs by taxing the upper class and the middle class more, so he can pay out the goodies to all of his supporters. Yet there will come a day when the government just can’t tax the people anymore and the people just won’t allow it. Then the government will print and print and print money to pay their debts – THIS is where Obama is heading and THIS is where we want to avoid going – we as a country DO NOT want to go down this road – and the way to get us back on the right path is for “We the People” to rise up together and vote these bums OUT OF OFFICE!

    We must vote in people who believe in Capitalism, our freedoms and the Constitution

    We have the elections coming up in November 2010 for Senate and House positions and we have the most important November 2012 presidential election that we MUST vote the socialist Obama out of office, most of his trash followers will just vanish by the wayside once he is booted. It is up to us, the tax payers, the people, the LEGAL citizens of this country – to straighten out our government and once again follow the lead of our great Constitution.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution if you believe in smaller government and if you believe in what Arizona has done. If you believe in Capitalism, the American flag, American pride, our soldiers and our freedoms, please join us today.

    Please sign in today and make your voice heard. This is a most important time in our great country’s history – “We the People” must rise up together and take back our great country from the terrorist who is trying to run it into the ground. Please join us as we vote in those who will actually protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

    God bless America and the brave soldiers who have died for our freedoms.

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